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    For anyone stuck at infinite "Waiting for changes to be applied", after you've given up after many hours of frustration and unplugged your phone or Touch, what do you see when you plug the device back in and look at the number of songs on the device? For me, I see that out of (say) 2000 songs that were supposed to copy (and did copy per watching the iTunes progress indicator) in the single playlist I synced, perhaps 584 show up on the device. When I look at it in iTunes, the space the missing songs take up is displayed as "Other", and that memory is lost; subsequent syncs don't help. I've restored iOS 7 several times, and this has been the result each time. I have found a fix for it, but I sure don't like it. It turns out syncing music works right only if I don't restore my last iCloud backup from iOS 6, which means I lose all my settings when I move to iOS 7. The initial upgrade from iOS 6 ended up spontaneously losing all my music after a few hours of using it, which is how I first discovered the sync problem. I'm worried now that this rot will develop over time as I install apps and change settings even if I don't restore my iCloud backup. I guess the only way to know is to try it.


    As for troubleshooting the sync problem, I've done all the weird suggestions I found, like deleting my two voice memos. I've also reset the device (Touch 5th gen) in between steps. I've uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes 11.1 (Windows 7 x64). FWIW, this is a 64 GB Touch, and it was nearly full of music when I started, with about 5-6 GB free. I deleted my primary playlist in which I collect all the music I want to sync and recreated it with many fewer songs, the 2,000 songs I mentioned above. The only benefit of that was to make the experiments go faster, because there's no indication anything went wrong before the final endless "Waiting for changes". Apparently there's no way to debug it with logs or anything like that. I tried running Diagnostics in iTunes, and that causes iTunes to crash immediately in objc.dll.

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    I ended up just restarting my phone and reinstalling iTunes. It worked for me.

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    I tried every suggestions including resetting & restoring mac and iphone without success.


    Somehow, I succeded after I tried "manually managing music" option in the summary page. Plz, mess with this and let us know.

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    i have tried hard reset, restarting itunes, etc but it stays stuck on 'transferring purchases' and then jumps straight to waiting for changes to be applied. what is the solution here? the rest of my music appears but one whole playlist folder refuses to sync

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    So I pretty much took all the different pieces of advice :

    1) I did a hard reset

    2) Disabled the auto lock and the passcode

    3) Created a playlist of about 20 songs, tried syncing only that playlist and it worked !!

    So I created a bigger one with all my music and it's been like 10 min and it's still at "Waiting for changed to be applied". I think I'll live it for about an hour to see if it's stuck at that point again

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    I uploaded the iTunes 11.1 and did the iOS 7 all in the same day, but I had deleted a few playlists just to clear some space for the iOS 7 update.  Come to find out, those same playlists got deleted from my iTunes as well, and even when I went back to create new playlists on iTunes, I can't seem to get them to appear back on my phone.  It's driving me bonkers.  So the songs/artists/albums I wanted to put on my phone all appear on my phone, but require me to download them from the Cloud which seems stupid, that defeats the point of my syncing them. 


    I'm quite frustrated and P.O'd by this.  Didn't have this problem before the iTunes update.

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    Extremely frustrating.


    Before updating to iTunes 11.1 and iOS 7, I have never had a problem syncing data of any kind to my iPhone 4S.  Now, every attempt to transfer music to my phone fails.  A few songs transfer successfully before the sync is cancelled.  The Music library on my phone shows every song I attempted to transfer but they're greyed out.


    I've restored iOS7 several times.  Reinstalled iTunes several times.  No change.

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    Having issues on my iPhone 5 as well.  Everything was fine after initial installation, but it would not sync any of new music to my itunes.  Tried restoring it from a back-up and now 80% of my apps will not upload and appear to be 'grayed' out and non-functional.  None of my music playlist will synce either.  I guess the next step for me is going to be to restoring my phone as a 'New Phone', which is a huge pain because I have a ton of apps and folders that I will have to rearrange.

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    Do your apps say "Waiting" ? I had the same issue but then I clicked on the App Store > Updates > Purchased. And then I re-installed all my apps from there one by one. All of them worked fine afterwards and I didn't lose any data. Hope that works for you as well

    As for the music, regarding my last post, I left it alone for like 1+ hours and it's stayed stuck at "Waiting for changes to be applied" so I gave up and cancelled the syncing. It worked fine for the small playlist but it doesn't when I put all my music in one playlist and sync. This is frustrating to no end

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    There should be an option under the "Summary" tab on your iPhone home page in iTunes.  Scroll down to Options and click "Manually manage music and videos" and you should see your colored storage bar at the bottom do some big jump and hit apply.  Go through all of the "Are you sure you want to..." messages that appear.  Go back and select all the apps, tones, music, movies, podcasts etc. that you want and hit "Sync."


    That worked for me and I finally saw my songs and stuff and podcasts () transfer to my phone.

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    For those struggling with the 'Cancelling Sync' issue who have tried everything. I suggest looking for a particular song that might be causing problems. I noticed that before my syncs were cancelling iTunes were attempting to sync the same 5 or 6 songs. I then attempted to add each one of these songs individually to a playlist that had fully synced until I narrowed it down. I then deleted this song from my iTunes and appear to have fixed the problem! As for why this particular song was cancelling my syncing, I don't know...

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    Only clear solution so far.


    I restored it and DID NOT use back up. Instead, I had to put my app & contents one by one from the scratch. So be sure to back up all the contents in your computer before ttying this.


    This method comfirms that nothing wrong with my music files.


    This works for me...

  • slee204488 Level 1 (0 points)



    I tired 1000 songs while I am doing some set up of new(?) phone and sync stopped again...


    Will try again from the scratch without doing anyting while syncing.

  • slee204488 Level 1 (0 points)

    I restored iPhone again to the factory setting and tried to put songs without touching iPhone.


    I succeded in putting about 500 songs first time.


    I succeded in adding about 1000 songs second time.


    My third sync to put 2000 songs more stopped after about 300 songs.


    And it goes again. The sync keep being cancelled after a few songs.

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    I connected my phone again and it looked like the syncing worked. When I went on "On This Phone" all my songs were there. But, only 1/4 of the songs actually appear on my phone

    Uninstalled then re-installed iTunes with no success, it's back to getting stuck at "Waiting for changed to be applied". When I look on my Itunes on the pc, all the songs are still there but most just don't appear on my phone.

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