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I update to ios7 yesterday on my iphone 5, and as it finished, it said something about not being able to verify or authenticate. The phone had finished, but when it turned on it just gave me the option to start as new phone or restore from a backup.


Luckily I made sure I made 3 backups of my iphone before I updated, so went to restore from my itunes backup, but it said cannot restore as this backup is corrupt or not compatible with this device. I tried the other 2 as well, but both unsuccessful.


So now I have a phone that appears to be updated to ios7 fine, but has just dumped all of my apps etc on there, without taking and of my previously backed up data.


My iPad updated absolutely fine.



Really frustrating!!!


Does anyone else have any ideas what I can do, or why my backups wont restore?

iPhone 5, iOS 7
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