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Hi Everyone,

I want to share my experience of the update to iOS7.

I include here all that I know so if it's not here then I don't know so please contact Apple support or an Apple store.


My Apple phone is a UK iPhone 5.

My PC is a Laptop running Windows 8.


These are the steps I took in the order I took them.


1) Updated all my apps on the phone in the app store.


2) Made a backup of my phone to my PC in iTunes with the Apple USB cable. When in iTunes you will be prompted to upgrade to the latest version which I did which ran the Apple Software Update but received errors so downloaded iTunes etc.and installed manually from C:\Users\Yourname\AppData\Local\Apple\Apple Software Update\iTunes64.msi .

When I had done that I got error messages about Apple Mobile Device Support so I uninstalled it from my PC and installed the one also in C:\Users\Yourname\AppData\Local\Apple\Apple Software Update\AppleMobileDeviceSupport64.msi.

3) I got a message there is not enough space to update. If you get this copy your photos and movies to a PC or Mac and then delete them from the phone and turn off My Photo Stream in Settings iCloud Photos. If you still do not have enough space to update, google how to free up space on (my apple device).


4) Started update to iOS7 from iTunes not on the phone. Followed instructions.


5) My phone was stuck in recovery mode which is the USB cable and iTunes logo on the screen. I thought my phone was bricked as it would not come out of this mode until I found the solution is to get your phone into DFU mode and run a restore. To do this, when in recovery mode;

Hold the Power button for about 5 seconds.

Now press down the Home Button without releasing the Power button. Keep both buttons pressed for about 10 more seconds.

Now release the Power button but not the Home button. Keep the Home button pressed for 15 more seconds or so. Your device should be in DFU Mode afterwards.

DFU Mode is just a blank screen but your phone should be recognised by iTunes.


6) My phone was not recognised by iTunes. With the phone plugged in to my PC check your windows device manager. Uninstall the driver for "Apple Mobile Device USB Driver" if it has a yellow ! next to it. Unplug your phone. Install C:\Users\Yourname\AppData\Local\Apple\Apple Software Update\AppleMobileDeviceSupport64.msi. (again). Plug your phone in again and iTunes should see it. You must then select restore from iTunes and you will see your phone start to finish the update.


7) If you are asked again restore from iTunes.


8) My phone has finished the update so follow the instructions to setup. Connect to your wifi. There was an error about activating the phone. Keep pressing activate it will go through eventually.


9) You will be asked to setup your phone as a new phone or restore from a backup. Select restore from backup from iTunes.


10) You will be asked where to restore your settings from. Restore from iTunes. It will find the backup you made earlier.


11) You will be asked to create a passcode I used the one from before the update with no problems.


12) Where are my apps? I have got some of them but where are the rest? Open App Store then select purchased, click on ,not on This iPhone,. These are all your other apps, click on the cloud next to each one to install.


13) I like the look and 'feel' of iOS7 as a first impression.

14) It's now 1.42am so next episode of Longmire and then sleep. Goodnight.


All the best.


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