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I'm trying to record a custom greeting on my new iPhone 5. It seems to record fine - I'm able to play it back - but when I hit save I get a message saying that greeting save failed. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks.

iPhone 5, iOS 7
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    I am having the same issue. If I find a solution I will post it.

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    Have you tried calling your phone number?  If not, try calling your personal number from you phone.  It will then prompt you to set up voice mail. 

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    I was also frustrated with the same problem and went online to look in other forums as well . The advice I got that worked for me was to go into settings and turn my Cellular data setting to "on" . Once I did this I was able to record then save the greeting. Even though I was connected to WiFi for some reason it would not work. So try again with your celluar setting  set to on and it should work.

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    Worked for me!!!

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    I didn't try the cellular data plan.  For me I had to call my own number and set up the greeting the old fashoined way.  Once i didn that, the visual voicemail area began working, and I was able to then re-record, and save the greeting there.

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    This is  exactly what i had to do, dialed my own number and record my greeting the old way - actually, re-record a new greeting.  Then what is the point of the screen?  If i want to use the screen to record a greeting, it takes abt 5 minutes for the screen to retrieve the old greeting and then will NOT save the new one.  Useless!

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    Your advice worked for me! Thank you