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    • Close the app using multitasking
    • Log out of itunes in settings
    • Reboot the device by holding the home and power button
    • Open the app store
    • Go to purchased apps
    • Sign into your itunes account
    • Your purchased apps should show up
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    nothing at all .... it would be able to solve apple!!

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    Thanks, jose0809!


    Works for me!

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    I also have this problem with my iPad, this simple procedure solve my problem.


    Warning! This procedure will erase all your save documents and settings from your apple devices..


    1) Go to Settings, General, Reset, Erase all content and settings.. ( devices will reboot and back to default settings.. )

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    I upgraded to IOS 8 on my iPad 3 and found it unusable due to slow response and several apps hanging. Reverted back to IOS 7.1.2 the next day but have to get all my Apps back, and unfortunately they are not showing in the "Purchased" area in the App store like they used to, and still do on my other devices. Tried almost everything in this thread, short of erasing all content and settings, and still no purchased Apps showing up in the App Application. This device is listed as an "Associated Device" when i log into my account within iTunes on my Windows PC. . . I have been on this for 4 hours that I will never get back. . . IOS 8 is a total disappointment. . . no improvements I can see and performance issues on the iPad 3, to the point of utter frustration. Between IOS 8 and the Bending iPhone6+ leaves me very disappointed and concerned with Apple's progress. . . Too much focus on presentation and not enough content in Apple products IMO.


    Suggestions on how to get my purchased Apps showing up again would be great. . . it is in the hundreds of dollars, with a $50 hit just for the one app and I don't want to chance it (I just spend hours on the phone with Apple because I can not get Final Cut for older versions of OS X so I can't run it, but paid for it, and no solution), rather not be wasting more time on support calls that go nowhere.

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    One good thing about IOS 8 is that it makes you appreciate iOS 7 - I know they'll get it straightened out and I regretted being so quick to try iOS 8 - I hope others are having better experiences

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    In my case, it was effective to close all apps, sign-out of App Store, (Home button + Sleep) to reboot, power back on, launch App Store, login ; apps all appeared

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    I had to reset my iPad Content and settings. . . and make it a new iPad, not restoring from iCloud or iTunes. . . Nothing else worked. . . What a PITA!

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