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I update to iTunes 11.1 (126), update my iPhone 4 to iOS7, synched my iPhone. iTunes began to load Podcasts onto the limited space of my iPhone until clicked "x" to stop. I had previously set my iPhone to be managed manually so that I can choose what to put in the limited space. I set iTunes to allow me to manually update my iPhone *again*, synched it and went on about my afternoon.


When I came back to iTunes I see that it has taken it upon itself to DELETE ALL OF MY PODCASTS! Everything is missing. All of my carefully cultivated selections are simply missing, not even retrievable from the Trash. Even if I had the patience to download and sort out the SEVERAL HUNDRED podcasts again I do not have unlimited bandwidth. I will have to repeat listen to hundreds of podcasts to determine which ones I've already heard. What will this do to the podcasters themselves when they wonder why loyal listeners are dropping off? Should I email each podcaster and say, "I can't take the time sort out your hundreds of episodes AGAIN, so I guess I'll just stop listening." ?


Honestly, how could anyone think this kind of faceless automation was a good thing? I have been an Apple user long enough to remember the phrase, "It's not a bug, it's a feature" but I don't know how you can fix this.

iTunes, Mac OS X (10.7.5), iPhone 4
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