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    This has happened to me several times now, and twice in the last 2 days. I don't have time to keep re-subscribing, and downloading all over again. The podcasts I listen to get updated most days, and I resync before I set off for work so I can listen as I travel. It is impractical to keep taking backups all the time. There must be a better way. Apple WAKE UP and fix this.

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    TizzieUK wrote:


    It is impractical to keep taking backups all the time.


    And yet even more impractical not to.



  • Terrorsteel Level 1 (5 points)



    iTunes 11.2.1 is out and Podcast for iOS has been updated. There appear to be new controls for the interaction between the iCloud syncing and the Mac-iPod syncing. Has this finally solved the issues?


    I want to point out to Apple that you've created new features to work around a problem you created, making it (the App) more complicated than it needs to be. So this better work for all the trouble you've caused your customers.

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    It is absolutely NOT FIXED.



    I load a podcast from iTunes to iPod and delete it in iTunes.

    I listen to the podcast on my iPod and delete it.

    The podcast has reappeared in iTunes, I delete it AGAIN.

    The podcast has reappeared on my iPod, I delete it AGAIN.

    I realize that iTunes has started putting all of my podcasts in Saved even though I never authorized or agreed to this new behavior. I delete everything from Saved, and then go back to My Episodes to delete the used podcasts AGAIN.

    The podcasts are back on my iPod AGAIN, and I delete them AGAIN.

    I sync the iPod and the used podcasts are gone... AGAIN... for now.

    Now I have Cloud notifiers on the iPod letting me know that I can download all the content I've already listened to, so I delete the Cloud notifiers AGAIN and AGAIN.


    Extant Issues:

    This is besides iTunes telling me over and over AGAIN that it can delete podcasts autmatically after listening. I have set this preference to NO/Don't Delete and it keeps ignoring or losing the setting, and then asking AGAIN... for EVERY podcast stream.


    Also, I've had to unsubscribe and subscribe AGAIN to podcasts to get iTunes to recognize it's own podcast files, and to stop listing podcast feeds twice AGAIN.


    I still have to randomly wait random minutes for iTunes to endlessly re-scan gapless tracks.


    iTunes wil still decide to look for album art, for no reason, while I'm in the middle of some other task.


    iTunes still beachballs at random intervals and I have to either Force-Quit, turn off my WiFi, or occasionally remove the iPod unsafely before I can close it and restart the app.


    PS. I'm not sure what happened to iTunes, why Apple refuses to publicly address these issues, or where iTunes quality contol has gone? Is anyone beta-testing this software anymore. If Apple isn't interested in fixing these issues would they consider handing development over to a third party?


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    vilennon wrote:


    PS. I'm not sure what happened to iTunes, why Apple refuses to publicly address these issues, or where iTunes quality contol has gone? Is anyone beta-testing this software anymore. If Apple isn't interested in fixing these issues would they consider handing development over to a third party?

    Boy, wouldn't THAT be a kick in the teeth for Apple? Considering the power of the Jobs legacy was doing everything right and in-house, needing a third-party to come in for clean-up duty would not reflect well on the company.

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    And again...!!! I resubscribed to all my podcasts this morning. Then I went to work. When I got home I went to resync the PC to pull down todays podcasts - but I wasn't subscribed to any .... yet again.... Please can we go back to version 9?

  • vilennon Level 1 (0 points)

    Anybody still following this, I have started a thread about 11.2(.2) here:

  • Judy__ Level 1 (10 points)

    Just as an FYI. I listened to Patrick Norton the other day as a guest on Tom Merritt's DTNS speculating about why Apple paid so much for Beats recently. His opinion is that the headphones are (expletive) and that what Apple wants is the talent who can use the cloud functions properly (without deleting mass data, for example). PN says that everything Apple has done in the last couple of years on the cloud has been a disaster for users... and we certainly can agree with that. So if PN is correct, and he often is, then maybe there is hope in the future that Apple will get its cloud functionality  right and be able to build the trust relationships between devices properly so that loss of data does not occur via syncing.


    Right now one has to have an iCloud account to be able to delete podcasts and other such nonsense.  <Roll eyes> as well as the mass deletion problem with itunes.


    It is also of interest that PN's commentary about Apple's problems with the cloud is the only time I've heard a commentator mention  that in such a way. Except for this  forum the problems have been ignored by most commentators.


    What do you think -- is that why Apple paid so much for Beats?

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    To Judy and others,

    with regards to your complaints about the cloud not fuctioning correctly, I understand and its frustratining. However, I and many others are not complaining about the cloud functions. We are complaining about the reckless deletion of files from our itunes library, contained on our hard drives, and the blasé attitude by Apple about this problem.

    There is something kind of shocking about hundreds of files on my hard drive, nay my external hard drive, being not just moved to the trash but permanently deleted.


    My needs are simple, I would like a program that

    1. I can download my podcasts on my computer

    2. I can sync these podcasts with my iPhone

    3. listen to said podcasts on my iPhone and wind recent with my computer and update on it's played status.

    4. I would like this program to keep my old podcast episodes, just maked them as played

    5. it would be nice if this program updated and automatically downloaded podcast episodes for me


    iTunes used to be that program and since it's cloud overhaul it is not. 

    I am not interested in the cloud. I like to listen to my podcast on the road and not be dependent on a good reception, or using up my data plan on my phone.


    And quite frankly I find the answers by people saying "will you should've backed up".


    I did back up, and even with the backup that solution is a pain in the butt. If backing up was a requirement of the program functioning correctly it should be included with in the program.

  • vilennon Level 1 (0 points)

    Update: 11.2.2


    Recurring: Immediately after install iTunes starts "Determining Gapless Playback Information"AGAIN. I would gladly manually remove Gapless Playback from all tracks but that option was removed several iterations ago.


    Fixed: So far iTunes has not deleted anything without asking... that I've noticed.


    Fixed-ish: The iPod seems to be actually deleting my manually deleted tracks; although I have to delete them under My Episodes and then go to Saved and delete them a second time.

    But, why must I go to Saved to delete podcasts that I've already deleted?


    Recurring: Once deleted from the iPod the tracks continue to show up in the iTunes view of iPod contents, though if I double-click on them iTunes updates the icon to "!" and indicates that they are deleted. Previously it would play the not-really-deleted-file.

    Why doesn't it correctly auto-update the deleted status as in previous versions?


    Errata: This one was a mis-observation on my part. But when I sync iPod to iTunes it does not indicate any space cleared up by the deleted tracks!

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    I had this happen today. I launched iTunes  and found that it had unsubscribed me from nearly all of my podcasts and removed them from the list. Only podcasts that had episodes downloaded and saved remained.


    The fix was as easy as quitting iTunes, and restoring from Time Machine these four files in my iTunes Library folder:


    iTunes Library

    iTunes Library Extras.itdb

    iTunes Library Genius.itdb

    iTunes Library.xml


    After then launching iTunes, all of my podcast subscriptions were back. I still would like to know what happened, though.

  • turingtest2 Level 9 (69,090 points)

    I suspect you may also need to restore downloaded episodes that have been removed. Do you have any iOS devices? My suspicion, voiced elsewhere in this thread, is that iTunes is importing the subscription and retention settings from your device and applying them to your main library. This is the default option any there is no warning about the possible negative impact.



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