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    Well if my story not true, than Apple is in a big trouble now, because its means there are many Iphone 5s's are faulty and its more likely a hardware issue. My "first" I5s what I purchased from O2 on the 29th of September and updated to 7.0.2 the same day, had 3G issues in areas where my I4 was working fine before, and had a strange headphone jack problem(thats why Apple gave me a new one).

    When I updated to 7002, all my apps were crashing, or had audio problems in skype, mobil voip or even voice recorder. It restarted itself like a crapy android phone, it was a nightmare.


    Since I got the replacement, I left it as it comes(on 7.0), and I use it for 9 days now, it did not have any problem yet. I am extremly lucky, or ios7.0 works better than 7.0.2.

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    I had the same issue with 4-5 lock-ups per day - always after typing 2 digits of the passcode in the lock screen. Since I turned off "allow apps to update in background" in the settings, however, I haven't had any crashes so far (touch wood). There seems to be an issue with background update for some apps, either they are deadlocking while update, or iOS is so "intelligent" to bundle app update requests to the point in time when you try to unlock your phone, and thus all of a sudden puts too much load on CPU and memory at a single point int time. For me, the lock-ups occured both on iOS 7.0.0 and on 7.0.2.

    Just theorizing, but the fact that the location service icon in the top right ALWAYS goes on when I unlock my phone may indicate that "unlocking time" is also the time iOS chooses to retrieve and process all kinds of data. Maybe it's just too much... Just try to turn off some or all apps in the "update in background" settings.

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    GRRRR! I have turned off the back ground app update, clear my cache and history daily, have tons of memory and my 5 iPHone and the Retina Display Ipad keep freezing!!!!! I run a business from these devices!!! They need to fix the freezing problem soon!!!! It's like my touchscreen just stops working!!! I have not had this many problems with my phone since I was carrying a blackberry!!!! Seriously Apple please fix this.  I would buy a new phone but I just got this one in July and expect it to work! I thought 7.0.2 would fix the issues but no so luck. Is there any news on when the next update is expected???

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    Me facing the same problem tat u mentioned phn freezes after the miss wats now ur problem is solved or not ???

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    Try to switch off notificatons, location services and spotlight search, maybe these stuffs not just eats the battery but freezes the phones on ios7! Btw if somebody has battery issues, i recommend to try Battery Doctor free app! After reset my batery, I can use my 5s for two days with one charge, and I streaming music a lot and use 3g a lot and talk a lot! To reset battery you need to let the phone die, wait 8 hour and charge it with Battery Doctor!

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    if you switch off all functionalities you end up with a dumb phone ! We paid big $ for a device with an OS with multi tasking, app refresh in background, a stable OS, etc ....

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    Yes it didn't Freez for the last 7 days try this, Settings >i cloud, Turn OFF Documents and data

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    Me 20, it freezes as you had described it. On top of that, my back camera (main) doesn't work. Just freezes black image and doesn't respond unless I press home button and only front ( screen side ) camera works :S kinda annoying. Love the IOS7 but these glitches make me regret it. Sometimes I would get an important call and the unlock "answer" swipre would freeze on the call and reset the phone! Very annoying!

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    Yes something in this direction (no pictures and documents from iCloud) stopped the continous reboot on my iphone. Now I still see apps crashing and apple logo when I want to listen to mailbox messages (....) .... This may not be permanent and does not happen continously,  but this is not satisfactory ... just a crutch .... And Apple takes too long to fix it .... I will never update the firmware on an Iphone in the first 2 months of its publication anymore .... believe me ... never again !


    and ... I won't update to the new Mac OS X .... I wasted too much time with Apple products now .


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    I agree with you! I will only update if a key app require it! I will stick to 7.0 as it did not failed since Apple swap my phone!

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    Thought I'd offer an update on my situation: A "restore from backup" didn't work at first, it continued to freeze up; then AppleCare started to talk me through a "restore as new" which I did, but quickly realized it would take forever to restore my apps. So I went back to an old restore, and so far, about a week now, there haven't been any more freezes.


    So somehow a "restore as new" followed by a "restore from backup" fixed it, at least for now...

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    I do not know if you are under warranty or not but you may want to take the phone into an Apple retail store. I did this a couple of days ago, they ran test and my phone indeed did have several problems. They replaced the iphone 5 with another.

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    I only have one option left before taking it to apple store, restarting it to factory settings and then retrieve through backup... if it doesn't work, I'm taking it to Apple. Plus there is a little spec of string inside my main camera, you can see it with the naked eye :S don't like it but doesn't bother much either. It seems to me the factory isn't clean since something like this got caught in during manufaturing of the product... Not very happy but not upset either. Nothing is ever perfect but it happens to be the lucky me, as a professional photographer facing this lol

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    Well I returned mine because the jack in, the headset plug was slanted and lose. THIS IS MADE IN CHINA BIG TIME!!!

    I am really not impressed about the quality of the aluminium body, its half as solid as a macbook. I just put the phone in my pocket the other day after a pint, I forgot my key was there, I heared a discrete click, I grabed out in a second, oh well, the tiniest inpact with a harder material, leaves marks on the soft aluminium case. Iphone 4 stainles steal body was a lot better imo. I ve ordered a case from ebay, but its to late, my 600Pound worthy fancy phone is a fragile chineese quality toy.

    After Apple swap try not to upgrade to 7.0.2, leave it on 7.0, at least 7.0 did not let me down yet.

  • Dre Solo Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes, I believe it's the 7.0.2 problem, didn't have camera and freeze issue with 7.0.2... There is a case, worth looking at. Everybody comments and didn't recognize its iphone either. Better than otter box. Got it for free as a promo but didn't believe it costs 75??? but after having it for a while, I'm starting to see why it's 75 per case very happy with it, makes iphone feel better to own lol


    I don't know if I'm allowed to advert on apple but whatever. Not everything has to be only apple product, its called Tylt for iphone 5, google it and buy the square one. I have the black one, fits with my black iphone!



    just found it, its 30 bucks a pop, seriuosly, very worth it, not trying to be sales person, just referring for the friends, I would want someone to refer to me as well!

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