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  • saltgirl16 Level 1 (0 points)

    How do you stop purchased songs from downloading the iTunes app? I have 85 songs frozen on "preparing to download" and I can't figure out how to stop them.

  • jimmirock Level 1 (0 points)

    I tried this and it didn't work for me.


    So I thought... f**k it, and deleted the whole iTunes folder on my iPad. Not a good idea! I had to create a quick iCloud backup and then restore it! But, here I am again.


    I noticed that after I removed all my music there was still a structure within my iPad iTunes folder. It was huge too with hundreds of folders labelled "c3" etc. And the album artwork folder had a few hundred mb's in it! Even though the Music app displayed no music, the usage menu said nothing was in Music.


    Seems to me like the issue is in there.


    I'd like it fixed. As I said in a previous message I had to stop using my iPhone and bought a Galaxy S4 just to get a phone that would play my music! A sync would take almost the whole weekend rendering my iMac almost useless. But my iPad remains. Though if this continues I'll drop that when I want a new tablet. Hate this situation.

  • ShedMan Level 1 (5 points)

    masc88 wrote:


    medialibrary on iOS was borked in my case, too.

    resulted in erratic behaviour, some changes outlined in this thread or simply waiting a long time seemed to help, but only temporarily.


    simplified steps I performed to fix it without having to re-setup the whole device:


    • cancel all pending syncs on iTunes and the device
    • clear out all songs on the device (settings->general->usage->music, left swipe on All Music, delete)
    • use iExplorer (eg.,0301-46194.html) or a similar tool to delete Media/iTunes_Control/iTunes/MediaLibrary.sqlitedb on the device
    • power down and restart device (this will create a new MediaLibrary.sqlitedb)
    • resync (waiting for changes to be applied will take a while on first clean sync as it's figuring out the changes. that's ok, don't cancel)


    nothing required on the iTunes side except triggering the sync.

    Thanks! I have to say this has worked for me (so far, only been a couple of days...). For the first time in months I have done a wireless sync successfully too.


    Knowing this problem it probably won't last and it won't work for everyone - but it was easy to try and the results were good for me so thumbs up from me

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    saltgirl16 wrote:


    How do you stop purchased songs from downloading the iTunes app? I have 85 songs frozen on "preparing to download" and I can't figure out how to stop them.


    Good question; I have 19 frozen songs after the iTunes tech tried to force-push ALL of my prior purchases into my device.  I'm worried they'll mess up what's now a stable situation (at least for the past 12 hours).


    Have you tried checking the download manager in the upper right corner of iTunes?  It might let you cancel downloads in progress.


    In the meantime, here's how I tracked down the defective purchased songs that may or may not have been causing all my long-sync problems:



    Once a long-sync is confirmed, you can cancel the sync and open the device in the left sidebar.  Clicking on its arrow opens up its contents, and clicking on "Music" lets you see the songs on the device.


    Pick the top song and hit play.  It should play, or will show a little circle with exclamation point if it's disabled.  That's how you determine, through iTunes, which songs are disabled on the device.


    Now here's the tricky part: you need a playlist with ONLY purchased or protected songs.  I made a smart playlist that requires either of those words in the song's "kind" field.


    Once that playlist appears on the device's sidebar (it may take another sync or two), choose the top song, hit play, and then hold down the right arrow key.


    iTunes will try to play every protected/purchased song in the playlist, one after another, at a rate of about four per second.  When it hits the last song, you'll be able to identify the defective songs by that little excalamation point in the circle.


    For me, testing all those songs took about 30 minutes.  I actually placed a weight on that arrow key and sat back with a book.


    But once I'd disabled those songs, the syncs all went smoothly.


    For me, it was 44 songs out of 2,561.  I've since "cleaned" them via old-school DRM-removal (burn them onto audio CDs, then rip them back off those burned CDs).


    It was a hassle, but it's worked so far.  And I didn't have to delete all my artwork!

