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RickyT22 Level 1 (0 points)

I installed the iOS 7 update last night and since the phone rebooted after install it has had the message Invalid SIM

I've tried checking the SIM and resetting network settings. Anyone had a similar problem? Got a solution?

iPhone 4S, iOS 7
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    I've had e same on O2. Took it in store and they upgraded me (I was due one anyway) saying it was a software problem. I now can't get my upgraded phone to activate but that's another post! I'm very annoyed at apple right now!

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    I also had 'invalid sim' when i upgraded to IOS7. My phone is almost two years old and worked fine with the sim until now. I upgraded the IOS in my ipad mini first and that worked fine. I rang my provider Orange/EE and after trying various resets and restores they said they will send me a new sim to see if that works. I'm about to go on a short trip so this problem is a real pain as can't make or receive calls or texts using it. I suggest you ask for a new sim too, but i am yet to see if that fixes it.

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    Further to my earlier reply, I received a new sim from orange and, after waiting 8hours for the sim to be activated, all works fine now. not quite sure how software (io7) can damage hardware (sim) but i expect it has somehting to do with the iphone firmware that links the two, but i don't know for certain.

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    I'm using iOS 7.0.4 and had to do the following:


    1. Settings
    2. Reset
    3. Reset Network Settings