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  • ExTech Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks wombat,


    I did try your fix, but it didn't work for me. 


    However, that was before I rebuilt my entire machine and reset my phone.  I'll try it again; maybe your solution will help me catch the problem early on.


    At this point, I'm willing to try anything, including and especially writing to Tim Cook's office directly.

  • wombat88 Level 1 (0 points)

    Do make sure you do a warm reboot. I sometimes forget that and it won't work without it.


    Atlhough it rarely happens, on occasion I've had to repeat the delete/warm reboot/resync process even though I was positive I did all the steps correctly the first time. If your first time doesn't succeed, try repeating the steps.


    NOTE:  I've never used wifi sync and do not sync podcasts with iTunes (I use Downcast instead, which is much better in my opinion). If you are using those, it might not hurt to try a sync via cable and only sync non-podcast files given the experience of others. It sounds like there are plenty of bugs to go around as far as this software goes!

  • chiahyena Level 1 (0 points)

    Someone please help I was on the phone with apple tech support for over 2 hours and they couldn't help me finally said it was a hardware problem which I knew it wasn't took it back to best buy got different one same issue waiting for changes to be applied step 5 of 5  

  • Jim Gottlieb Level 1 (15 points)

    After not being able to sync any photos or music since sometime in October, and having tried everything else, I followed the advice to delete all music and then go in using iExplore and delete the SQLite DB file.


    On the positive side, this fixed my photo syncing (well, it's been five days and it's still letting me sync new photos), but music is still borked. It synced about half my songs, and the rest now just show a cloud (if they were purchased on iTunes) or the circle with a square otherwise. When the sync gets to the point where it should transfer music to my iPhone, it shows that it's transferring a few (but always says "1 of ..." even for multiple) and then says "Cancelling Sync...".


    I really think Apple needs to step back and fix bugs in their existing products before they launch the Next Big Thing. We all know iTunes has become a disaster. Likewise for iPhoto, which used to be reason alone to buy a Mac and is now so bugridden as to be almost useless. Not to mention IMAP mail not working right in Mavericks four months after release, Compressor broken in Mavericks, Logic crashing all the time. Yikes!

  • chiahyena Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm beyond ****** I spent $300 on something that doesn't work? C'mon apple this is a problem obviously is there no patch or fix for this ? I can't justify this purchase if it doesn't play music?!!!

  • ExTech Level 1 (0 points)

    chiahyena wrote:


    Someone please help I was on the phone with apple tech support for over 2 hours and they couldn't help me finally said it was a hardware problem which I knew it wasn't took it back to best buy got different one same issue waiting for changes to be applied step 5 of 5  


    Well it's not hardware if that's any consolation.  If it's anything like mine (and others'), then your iTunes doesn't like some of its media.


    Until there's a fix, try syncing only checked songs & videos, then uncheck everything, and try checking off songs in chunks, starting with purchased songs.

  • munkumar Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks to previous post from masc88... It worked. The fact that this issue has stretched for so long - I am really concerned about apple after this experience. 6 months with no attention to the concerns raised is killing....


    I believe this is also a cause for slow performance of iPhone4 on iOS7.


    Capturing the response from masc88 for another reference.


    masc88 wrote:


    medialibrary on iOS was borked in my case, too.

    resulted in erratic behaviour, some changes outlined in this thread or simply waiting a long time seemed to help, but only temporarily.


    simplified steps I performed to fix it without having to re-setup the whole device:


    • cancel all pending syncs on iTunes and the device
    • clear out all songs on the device (settings->general->usage->music, left swipe on All Music, delete)
    • use iExplorer (eg.,0301-46194.html) or a similar tool to delete Media/iTunes_Control/iTunes/MediaLibrary.sqlitedb on the device
    • power down and restart device (this will create a new MediaLibrary.sqlitedb)
    • resync (waiting for changes to be applied will take a while on first clean sync as it's figuring out the changes. that's ok, don't cancel)


    nothing required on the iTunes side except triggering the sync.

  • yellabugz Level 1 (0 points)

    thank you for this pointer - the duplicate tone - I've spent ages trying to get sync to copy the tracks over to the iPhone - removed the tones I'd added recently, and bingo we have movement - what a relief!

  • chiahyena Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok mine is brand new out of the box since apple told me hardware issue lol I knew it wasn't I want to avoid the step 5 of 5 please I know if I try to restore it will do this should I set up as new

  • ExTech Level 1 (0 points)

    I don't recommend restoring unless nothing else works.