  • ExTech Level 1 (0 points)



    I'm still having long-sync problems, by the way, but I suspect it has to do with all the updated songs I was forced to download by my assigned Apple tech.


    The solution I described worked for 36 hours; more importantly, it worked for dozens of syncs during that time, with no disabled songs and "waiting for changes" that never took longer than five seconds.


    It only stopped working when I tried to sync podcasts.  Anyone else finding podcasts to be poisonous?


    Syncs resumed normally when I wiped the podcasts and podcast app.  They got messed up again when the tech forced 3,500 songs onto me.  Most likely there are defective tunes among them.


    Heeeeere we go again!

  • ShedMan Level 1 (5 points)

    Hi Extech


    Podcasts are a huge thing for me, I listen to a lot and I reckon I've had problems since the podcast app appeared. A common problem for me has been... Plug my iPod power cable in (not attached to computer) and wifi sync starts. For whatever reason the sync doesn't complete properly. Walk out of house listening to podcast I was halfway through... It stops and won't play. Other podcasts No longer on device or refuse to play even though I just listened to them the day before. So I give up and start listening to music and find half the tracks listed don't play.


    I can't put my finger on it but there is DEFINITELY something not right with podcasts these days

  • ExTech Level 1 (0 points)

    ShedMan wrote:


    Podcasts are a huge thing for me, I listen to a lot and I reckon I've had problems since the podcast app appeared

    Walk out of house listening to podcast I was halfway through... It stops and won't play. Other podcasts No longer on device or refuse to play even though I just listened to them the day before. So I give up and start listening to music and find half the tracks listed don't play.


    I can't put my finger on it but there is DEFINITELY something not right with podcasts these days



    Wow, that's almost exactly how I discovered the podcast link.  Podcast is playing, then stops and "deletes itself" somehow. 


    I'd guess that iTunes would have disabled all your songs during the last sync before you'd notice.  I've watched them getting disabled, sometimes while playing.  The song just stops and the timing slider moves quickly down to zero.  Then the iPhone scrolls rapidly through all the other songs that iTunes has just disabled.


    The worst part for me is that I'd thought I had it licked, so I re-synced my podcasts ... and it's back to long-sync land.


    Podcasts are poison to iOS7, somehow.

  • jimmirock Level 1 (0 points)

    I've been doing some exploring myself.


    It seems to be an Album Art issue.


    If you let iTunes delete your music (it will take a long time if you have this bug, but let it do it). Even after completion with no music on the device, there will be a large "Other" section filled. Open the device in iExplorer and it will still contain all the album artwork in 2 seperate folders. Remove them and the Other section drops.


    If not all of your music has album art, copy over albums (if you can make a smart playlist that only lists songs without album art (not sure if this is possible) do that) without art and the sync seems to take a normal amount of time.


    I think the problem lies with album art. The delay happens even if I just add my iTunes bought music too (which is a tiny amount of my library). So the problem isn't using music gathered from CDs and other music sites.

  • ExTech Level 1 (0 points)

    I hate to admit it, but the album art looks like an issue to me, too


    A good deal of my iTunes songs, purchased and ripped, have TWO identical album art images for no apparent reason.  Clearly, something weird involving the art is going on.


    Really glad jimmirock and Satge079 have had the stones to try deleting their art outright.


    I've got the ear of a senior engineer - maybe he can bring it to the programmers that are supposedly working on it.


    In the meantime, I'll at least try deleting all the excess album art within iTunes.  Maybe that'll work.


    But, if not, alerting the engineers to the problem should at least get them moving in the right direction.

  • jimmirock Level 1 (0 points)

    Ah , I didn't delete art. I just added music  to my device that had no art. Since my last post I found out that you can make smart playlists with a rule to include music that does or does not have album art. Synching only a playlist without art seems to be fine. Anything else can be included; voice memos, music videos, any other trick that people have come up with.


    I've submitted this as an Apple developer bug too. Please tell your contact. Maybe this can finally be fixed.


