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  • turingtest2 Level 9 Level 9 (61,445 points)

    Do you have the Podcast app on more or more devices? What are the settings there? For me it essentially wiped out every episode that was in the series that I synced with my devices, and that wasn't still on the device. The 30 series that don't sync to my iPhone/iPad were left alone, the 12 that were synced were virtually erased. And at least one of the series I subscribe to only lets you download for a week, so there is no going back for the older episodes if you don't have a backup!


    I had initially assumed it was only played episodes that got deleted, but thinking about your assumption above I'm now sure that only the episodes that were still on my device were preserved in my library so unplayed episodes were deleted too.


    The mantra backup, backup, backup, particularly before an update, has been proved once again.



  • Terrorsteel Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    I do have back-ups, but I don't the the disk space to back-up my iTunes. This is still the stupidest bug I've ever come across.


    I DID have iTunes synced to my iPod Touch's Podcast app, but I have since turned syncing OFF. It was STILL deleting files.


    I've just deleted the Podcast app from my iPod Touch. I'll see what that does.

  • turingtest2 Level 9 Level 9 (61,445 points)

    Any of your hard drives can fail at any time... Invest in another as a backup.


    YMMV but nothing has been deleted again since I changed the settings to Keep all in the podcasts app, restored the backup episodes, rolled back to my pre-upgrade library, and told iTunes not to sync podcast settings.


    And yes, this is a stupid bug, but that's what happens when carefully tested software meets the world of real users rather than the things the designers thought to test.



  • Dario27 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I had this happen to me too, 95GB vanished.


    I'm trying to work out what this sync feature is trying to do when it erases the podcasts. How is this new feature trying to help us?


    My last back up was in Feburary, I have old podcasts on that bootable back up.

    I first tried to revert back to iTunes 11.04, that didn't work, so now i have a messy podcast list with lots of missing files.

    Somehow i managed to get the podcast list back using time machine, but i have no recent files as my podcasts folder was way to big for my time machine drive to keep doing daily backups.

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    iTunes 11.1 deleted more than 329 GB of podcasts (4 hours to restore from Time Machine), but I was able to restore, thanks to tt2's fine work. You've saved everyone that can be saved! Much appreciated.


    tt2's whole solution didn't work for me (more in a minute), but

    • turning off Sync (for each podcast) in the Podcasts app (plus setting Keep All)
    • and then starting the new iTunes, with a pre-update library and unchecking Sync Subscriptions, etc.

    pretty much fixed the issue.


    But first a plug for back-ups… Compared to the heartache, Time Machine drives are cheap.

    We all learn this lesson the hard way - by losing priceless data.

    You don't need an expensive drive, USB 2 is OK for Time Machine.

    You just need to have it there, backing up irreplaceable data.

    And if you're worried about the drive, replace it every 2 years & give it to a relative who doesn't have back-ups. Yes, Time Machine drives cost money, but it's the best money you can put into a computer. You won't appreciate it until the back-up saves you, you just have to take it on faith.


    Back to my "solution" - tt2's method didn't quite work for me, still resulted in no-podcasts, even after (4 hours) restoring the folder from Time Machine. Turning off Sync Settings when iTunes "first" opens, is key to saving restored podcasts, but it didn't fix the library problems. Somehow, I ended up with multiple Library files and nothing at all (no music, movies, etc) in my iTunes (even though all the files were in their media folders).


    I'm not sure all MY Library problems are fixed, as iTunes still hangs for at least 10 minutes (not responding), every time I click the sync podcasts tab for my device, but everything except Smart Playlists seems to be working, now.


    I have the iTunes folder on my internal drive, and the media on an external drive & yes, I always 'copy to iTunes media folder' and let 'keep media folder organised'. This is what worked for me -


    • restore the Podcasts folder from back-up
    • restore the iTunes folder entirely from back-up
    • open (upgraded) iTunes, go to podcasts, un-check Sync Subscriptions etc
    • refresh Podcasts, to download any missed since the last good back-up


    I had to go back a couple of days to find an iTunes folder back-up with the library .xml file. For some reason, the just-prior to upgrading iTunes back-ups didn't have this file(??). So check that 'it's all there' before you restore the iTunes folder.


