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Alright, so i tried to install ios 7 and i got an error saying that the ios 7 update got a problem and so then my phone went into recovery mode. i installed tiny umbrella to get it out of recovery and it worked, so then i tried to install ios 7 again and it got another error this time my phone had already been switched to the ios 7 format but was not completely done, so my phone went into recovery mode again. so i tried tiny umbrella again and it just kept going back to recovery mode. i tried to restore my phone after trying to look for another way to get my phone out of recovery mode and i got nothing so i decided to restore my phone and i then get another freaking error saying that itunes could not restore due to a problem, then i just decided to try tiny umbrella one last time and it didnt work. so i tried to restore again but now my phone is not being detected on itunes so i cant do anything, and my phone is stuck in recovery mode... all i was trying to do is get the new update and now my phone is dead, it wont do anything please help!!

iPhone 5, iOS 7