    (Although if you keep Time machine backups simply deleting all your album art, or moving the folder, should produce good results. I might try syncing all my music tonight but with the art folder hidden away)

  • ExTech Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for the clarification.


    For me, the double-up art songs weren't the non-syncing songs, so I gave up editing them for the time being.


    By the way, anyone tried manual media management?  I've tried it in the past, and just did again right now, but it didn't help. 


    It's so frustrating, because you'd think manual management should immunize the iPhone music from iTunes, but no luck there.


    I'm now "losing" ALL my audiobooks, ripped songs and home movies during EVERY sync. 


    If I can end the sync just after the calendars finish syncing, I can sometimes prevent iTunes from disabling all my media,  But I'm having less and less luck with that approach.


    It's so weird, almost as if iTunes were an A.I. that's actively trying to wipe out my library.

  • ExTech Level 1 (0 points)

    This is insane.


    I "solved" the problem of iTunes disabling my ripped media by eliminating nearly all of it.  There were only 75 items that were ripped songs, home movies and audiobooks.  I would let iTunes disable them all and reload them


    After two much-shortened long syncs, iTunes proceeded to wipe out all of my PURCHASED media as well!


    It's almost as if syncing under iOS7 somehow demands disabling of media.  If it can't get at the ripped songs, it goes after the purchased songs. 


    It's like some ritualistic sacrifice.


    What to do now, is the question.  As a dad, I really liked having home movies on my phone.  And I would very much like to listen to music. 


    And even if I decide to give up on music and movies altogether, it seems likely iTunes will go after my eBooks, photos, contacts, calendar entries, etc.


    I'm at a total loss.  So are the two "higher up" Apple Care techs whose numbers are now on my speed dial.

  • DBR87 Level 1 (0 points)

    this has happened to me several times. RESTORE iphone, then DO NOT sign in to ICLOUD when prompted. Icloud seems to mess up everything when activated.

  • ajc1973 Level 1 (0 points)

    I've tried all sorts of the variations of the above for months, here was the one that worked for me:


    1) Power down your mac and unplug ALL external cables including power cable

    2) Hold down the power button (with no cables plugged in) for 5 seconds

    3) Start up the machine and Zap PRAM (hold down Command (⌘), Option, P, and R while you are powering up)

    4) If done correctly Mac will restart and you'll hear the start up 'bong' again

    4) Start disk utility and click the button verify disk

    5) Once disk verification has completed, click the button repair permissions

    6) Open itunes and then try the sync again


    This worked for me without any of the restores / resets / reinstalls which didn't work - but I think there are lots of different problems.


    Best of luck!!

  • ExTech Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree iCloud is a pox.  It wiped out all my calendar entries once, and doubled them all another time.  Definitely not ready for prime time.


    In the meantime, here's my latest "fix":


    I moved all my iTunes media to an external drive and deleted it all, along with the entire iTunes folder.  I also reset the iPhone and rebuilt it from scratch.  I was able to re-import most of my playlists using the method discussed earlier.


    So far, syncs have been mostly OK over the past 12 hours.  That doesn't sound like much, but it's the longest I've gone in the past two weeks


      That said, there is something strange still happening: my home movies are getting removed and reinstalled during every third sync or so.


    These are movies designated as "Media Kind: Home Video" under the Options tab in their info.


    They are NOT getting "disabled" like all my files were previously.  Disabled files show up with little exclamation points next to them.  Deleted files, like my home movies, show up as grayed with dotted circles next to them.


    This is not a huge problem, as my home videos take very little time to load (and reload).  Also, I re-designated them all as "Media Kind: Movie," and they've stopped getting deleted for now.  I just hope this doesn't cascade into a more serious issue.


    By the way, iTunes is organizing movies differently now.  The iTunes Media/Music folder used to collect them all within two folders labeled "Movies" and "Home Videos."  Now, iTunes Media has a Movie folder separate from the Music folder, and each movie is stored in its own, separate folder.  It's different from last night.  At this point, any difference is a good one.

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