    I've restored and rebuilt my phone, iTunes library and eventually my entire computer after an erase-&-restore.


    Some of that may work for you; none of it worked for me, though, but it was all a major hassle

  • Fulgurite Level 1 (0 points)

    Pfffff! I CAN NOT believe this problem is back again! I wanted to quickly add a few (ripped) songs today to my iPhone and strangely found that they hadn't been synced to any playlist on my phone.


    So I checked that indeed the songs were correctly added to the appropriate iTunes playlists and I synced again, then it got stuck on the infamous "waiting for changes to be applied!

    First it showed below in the bar which displays free memory capacity all yellow with the word "other" written through it, and now it's showing "over capacity by 7GB."


    However, the good news (at least I f*cking hope!) that after 5-6 tries, this time it IS syncing after leaving it plugged into my laptop for about 10 minutes, although it's completely adding ALL my playlists again!


    p.s. I have not changed any settings in iTunes, nor have I deleted or unchecked any music libraries or playlists.


    APPLE  SORT THIS OUT ONCE AND FOR ALL! It's ridiculous that the average (layman) user has to check various forums all the time after every 'update' to know whether or not it's safe to sync his/her iPhone!

  • ShedMan Level 1 (5 points)

    It's unbelievable how bad this is now. Plugged in my iPod today (I have now turned off wifi sync) so that I could pick up 3 new tracks. It executes a sync. Success.  If you define succes as not transferring any songs... but it did it quickly!  Asked it to sync again.  Waiting for changes... and waiting...


    Stopped the sync, closed iTunes and reopened. Plugged in iPod. Waiting for changes... I wandered off to get breakfast and come back to find it is copying song 2500 of 5358! yes it is reloading everything


    I guess I'm lucky as this takes what an hour? Whereas some of you guys are seeing 12 or more...


    So bored of messing around with something which used to work seamlessly and effortlessly with my old iPod Touch (IN FACT IT STILL DOES!)

  • Fulgurite Level 1 (0 points)

    I had a similar experience like ShedMan. Eventually it worked, after it re-synced my complete library taking roughly an hour or so.


    Well, one thing's for sure: I'm not syncing anything for the time being.


    p.s. a few pointers for the Apple (cough cough) Geniusses who made this forum to make this place far more user-friendly;


    *) why do I have to log in every time again?

    *) why doesn't it (after I logged in again) then automatically jump back to the last page/discussion I was watching and I wanted to comment on? (bloody annooooooying!)

    *) Why doesn't the spelling check work? (it works on just about every other field, except on an Apple related field, a bit embarrassing, no?)

    *) when I click on a link in the email notification that someone has replied on a discussion I'm following, why doesn't a link automatically take me to the newest message after my last visit, instead of taking me to the very beginning of the thread every time? I know what was written before, I just want to watch the new content...

    *) after I click "post" then it does the same annoying thing: it takes me back to the very beginning of the thread, instead of to my post so I can have a look at it.

  • chiahyena Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm done trying my old ipod works flawlessly the new iPod touch has no music on it the step 5 of 5 never goes away!! Apple support could get my bought music on it which is like 4 cds not worth the headache might just return ipod to best buy and go with old one for the time being. Extremely mad at apple for not addressing this I have a iphone 5 s a ipad and not 1 issue with these but this ipod won't sync  are we the only ones with this issue ? My friend got his same day I did not 1 problem ??? Go figure shame on you apple FIX THE PROBLEM

  • brmlburt Level 1 (0 points)

    I just installed iTunes <Downloaded Mar. 2, 2014> on my Windows 8.1 PC.  It took a while (as seems custormary these days) and required a reboot.  The good news is that--


    (a) iTunes immediately recognized my iPhone 5. (The previous installation of an iTunes update required a 2-hour search through discussion groups to learn which aspect of iTunes and / or my Windows OS had to be tweaked so that iTunes would recognize any of my iDevices.); and


    (b) Removing a book from my iPhone and placing 22 new songs on the iPhone in two separate syncronizations was routine and handled with dispatch.  In other words, the first two attempts to add and delete items from my iPhone worked exactly as was ordinarily the case before this past fall, when "Waiting for changes to be applied" got to be a routine and long-lasting part of virtually every sync.


    I devoutly hope the latest version of iTunes is more robust than the previous two versions, which dramatically slowed the syncronization of my iDevices whenever I tried to change their contents. 

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