    I still have the issues listed above, but everything looks much better in iTunes & I'm syncing without issues - if the Smart Playlists problem ever gets fixed.


    Opening the device in iTunes shows the Smart Playlist on the iPhone, but the Podcasts app doesn't show the Smart Playlist itself, even though the podcasts from the list are there. Luckily I have only one Smart Playlist, Latest Podcasts (to my specification), so I'm surviving. I pity anyone with anything more complicated.


    And it only took 3 very, very late nights to "fix" !! Good luck everybody.

  • jfaughnan Level 3 Level 3 (785 points)

    In my case the podcasts are still on my Mac, but they don't appear in the browser.



    They do show up in Smart Playlists though. I think some of my old podcasts-like recordings used to show up as "Music", but they don't now. So I wonder if my particular bug is because some 50 or so of my old podcats don't fit Apple's newest media categories.


    Nasty bugs, they should have been caught before release.

  • jfaughnan Level 3 Level 3 (785 points)

    Since I had an 'invisible' (to 11.1) podcast in my smart playlist, I tried changing media type from podcast to Music. That made it visible to both iTunes browser AND iTunes search.


    Others might want to try this experiment. Use Smart Playlist to make 11.1 display your lost podcast, then try changing Media Type to Music.

  • Steven Kendel Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    You are failing to understand that there are a LOT of folks, just like me, who have had the physical files REMOVED from the directory where iTunes looks to play back the files. The completely missing (i.e. not there) files, coupled with the podcasts removal from iTunes itself, makes it impossible to just "fix" this. One has to go back and resub to the missing podcasts. If it is a podcast that no longer exists, you are even more hosed.

  • jfaughnan Level 3 Level 3 (785 points)

    I had mentioned in a prior post "In my case the podcasts are still on my Mac". I think there's more than one bug with podcast management in iTunes 11.1. Some people have the files but they are hidden from most iTunes search (but not smart playlists). Others have lost data.


    This post is similar to what I see:



    My personal iTunes 11.1 bug seems to be related to Media Type problems.


    iTunes 11.1 seems to have been rushed out as a side-effect of the iOS 7.x crunch -- it's a bit of a hot mess.

  • jfaughnan Level 3 Level 3 (785 points)

    A bit more progress on working ONE version of this bug. In my case files were invisible to iTunes browser/search but NOT iTunes Smart Playlist. So in my case no files were "lost", but since only a PART of iTunes could see them they might vanish from a sync'd device or from the Cloud.


    The bug I see has to do with Media Kind. Using Smart Playlists I isolated the affected podcasts, changed media Kind to Audiobook (Music switch failed) then BACK to Podcast and they are visible again.


    I wonder if this bug with Media Kind can result in file deletion when one enables Cloud sync or sync with (I don't).


    More details:


    (Note: Media Kind is unrelated to Genre. One can have a Genre of Podcast and a Media Kind of Music for example.)

  • mallory623 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I just rebooted my macpro laptop and the new installed & updated iTunes gave me a corruption warning and now ALL of my libraries and playlists are gone!!!!    Geezus!    Now i have to go back and rebuild them.  Talk about aggrivation. What the ******!  happened!??!!!!     I was enjoying exploring iOS7 on my iPad Mini and my iPhone5 and now this!

    I love Apple but sometimes......grrrr.

  • turingtest2 Level 9 Level 9 (61,445 points)

    See Empty/corrupt library after upgrade/crash. It's written from a Windows perspective, but the general principles are same.



  • Steven Kendel Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    But all that does is tells the library to point to the location where the files are stored, correct? If that is the case, that won't help any of us that had a completely empty podcast folder after everything went south, right? So, this won't help someone like me, right?


    Oh well, nice try.

  • turingtest2 Level 9 Level 9 (61,445 points)

    The process above is for when the media is still present but the database has been corrupted. If the podcasts have been deleted, but can be restored from a backup, then the same process can also be used to restore a library that "knows" about the podcasts, which were played when etc. rather than importing the episodes into the library as fresh files.



  • KelleyRV Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I hear you on the not being able to delete already listened to podcast episodes!!!  It is horrible that I have to see all these episodes with the cloud. 


    Very HORRIBLE update on iTunes as far as podcasts go.

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