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    I am having the same issue. front camera works but the rear camera just shows a black screen. Also my flashlight wont turn on. was working fine one day and the next completely stopped. My phone is in great condition and never been dropped or wet. Apple needs to do something. I have ios 7.0.4. if anyone could help with this issue it would be great.

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    Same Issue, been so many months

    I also installed ios 7.1 beta 5, still no good, same issue

    120,607 views and 4 months since first reported the issue still persists, not what we expect from Apple.

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    I have just same issue... Apple fix this plz!

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    So many iPhone users having the same problem!  My primary contact at the local Verizon store was fantastic and helped me through the process of filing a warranty claim .  


    Apple did send a replacement phone.  Reinstalling the data and apps from me backup went well but took most of an evening.  After a month of frustration and disappointment in Apple they have partially redeemed themselves for me.  However, the # of posts (+ the # of iphone owners who haven't posted) sure points to a flaw with the software or hardware.   

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    Same problem over here in Belgium. iPhone 5's camera suddenly stopped working, only black screen.

    Force close camera app and re-opening makes front camera work, switching to back camera results in the known blurry screen.

    Please Apple fix this, so many people reporting same issue, this is either faulty hardware or (i think) some sort of software issue.

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    Have the same problem.. Didn't happen Straight after iOS7 but did go suddenly as described in previous posts. I'm

    Out of warrantee by a few months but this is ridiculous. They obviously know that it's happening a lot to people but they simply don't care Anymore for people who don't have a 5s or 5c. Scandalous that they haven't made a state my about it. I'd rather they just come out and say that they can't fix it rather than hide it like this so I can concentrate on getting a new phone. Can't even open snapchat! So unlike Apple. Very disappointing. Makes me want to move to samsung!!

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    Someone in this complaint group suggested using Camera Awesome as the photo app, rather than Apple's standard photo app.  So far, that does seem to be working.


    But now my power-off button doesnt seem to be working. No wonder Apple stock is so risky these days.

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    Unnfortunatly this does not work! The only yhink that worked limited was restoring the iPhone as a NEW IPHONE! Than the cammera works again for a day or so. After that the funn is over again

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    Has anybody tried Skype to use the iPhone camera?

    I have the same freeze of the camera app symptoms as everybody else but there is a difference in that Skype opens up with the backward lens, ie towards the user.

    Via Skype, the screen comes up black, but the camera switch button shows and WORKS, and allows a switch to the front facing camera!

    The front camera then works fine in all modes including movie but freezes the app if you return to the back facing lens.

    In Skype the back camera allows one push of the button, as though to take a black picture but that is it, frozen app once more!

    After years in software quality management all my instincts shout 'software' getting it's under garments in a twist, and being a devout apple user for thirty years it hurts. Come on Apple, pull your finger out and sort things out.

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    Wow, 24 pages of discussion and no official solution from Apple..


    Little background story; my phone, iPhone 5 on 7.0.4, started acting like TS. Rearfacing camera + flash not working. Just a dark screen and when clicking the shutter button the camera application completely freezes. After fiddling with every setting in the phone I found out that disabling the camera in restrictions made the flash work again.. Then after a couple of hours it went gray again. Tried the same formula, no dice. But, then I found out a solution that seems to be repeatable. Close the camera from application manager, hard shut your phone, i.e holding home and lock button until the phone dies. Restart the phone, and when the lockscreen appears DO NOT unlock it. Just use the shortcut from lockscreen to access camera. Push the flash option and pick "Auto", Et voila and your camera should function like a champ.

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    I am facing the same issue, But my telephone technical support, repairs and service coverage expired.


    I tried all the above options, its working fine for some time, but facing the same issue again.

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    Same problem here! Rear camera stopped working after i uptadated to IOS 7 with my Iphone 5. Tried all diferent solutionts and none worked permanently. Does anyone knows if the camera replacment solves this problem? My phone is still under warranty, but Apple's not in my country, so I cant get it replaced unless i travel to USA.

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    I'm annoyed. I experience the same error. Everything worked fine until the camera all of a sudden stopped doing it's job.


    My Iphone is 1,5 years old and.. well it fell on the ground a few times and has scratches, but as told, the camera was working fine, always.


    Apple is saying "Older than 1 year -> no warranty" and "it's the first time I hear about this issue!". As I live in Germany I by law have an extended warranty period of two years, adressable to the seller. So I was calling T-Mobile and experienced the same here. "It's the first time I hear about this issue!". I had to go to an T-Mobile shop to have my phone checked. The guy in the T-Mobile store saw my scratched phone and was immediately saying "that has to come from dropping the phone on the floor" and - standard - "It's the first time I hear about this issue!". They were sending the phone to an authorized repair shop, but of course they said the same as the guy in the T-Mobile store. I got an offer from them to get an refurbished phone for "only 260 EUR".


    But you know what? I'm not happy with that! It's not "the first time I hear about this issue!". Try googling for this error and you will notice something like more than 1 million results. Also this 24 paged thread here in the official apple support board speaks volumes.


    What I will do next is to ask an friend of mine who works as lawyer, to write them about this issue. If that won't help I won't hesitate to get an expert report to have an legal verfication of this issue. I'm simply tired of this denial of facts and I won't accept that.

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