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KirstinNichole Level 1 Level 1

I was trying to update to iOS7 and received error 4005 after it was "waiting for iPhone". Since then (that was approximately 3 hours ago as of 7:30MST), my phone has been stuck on the connect to iTunes screen. iTunes is no longer recognizing the device, even though it is plugged in to my computer. I have tried turning it off, but it automatically turns itself back on and returns to the "iTunes" screen. I tried entering DFU mode, and the screen turned black, but I never received the popup in iTunes about my device being in recovery mode. At this point I don't even care about getting iOS7, I just need my phone to function again. Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.4
  • KristianMHR Level 1 Level 1

    Ok everyone, the same thing happened to me this morning when I tried to update to ios7 apart from throughout, my phone has still been appearing in iTunes. It just would not let me restore my phone and I was getting a mixture of Error 4005 and Error 11 and every time I tried to restore it, it kept coming up with an error message and told me I needed to restore my phone, etc etc...


    I have managed to fix it by installing iTunes on an old Laptop of mine running Windows XP.


    I simply installed the most recent copy of iTunes on the old Laptop, and plugged my phone into it. It promptly downloaded the new iOS7 update through iTunes which I was a little apprehensive about since that was what my other Laptop running Win8 did.


    It restored my phone to a factory reset with the new iOS7 update installed on it. It then asked me if I wanted to set up as a new phone because I don't have any backups on the old Laptop.


    I disconnected my phone and plugged it back into my usual Laptop running Win8, and the phone came up in iTunes and asked if I wanted to set up as a new phone or restore the last backup. I restored to last backup, and is now sitting ticking over while installing all my music and apps back onto it.

  • evemarier Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you so much I was stuck with that problem and your technique is the only one that worked for me!!!! Thanks I appreciate it

  • Sebas NL Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you so much. Same problem here (windows 7x64, latest iTunes version), and your solution worked perfectly. Thank you for sharing it with us. Problem seems to be that iTunes will not load the correct usb drivers  after reboot iPhone. Annyway, works now.


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    Thank you so much ! That really helped me! I was freaquing out while seeing it in that condition. Do you know what would happen it you upload the ios 7 by the iphone itself without using iTunes?

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    The BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) is that your solution worked like a charm.  Summary:  I had challenges similar to those experienced by others.   I have a Dell laptop computer with updated Windows 7 and an iPhone 4S.  I was prompted this morning to update iTunes to version 11.1 and did so successfully.  I restarted my computer and was notified of the iPhone 7 update.  Naturally I proceeded with the update, which carried on for 17 minutes, and then displayed error messages and a direction to restore.  Upon restoring I received the 4005 error message -- among others.  I repeated the restore process several times and received the same error message and code.  With the exception of a faint glimmer of light on the screen the iPhone would neither turn on or off.  The solitary picture that would appear was the USB cord and iTunes images when the iPhone was initially plugged back into the computer.  KRISTIANMHR's recommended fix saved the day.  I connected my iPhone to my wife's Dell (Windows 7) laptop, loaded with the "old" iTunes 6.1, and ran the restore twice.  Each time I received an error message at the conclusion of the restore process.  I was about to give up and follow through with my Genius Bar appointment when my familiar iPhone log-on screen popped on.  The circular recycling icon appeared in the upper left of the screen by the wireless signal indicator and all of my photos, music, applications and voluminous note pad information was restored to my system.  I then reconnected my iPhone to my own Dell laptop and iTunes instantly recognized my phone.  Of course, I then received a prompt to install version 7 on my iPhone.  I declined for the time being.  My plan is to wait a week.  Hopefully by that time Apple will have worked out the bugs in their update program.

  • Endicott Era Level 1 Level 1

    An addendum to my original post. Despite my election to update to iOS 7 later, my iPhone automatically downloaded iOS 7 via wireless -- on its own .  The update went through successfully and my iPhone was recognized by iTunes. The only difficulties I encountered were that my applications were, for a time, unavailable; as well as that several musical tracks from my iTunes library added themselves to to my iPhone music and cannot be deleted. Small price to pay for the otherwise successful version 7 update.

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    please, help us!!


    describe little more your solution. did you have latest itunes on your Win Xp machine?


    What ios did you restore, iOS7?


    i will now install win xp on my pc, hoping that your solution will help me!

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    I managed to get past the error 4005 on my Win 7 PC by follwoing these quick steps.


    1. On iTunes go to help and run diagnostics (follow steps)

    2.On Windows - Go to your start icon/control panel/programs and features/find itunes/select repair.


    Let it do its thing and once itunes has restarted, try the restore again.


    Worked a treat.


    Goof luck

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    The unique way to update without problems (error 4005, recovery mode, etc.) is update in other computer, I don't know why, because my computer runs good, but in other computer is the solution!!!

  • dapiet Level 1 Level 1

    Update -


    Had a couple more of these and realized it due to having a backup file in edit/preferences/devices.After deleting all the files, I attempted another restore and got a error 4013 which is normally due to a cable issue (just press OK and try again)


    In my line of work I do a lot of updates so I have to remove the backup files so for me it is no problem to do so but if it is your personal device, it will be as your data is in that backup. So you will have to find your backup file via my computer and save it in another place on your computer for a later restore after you managed to get your device up and running.


    Will keep you posted if I get more findings.

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    Apple you better get your !@#$ together. While these posts are great because apples clients took the iniative to fix something the techs should have had in place already. Get on it apple.Thank you guys for posting this. It should be where alot more customers can see it because alot of people are having issues with this last update.I had the error message (4005) Iphone locked up.


    Edit 1:

    My original itunes was on my desktop and it basically locked up.Loaded itunes on surface pro and I got past the dead screen and now it is updating the IOS 7 update. Waiting to see what happens.Before while i pushed the recovery mode it would lock up and spit the error message (4005) out.Its seems to be doing its thing.Have a while for the update to download. Keep u posted.


    Edit 2:

  • Valorpride Level 1 Level 1

    Oh joy.Restored to factory default. Thanks Apple..........

  • Yhofour Level 1 Level 1

    I updated ios7 last week, everything was fine then yesterday i just saw my phone with a blank screen. Plugged into itunes, went to recovery mode. Got a 3194 error and got passed it, then had a 4005 also got passed it, now i have 4013 error. Tried different cables and computers and still no go...  Ok, just tried again...back to 4005....

  • Valorpride Level 1 Level 1

    Great another update after ios 7 and the same problem.HELLO APPLE ?

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