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    When did I say I was expressing a preference, Meg St. Clair?  I have not said it.  Scroll back a few before you speak for someone else (especially since YOU detest that).  I cannot use the browser or e-mail.  They are like looking directly into a flashlight.  I can not work more than 2 hours without getting a raging headache.  And don't recommend settings (scroll back and see that has been attempted). This interface is a non starter.  I cannot do any of the browser intensive volunteer work that I want to do with iOS7. Not a preference -- it is a break in capability for me.  I would not come here to voice a preference...what a waste of time.  iT IS BROKEN.  I need another interface I can use for more than 2 hours a day. 

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    We have two Macbook Airs, two Imacs, two Iphone 5s and two Iphone4Ss in this house. I have always preferred Apple because of it's sophisticated and elegant design If Apple attempts to apply the same cheap flash fluo fun layout to laptops and desktops they will have lost the loyal customer that I have been the last decade.

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    getting 2.850 points of agrying in whatever apple do? Off course apple cares of what there costumers do, otherwise they have no buisness. so please give us back the original look that i paid for

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    Scratching head.  It seems to have begun, time-line wise, with the "brilliant" release of Final Cut ProX. Jump ahead to iTunes 11 (another piece of garbage) and now IOS7.  None of this makes sense, but it must make sense to someone.  Can someone explain it to me?


    I can live with flat, ugly icons. What I can't live with is another lousy calendar app without sophisticated calendar alarms, et al..  IOS, in so many ways, has been, and still is, a toy-level OS.  So that's what I want to know.  Does IOS7 have a real calendar app?  Just a FREAKIN' calendar app with alarms that snooze and works reliably?


    I went from Blackbetrry to the iPhone two years ago and my phone guy said I'd be sorry.  Well, he was right...  I am shopping for a new phone and seriously considering changing platforms again.  I doubt that is what Apple wanted with IOS7, but I feel forced into it since the OS and basic apps are designed for children.

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    Some posters have mentioned that perhaps this is not the best place to rant, but rather a good place to discuss technical matters. In that vein, I will share a practical solution to downgrading one's ios7 operating system. It is not impossible.


    I discovered a very real way to uninstall ios7 from one's life (if not from their iphone).


    After many fruitless late night attempts at uninstalling ios7 based on suggestions here and elsewhere, a brilliant solution presented itself to me. I took my perfectly unscratched iphone 4S, walked across the street and knocked on my neighbor's door. The neighbor's nine year old son answered the door with a game controller in hand. I mentioned to the child that I had seen him occasionally playing games on an iphone 3. "3GS," he politely corrected me. "Perfect," I thought. I offered to trade my iphone 4S against his 3GS. His eyes opened wide and he scurried off. Seconds later I was the proud new owner of a 3GS. As I walked away with a perfectly LEGIBLE operating system, feelings of joy swelled up from within my soul. A quick trip to the local carrier's store and the 3GS was activated.


    Glory be! I love my iphone once again. I can read the keyboard.


    Ask and ye' shall receive. The blind shall see!

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    I wish I had read your comments before accepting to download the iOS7 on my phone. Icons look like they have been designed by a bunch of three year olds. Makes my phone look like a kid's toy. Steve Jobs would never have allowed such crappy design to leave the building ! I want my old OS back !

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    Also looking for a way to downgrade, I'm really very dissapointed with iOS 7.

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    I'm beating my head since yesterday. I have spoiled my iPAD. Look like I have thrown my whole investment in water.


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    Nice thread for 80+ folks with bad eyesight.

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    I'm half that age. I can read the text fine. My issue is... that's all there is. It's one white screen after another. That's the best "design" Apple could come up with? iOS7=Palm.


    It's too bright, too boring, too bland.

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    My point exactly. Looks like scribble on a napkin. I don't have a problem with seeing anything but it's all drab white. Must be those young designers at Apple who can't think out of the napkin box. The calendar looks terrible. I'm sure there will be someone posting a way to revert to 6. The iOS itself isn't a problem. It's the overall drab look like someone placed the iOS in a padded cell. Yuck!!!!

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    Patrick Miller2 wrote:


    It's the overall drab look like someone placed the iOS in a padded cell. Yuck!!!!


    Heh, heh.

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    meganuts is 43 years old.

    many years of computing.

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    Been following this thread for the past couple of days.  I have a few observations.


    I've been a Mac user since the first 128K Mac in 1984.  I was a grad student then.  That makes me pretty old.


    Unlike others here, I don't really have a problem with iOS7 on my iPhone 5.  It does appear to be a little sluggish and rough around the edges and will probably get better during the first few updates.  I also like several of the new features.


    And given's absolutely obscene for Apple to not allow someone who upgrades a new operating system to downgrade back and wait until the first couple of updates.  I'm an Apple geek and have been following the development of iOS 7 since forever.  I knew pretty much exactly what it was going to look like.  Most other people don't do that.


    I can't count the number of times I've upgraded to a brand new Mac OS, tried it for a few hours, and then restored the old OS from a backup to wait until the first couple of upgrades.  I think I upgraded to Mac OS 7 three times and then downgraded before finally keeping it.  I hated the slowness and that was over twenty years ago but I still remember hating it.


    Yes...people understand that they won't be able to stay at iOS 6.x forever.  But not allowing someone to go back and wait a few months is about the most arrogant thing I can think of.  Some have commented that it's exactly like Microsoft...and they are completely correct.


    Yes...I know the purpose of the Apple Discussion forums and I have helped a number of people over the years and I've been helped.  But I'm really PO'd that people who have truly genuine concerns about being able to use iOS 7 have been completely disrespected.


    One final perspective.  When Mac OS 10.7 came out, I was way more angry that the people are in this forum.  It was dumbed down so much I couldn't believe it.  The Calendar and Contacts apps had that stupid leather thing. Contact has only two columns.  It was clear that Apple was moving way too fast towards iOSifying the Mac OS and I was angry.  The user's Library folder was invisible by default.  The only reason I'm still a Mac user is because I was able to use Terminal commands and the Lion Tweaks app to fix most of that rubbish.  Now, with Mountain Lion and with the soon to be released Mavericks, things are not quite as bad.  I still have to fix things but it's not Lion.  Not being to tweak really basic user interface elements in a modern smartphone operating system is ridiculous.  I understand why these people are upset.


    Flame me if you want.  Delete this if you want.  I'm right.  That's enough for me.

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