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  • jazzratchet Level 1 (0 points)

    In addition to what I said above: I think that if you're having this problem, it would be good to wait a good 10 or 20 minutes just to see if it clears up on its own. I wish I had tried that before going to all the trouble that I did with my "manually managed" workaround. Even with my workaround, it took several minutes to start processing individual songs, and I kinda wonder if it would have worked the regular way if I had given it more time.

  • SuperDaveOz Level 1 (0 points)

    This was the fix for mine after trying for days!!!

  • WirelessDJ Level 1 (0 points)

    I am a professional full time DJ.  I purchased the iPad exclusively for DJ use.  This means that I am constantly adding and removing tracks.  I understand the initial sync will take long but to sync for hours or days is not acceptable when making small changes.  After you let it sync for days, how long did it take to sync the next time?

  • owmyheadhurts Level 1 (20 points)

    It's amazing that with a $2500 iMac and an $850 5s I have to wait hours to transfer a couple hundred songs. Every iDevice I've owned since 2002 (about 12-15 of them) has synced just fine on all my Macs including my current iMac. Syncing was never a problem.

    I've tried all of the less time-intensive solutions mentioned in this thread to no avail.

    I refuse to spend an entire day doing things just short of restoring the Mac OS and iOS when this all started with the release iOS7 and iTunes 11.1.3.

    Syncing is the most basic and important thing iTunes does with iDevices. I can't believe they can't fix this.

    At least come out and admit there is a problem so people don't waste hours of their time trying to guess how to fix it.


    Sorrry for the rant.

  • HR Level 2 (435 points)

    I have not read all of the threads.  Perhaps this helps:


    - Doing a reset fixes the problem one time.  I needed to reset every time I needed to sync.


    - When iTunes shows "waiting to sync", simply unplug at the usb jack end and replug.  Seems to work.


    - We have 7 iOS devices including iOS5, 6 and 7 devices.  This only happens on one iPad retina mini.  Which happens to have the identical sync as an iPad 3 running iOS6.  I would suggest this is neither an OS X nor a iOS issue but a hardware issue.

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    *** PLEASE READ ***





    It appears that Apple has so far been unable to fix this problem.  I propose we give them all the information they need to troublehsoot it.  I have created a free survey that goes over the basic points.  Maybe they can round it down to a specific attribute? 





    APPLE OR ANYONE INTERESTED CAN view survey reports page,

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    Wow, only been a couple of hours and already I am starting to see a trend form.   --> iOS 7 <--


    APPLE OR ANYONE INTERESTED CAN view survey reports page,

    On the right hand side, click expand all


    yeah, I know this is not scientific but its better than nothing!


    I hope more people respond.

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    After spending way too many hours trying to figure out why my iPhone 5 would not sync for the past several weeks, I finally came across the solution outlined by cpaulPHL. I tried going through it carefully, step by step, and it worked! I did find a Voice Memo that was left open and closed it. Never thought to look in there before when troubleshooting. I don't know if that's what did it, but after going through all his other steps, my iPhone is now syncing again, for the first time in weeks!


    For the record, his solution looks long and complicated, but that's due to the fact that he takes you through the details of every step. It actually is simpler than it looks, and a whole lot better than some of the other solutions I've seen proposed, which included completely reformatting my phone. No thank you.


    Thank you cPaul for solving my worst iPhone experience yet!

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    Sorry to add just a complaint, but this issue is driving me crazy. Yesterday, I decided to nuke my iPad from orbit (it's the only way to be sure). I restored it to new device status, and started rebuilding it. For some reason, iTunes is not finding my apps, even though they're in the right folder. Given that I'm finding apps as I go, I have to start a lot of syncs. And given that each sync takes at least 10-15 minutes to start, it's incredibly laborious. The process will stretch out over days, due to Apple's inability to address this well-known, long-standing bug.


    Really tired of this.

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    Sorry I did not realize that the results were not viewable.  Please go to this link to see the results, and thank you for participating.  Hopefully Apple will look at the poll results and figure out what is wrong.


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    Thanks for your initiative ; but could you modify your poll at the item :

    "How many songs are you trying to sync?"

    and add a "no songs" button ; because I (and so others) am stucked with my ipad and no music to be synced... (only books, photos and apps).

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    Same issue here.

    Turning off, syncing and after that turning on "Sync Music" helped me

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    Good idea.  No songs added as option

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    After seeing all of these options, and realizing that the last step BEFORE "Waiting to make changes" was concerning "applying apps" (or something like this), I went to my Apps on my iPhone4s (fully updated) with 7.0.4., and updated them. At that point, everything began updating. After that, I discovered that songs purchased on the iPhone had a little cloud by it. I tapped the cloud and a circle appeared that spun clockwise. I then selected File-Transfer purchasing from iPhone in iTunes; I had to so this several times to get all the songs to transfer to iTunes, buy they are all on there now.


    The phone no longer hangs up anywhere in the process of syncing.


    I changed nothing terms of my settings, etc.


    Just thought I should share my experience. It took awhile to sort this out.

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