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Updated to iOS7 with no problem. (Using iPhone5)


I have two email accounts set up on the phone, one is working as I would expect, the other (my hotmail) is displaying '2,557' emails unread on the app icon in the dock. Is there any way I can 'tell' the OS not to load all these emails in, and just display new messages as they come in?






MacBook, iOS 6.1.2
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    Hotmail has used POP for emails in the past and this does not sync if messages are read or not. This is an old standard and shouldn't be used any more.


    You can now use Exchange or IMAP for hotmail and this should mark them as read and stop this from happening again. Add a new mail account on your iPhone, and select Exchange instead of Hotmail/Outlook.com and sign in with your hotmail details. You may need to change the Mail Days to Sync options after you set it up to get all your emails back. Your hotmail account may also have put all your emails into a POP folder. Sign in to hotmail on a computer and move all the emails in that folder back into your inbox.



    If exchange does not work, you can try using IMAP, the details are


    • Incoming Mail Server IMAP
      • Server: imap-mail.outlook.com
    • Outgoing Mail Server SMTP
      • Server: smtp-mail.outlook.com


    To add the account, select other when you add a new mail account, and put in a nonsense email address for example "blah@blah.com" to avoid the mail app automatically setting up the account for you.

    Then select IMAP and input the proper details. your username is your hotmail address.

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    Spot on.


    The first method worked (using Exchange), so didn't even need to try the other way.


    Many thanks.



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    Glad to hear!, don't forget to delete your old hotmail account on your iPhone or you'll be getting all your emails twice!

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    does this also work for non-hotmail POP accounts?  I couldn't get it to connect to my e-mail server either through exchange or IMAP.

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    I have a yahoo account and I have no idea how to stop it from displaying 41,000+ unread emails. Is there no way to get it to display only 50 most recent messages? Why did they get rid of that option in Settings?

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    I have an update on what I have done, and so far, it seems to be working.


    I had this problem as well when I updated, but I didn't have nearly as many e-mails as some of you. I did two things:


    1. I put anything older than 30 days into an "old" folder on my webmail server


    2. I deleted my webmail account from my iPhone and set it up again. It brought the remaining 300 e-mails in as unread, but this time I was actually able to mark them all as read and they haven't reverted.

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    Just like most all aspects of iOS 7, everything is more difficult, takes more steps, has less function, is slower, is harder to read, or is just impossible. I use several computers at several locations so I need to keep e-mails active on Comcast and G Mail servers. However I don't need this on my phone, nor do I want to waste memory. iOS 6 ...easy. Just set a limit. iOS 7. Forget it. Please Apple, explain how this is better!