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Conwayboys Level 1 (60 points)

ok i know this is happening all over so i clicked update on my phone and after 4 hrs its moved like 3% so i want to cancel it as i will copy the update file from my mates computer only porblem is i cannot stop it updating.


I am about to go out and the update will use up all my data *** apple why cant i cancel it

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1
  • whatsinitforme Level 1 (40 points)

    you can stop the update and update at a later time

  • NHmxaK Level 1 (10 points)

    No w u can easily cancel any on going iOS update of any ios device. Simply you have to force shutdown and restart the ios device twice and tada. The update stops. u can check in Settings> General> Software Update. It will show you the screen of Download and Install. I hope this info helps a lot of Apple Product Users. Its the best Product I have come across.