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  • Proteous714 Level 1 (10 points)

    modular747 wrote:


    "Not  You have no clue ..."


    You must be a Pee Wee Herman fan - "I know you are, but what am I…"

    The indisputable fact is that you estimate of those who want to go back to iOS 6 is no more than wishful thinking on your part.


    It's  not surprising that you use use Mixpanel statistics when it suits you (and your sponsor), then dismiss them when they displease you (pleural).

    My response shows as much careful thought and intelligence as your initial response did... As a moderator on the apple forum users might tend to expect a higher level of maturity and rationalism from someone like yourself, but I guess not .


    However if you wish to assert something as an "indisputible fact", then I must insist that you back that up with some semblance of data.

  • modular747 Level 6 (18,730 points)

    I'm not a "moderator" here and it's unbelievable that you don't understand that Apple and forum hosts don't post by now.


    Your logic, as usual, is 100% bass ackwards. YOU made an unsubstantiated claim about the percentage wanting to downgrade and it's YOU who is obligated to  back that up with the facts

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    No need to get hyper. There are millions who wanna go back to iOS 6

  • gail from maine Level 7 (21,091 points)

    And there are hundreds of millions who do not....



  • modular747 Level 6 (18,730 points)

    You have no substantiated statitics showing that. Just a heap of bovine excrement.

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    I have some advice, sell your apple products.

    Since installing ios7 I can not update apps. After over two months on the phone and dozens of emails to cs I still can't update apps. I've only ever had one Apple ID and one email address. My passwords and ID are correct.

    Yesterday apple cs had me do a backup on my PC then restore my iPad as new. Now I have no apps on my iPad. They said just reinstall the apps I had, we'll the are like new, all old data and progress lost. So install my backup, ok, but all 162 apps I had are gone from iTunes. iTunes says "let's get started" like I've never had iTunes on my PC. Which I have for years. Now I have to repurchase all my apps. If I do this I'm out hundreds of dollars in apps and in-app purchases!

    Ios7 has cost me years of data and progress and hundreds of dollars.


    Cheaper at this point to cut my losses and sell all my apple products and buy a good laptop.

    There are much better products than apple's now, they need someone like Job's to lead them again.

  • jonfromdaleville Level 2 (440 points)



    If you restored from a backup, it would start to download those apps again from the account if in fact the account did have those apps purchased on it to begin with. If you have the account information you can redownload all purchased apps as long as they are available from iTunes still. The backup contains the app data that you are looking for.


    Good luck.

  • ViperSK1 Level 1 (0 points)

    We tried that, my original Apple ID doesn't work, I've ever only had one. When I did the restore iTunes updated on my PC as well. When this happened all my old id was lost. iTunes opened up as a new account. I'm sure my backup is still stored on my PC some place but after so long talking the apple cs I'm very let down. They admit it's a software problem. But they keep turning me I circles doing the same things.

    Even if I do find my backup on my PC I still won't be able to update apps. It's like I'm using the wrong id for all my apps but I've only ever had one. Password is correct.

    I'm just tired of daily emails, upto three a day, and constantly calling or scheduling calls to Apple. I've spent many hrs on the phone with them, each call lasts at least 15min to 3hrs.

    The people I talk to really seem like they want to help but don't know what went wrong. Even had three tech's on at once on a recent call but in the end the didn't have a solution.

    I can only use my iPad in a limited way now, any apps that require me to update won't work until they are updated.

    What happens when I try is I'm ask for my Apple ID password, I enter it correctly, I get a circle with an arrow for 2-3seconds then the update with a box around it comes back up. The app icon will have a small blue dot under it.

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    make an appointment and take it to an apple store.


    Phone support can either be very knowledgable or a complete waste of time. I've learned to trust my gut: if the person seems confused within the first two minutes of the call, they're on virgin territory, and don't know what they're doing. hang up, call back in, get someone else.


    But in store, the genius is face to face with the tablet, and sees first hand what the problem is.

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    You are right, I agree. Next time I can get to an Apple store I will. Bit of a drive for me though, 4hrs round trip to nearest store. I probably will have to bring my laptop as well. For the time being at least I can use safari and my email.

    Really though, I'm not too confident I'll get my old info to work with my Apple ID. I think when I installed ios7 it started my Apple ID from that date and dropped all data from the last few yrs.

    Hope they can help at the store as I used to love my iproducts but am pretty down on ios7. I miss ios6

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    No they arent listening. They are the world's most valuable company, so do you think they really care if they lose a customer here and there...probably not. But I will say that after installing the new iOS today, I am very disappointed in it. So, even though they don't care, they've lost me...time for the Galaxy. I bet someone is rolling over in his grave.

  • David Shanahan Level 3 (765 points)
  • modular747 Level 6 (18,730 points)

    Since you know that Apple isn't listening and that no one here cares what you do, why do you bother telling us?

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    Do you know if there is any good windows phone. They may not care if they lost another customer but my wallet is happy to go elsewhere over apple canceling my laptop order as we speak.

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    I do understand that this is a support forum, and by its nature, people will only initiate a thread if they have some sort of problem, and there is a place for venting if you're angry or disappointed in a software development...


    And I do understand the frustration for people who log on only to find people ranting and raving...


    But ultimately this forum is designed to work towards a solution. That solution could be a "hard" solution - like, "turn on REDUCE MOTION in Settings", and sometimes the best available solution is "softer" - to suggest writing feedback to Apple - but each and every post here should have some sort of idea behind it. Though I personally find a great deal of snark here from some users, you are inviting it when all you have to offer is shouting and a threat to switch to Windows. That said, those guys are best ignored. Let them buy their new phone and be on their merry way.


    Modular had an excellent feedback suggestion to Apple, which included their writing in BOLD LETTERS that upgrades were irrevocable., along with a couple of other suggestions. What it ideal for people who wanted to revert back to ios 6? No. But it did the best thing available under the circumstances - tried to clarify the terms of an upgrade so the frustrations might be avoided next time around.


    Let's try to keep this place progressive and let each post be worthwhile and working towards solutions.