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    Well as whatever I say you will find a way to project a worry onto it... however I am not an envoy for Apple: in many ways I don't like what they are up to, but my purpose here is to provide purely factual answers which is what I've been doing my best to do.


    Incidentally, if you are having a crash when trying to sync your iPod then something has obviously gone wrong, and you could try asking about it in the iPod forum - the crash report might tell someone what the problem is. You have the choice of sending the report to Apple so that they can use the information that and other crashes to see whether there is a general problem that needs addressing.

  • Silkefromdeu Level 1 (0 points)



    ... and I can't help remembering all the time that the Greeks describe somebody who shows non-rational behaviour (like Apple does with her effort to mistreat the podcatchers) they say of him


    Perpatai ta sinefa --- the tranlation of which is roughly "strolls on clouds"

  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 (75,164 points)

    Αν περιμένετε το κακό, τότε θα βρείτε σίγουρα

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    fact is I feel cheated by Apple and I have very good reasons for that


    Feelings are facts also btw and I am very furious with myself for having disregarded all the anti-Apple-experts and have put all my entertainment apples into this one basket and suffered patiently all the inconveniences that that included because of the easy operation it offered OTOH.


    But that will never happen again - from now on I will aim at using a different provider for each of my entertainments.


    ... and go on trusting the "that will never happen" ... as a European I never would - anything is possible in the old world - when it comes to concocting the hitherto unimaginable nobody betters us


    Oh and I am still a lot less paranoid than my colleagues in the IT-department used to be


    I am not quite as void of "factuals" as you seem to believe - when it comes to bigger pictures I am (still) quite savvy at predicting correctly.


    thanks for the idea with the iPod forum - but I am tired of Apple forums - I am beginning to develop an idea how I can still access my podcast treasures without depriving myself of too much sleep.


    What a bother and none of the megalomaniac overachievers responsible for it finds it necessary to apologize.


    Typical for the kind of manners the Masters of the Universe think appropriate for themselves.

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    thanks Mr. Therapist


    that's exactly the kind of saying that somebody who's just been robbed enjoys


    you may like this one which I find much better


    If ignorance is bliss it's folly to be wise


    unfortunately working experience has taught me some things

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    and Mr. Factual


    it isn't my iPod that is malfunctioning, it is version 11.1 of iTunes


    ... and the scope of these malfunctionings gets wider and wider, though I must say to their credit, that they have fixed it so when one listens to a podcast on the laptop one can fast forward and fast backward again - but maybe that was so for the Music people also and since they are the Cash Cows ...

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    Seriously?  What did you do @larryG18 to make that happen.  Mine is cycling and reloading every deleted podcast, some back 6 or more months ago.  Now I just uncheck them and don't bother deleting them. (I only update podasts on MBpro, not on ios devices.

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    Does anyone know whether third party podcatchers for Mac (not ios) will sync with an iPod (not a phone)?


    I'm hoping apple will fix itunes, but in the mean time I'm checking out other options. There are some on Apple's App Store (apps for osx) and I've seen a few alternatives. The most likely

    Option costs about ten bucks, but that's preferable to working with the current itunes issues.


    Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    Unless you are using an Apple Computer for Itunes 11.1.....there is no way to delete old podcasts from the "LIST".   I'm afraid I confused an apple service person who also didn't have an answer to this problem.   So for now I'm just going to use "My Podcasts"  which works so-so.    I hope Apple fixes this little painful bug ASAP.


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    Beautiful!!!! - now they use their mistakes to incentives people to buy more Apple computers - I advise you DON'T - whoever has the whip hand over the programmers at Apple currently is running Amok and since this isn't the first time will probably be allowed to do it a while longer.


    Why do I say that?


    Because  I do use an Apple Computer which I bought from Apple including the iTunes Software i.e. even though I paid amply for it as of this morning they haven't come up with an idea that allows me to see on MY screen only what I want to see. (Current version Snow Leopard and that an upgrade to Mountain Lion wouldn't make a difference I got in writing from Apple Support)


    Whoever told you that it makes a difference did, unless you misunderstand, had no idea what he/she was talking about.


    Apple in my book by now is the company which cashes first and afterwards you are my subordinate.


    If you use podcast as extensively as I do (more than 2000 downloaded but unlistened to and a little less than 2000 listened to and saved) they have "improved" to the point where it is unusable.


    The "My Podcasts" presentation only aggravates the unmanageability.


    And still there is no outcry in the media - is everybody too afraid to yell that the emperor is naked once again?????

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    Is anyone also having problems with episodes which have been played (either actually or marked as played) coming up again as umplayed and downloading?



    iOS 7 on iPhone 5

    Windows 7

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    Yes!  Some keep on reappearing, requiring me to delete them OVER and OVER again. . . frustrating.

    I've just about given up.

  • IQDENYC Level 1 (5 points)

    Unfortunately, the answer to your questions is iTunes 11.1 is a total piece of dirt. How can Apple possibly justify completely rearranging the way podcasts are handled? How could this total disruption possibly be characterized as an improvement? It's an absolute disgrace that cosmetic and functional changes such as those in iTunes 11.1 can be passed off as innovation. Clearly Apple is in a period of steep decline.

  • Lifino Level 1 (0 points)

    Tell me that's not a glitch.  Notice it starts 09/16 - everytime I mark that podcast played (because I listened to it once) and deleted the copy saved to my harddrive, on my iMac, the next time I synced iTunes would download another copy.  Worse the new copy gets marked as unplayed and synced to my iPod Touch 4Gen, which is only 8Gig and quickly runs out of space...


    Ep 514 rec'd 5 times, Ep 515 rec'd 3 times.  Looking forward to Ep 516.


    Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 8.47.00 PM.png

  • Lost in Asia Level 3 (560 points)

    Lifino: I recommend NOT deleting the podcast. Mark it as played, yes, but do NOT delete. Mark it as played and then resync - on my system at least, Apple will then get rid of the file. But if I mark it as played and then delete it, Apple will redownload it. (Of course, the system as it stands as absurd, and I hope Apple considers it a glitch and updates it - and if it's supposedly a "feature", I'd love to hear them try to justify it.)


    Well, the behavior is moderately predictable if I'm just using iTunes. Every time I sync my iPhone with iTunes, all bets are off.


    Vivafelis: I seem to be only having old podcasts reappear if they've been played on one device (computer or iPhone), but still "unplayed" on the other. Then the unplayed status may sync over: the file will be copied from one device to another, but I don't believe it's being redownloaded. Also note that, if you want a podcast to disappear, do NOT delete it, and do NOT change the info or tags for it. Just mark it as played and then resync. I've found that if I actually delete the file, or if I change any info, iTunes will redownload it. The best way to delete is to not delete. Great logic eh?


    I seem to be having fewer re-downloading problems now that I've unchecked the "Sync Podcast subscriptions" box in iTunes preferences, and now that I have a different set of subscriptions on my iPhone and my computer: the ones that I archive are subscribed on my computer, and the ones that I listen to and then get rid of are subscribed on my iPhone.

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