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  • jemcm Level 1 (0 points)

    Well, it's been a couple of hours now and it's still "Waiting" - that's as good as stuck to me. If fact, none of the songs from this sync batch have showed up on the phone (yet).


    The last batch (85 songs) synced in about a minute so I really would expect that the 10 albums I put in this batch (somewhere around 130 songs) wouldn't take that much longer.


    And I've discovered that (at least) one of the songs that did look like it synced before has been truncated to 1 second long - It might be good for a "name that tune" game but not much else.


    It's too bad - this process used to be flawless.

  • b3l33 Level 1 (0 points)

    The following worked for me after installing the just released iOS 7.0.4 (on iPhone 5 while running iTunes 11.1.3 OSX 10.9 on an older MacPro).


    1. Backup iPhone

    2. Restore iPhone

    3. Restore last iPhone backup


    Another symptom for me - I had a unusually large amount of space on my phone that was attributed to the notorious "Other" (yellow) category when looking at the data useage bar at the bottom of the iPhone Summary screen in iTunes. After restoring from backup this collapsed to a more typical and much smaller size. (iTunes then showed the phone as having 8.95GB free when only reporting ~3.9GB free prior to restoring.)


    Note that this was after much unsuccessful fiddling per the other posts in this thread (e.g., clicking auto-sync, switching b/w Wifi synch on/off, yada yada yada). Also, I don't know if updating iOS to 7.0.4 was related/necessary - I first tried updating iOS without restoring and that did not work.


    Also, for completeness, the iTunes/iPhone music synch issue affected me after upgrading to Maverics.

  • melaniaboss Level 1 (0 points)

    FINALLY working for me!


    After a few days of extreme frustration, trying a bit of everything, even visited apple in store which they were 0 helpful! You all had way better advice than anyone in store did!


    So after restoring and blah blah blah trying a bit of everything here is what worked for me


    So I have 2300 something songs, and everytime I tried syncing my music it would onlue 200 something songs..


    Eventually I tried downloading my purchases from icloud, downloaded super fast too,


    and after I did that, I syncec my phone and the rest of my music finally started to sync too!


    At first it showed downloading 1 of 200 songs downloading, but once my purchases were downloaded it switched to 1 of 2100!  So I guess they are now 2 different processes


    Be patient!

  • slawder Level 1 (0 points)

    I had been really frustrated with this as well but finally got things syncing up again today. Originally after upgrading to iOS 7 I didn't have enough room (maybe) and only a fraction of my songs loaded up. iTunes would sync normally, but would never pickup the remaining songs no matter what I checked or unchecked.


    Previously I had tried:


    - Checking / unchecking sync music

    - Clearing all music data from phone

    - Restarting + hard reset of iPhone

    - Updating to latest iOS and iTunes (7.03 and 7.0.4, iTunes 11.1.3)

    - Enabling iTunes Match and downloading directly through the phone

    - Force Music App on phone to quit and sync


    Nothing worked. Each time iTunes would represent a change in the Sync Bar, but never would sync any of the changes. Here's what I did today, though not sure which thing(s) broke the spell:


    - Updated to iOS 7.0.4

    - Backed up and then restored device from iCloud

    - Synced with Computer (at this point iTunes had loaded a handful of songs on. I had unchecked my playlists but there was still a lot of songs listed to be loaded (that weren't). iTunes had secretly checked all of the albums in my playlists as well. I went through and unchecked all albums so there were 0 songs to be loaded up).

    - Made sure the Music app in device was closed

    - Synced to 0 songs / audio

    - Synced a Playlist and VOILA!

  • Lawrro Level 1 (0 points)

    Update iOS to 7.0.4,still can't get my music back on my iPhone 4S ??

  • danielgluk Level 1 (0 points)

    this this with 7.0.4 and it worked... although it's not a definite solution from apple, it helps me get my music back...

  • mslev Level 1 (0 points)

    I posted the following in this thread today:


    You'll all be glad to know that a Senior Support Advisor at Apple is currently helping me and has acknowledged that this issue a serious problem and is communicating the issue to the Apple engineering team. 


    In the meantime, the Advisor is continuing to troubleshoot the issue with me.  He is having me send him screenshots and diagnostic information for the engineering team to use. 


    According to the Advisor, this issue (or a similar one) was spotted by Apple at some point and the engineering team thought they fixed it with the released of iTunes 11.1.2.  That is obviously not the case.  I informed the Advisor of this ongoing support thread and the many others that have popped up, showing that this is a widespread problem.  I'll continue to update this thread with any new info I learn.  Fingers crossed.


    My story is similar to others here.  I have been experiencing the issue since the upgrade to iOS7 and iTunes 11.1 (and carrying through all updates since).   I've experienced the issue across multiple devices - an iPhone 4 and a brand new iPhone 5S - always running the latest versions of the software.  iTunes to iPhone syncing gets stuck indefinitely on "Waiting for changes to be applied," erasing audio content, creating large blocks of "Other" data, and generally behaving erratically.  The best workaround I've found is erasing all audio content and then re-syncing it all back onto the phone, but that fix is only temporary and obviously time-consuming.  Other unsuccessful troubleshooting:  restore iPhone from backup, restore from factory settings, rebuild iTunes library .itl file, reinstall iTunes, reinstall OS X, weed through iTunes library for possible corrupt audio files, etc etc.  Some of these methods cause the sync to work temporarily, only for the problem to return.

  • simplysounds Level 1 (0 points)

    i've also been talking to a senior advisor at apple for the last 4 weeks now. sent screenshots, videos, diagnostic logs, lots of emails and 6 phone calls.


    reset my phone at least 12 times, tried various work arounds......recreating all playlists, editing xml's, resets etc....


    still no solution........still hit and miss syncing. sometimes it wipes half my songs off my phone if i modify a playlist. sometimes it's ok. today tried 4 restore syncs from backup and 3 setup as new phone. the last sync worked so far but i dare not do anything as i'm tired of doing it all again.


    if i add up the hours, i've spent over 5 whole days trying to resolve this (lot's of time, stress, anger)


    roll on 7.05 (with a message saying all sync bugs fixed along with an apology and)

  • mcsinclair Level 1 (0 points)

    So, you know how you get mad at something for not working only to realize that it's becuase it's not plugged in?

    Everyone that's having trouble syncing music has the option box "Sync only checked songs and videos" marked and the "Manually manage music and videos" unmarked, right?


    If you have the "manually manage music and videos" box checked... no music will sync unless you put it there. Just one of those things that might have been overlooked as it was staring you in the face. (:

    If that's not the case then this is a serious issue.

  • Balclutha Level 1 (0 points)

    This worked!  Thanks for posting from the apple help line!

  • leonard vincent Level 1 (0 points)

    still not syncing for me both music and videos.

  • leonard vincent Level 1 (0 points)

    musics and videos are still not syncing.

  • THuisman Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm looking forward to the solution to this issue. On my iPad2, I selected a song to play, then the songs list just scrolled through and then showed a stop icon next to each song and greyed out the words. This is super frustrating. Ever since ios7 came out, I have had nothing but problems. Please let me know if you find a solution. Thanks.

  • lt55 Level 1 (20 points)

    Sorry this is not correct. I do not have this box checked and no sync is possible. In fact every attempt at syncing results in the loss of something on the device but fortunately not a loss from the main computer and iTunes. This is a major Apple engineering fault and little acknowledgement has been forthcoming. I used to trust Apple updates I'm not so sure now.

  • PasshaAret Level 1 (15 points)

    i fixed this problem by right clicking on my iphone and going to back  up, all my music just started sync'ing again, hope this works for you  guys.

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