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Hey there, I don't see a fix for this that has worked for me so here is my problem:


I changed my apple ID last week since the old one was an old hotmail account I no longer used or had access to, nor the password associated with this old apple ID. My new gmail apple ID and password work in itunes and on the app store, but on icloud, my old one is stuck in the ID bar and it's greyed out, so I can't change it. The suggestions I have seen here include deleting my icloud account off the device, but the problem is that when I try to do so, the Find my iphone feature blocks me, since I am once again prompted for a password to match an old outdated apple ID that is no long associated with my account on itunes. This problem just occured for me since my iOS 7 and icloud. Before that, I had no such problem. I imagine Apple will need to release a bug fix that allows you to edit the apple ID bar? I can't figure out a solution,

iPhone 4, iOS 7
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    My phone is stuck with the same issue. A friend of mine works for an iPhone support center so I asked her about it. She had a customer with the same issue and had to refer him to Apple. She gave him a courtesy call later in the day and he told her Apple said he would have to replace his phone. I've been trying to figure out a work aroud to this since iOS 7 was released and I still have yet to come up with anything. Even doing a full restore and reactivating the phone didn't work. Let me know if you figure anything out. I will do the same for you. But right now the situation looks bleak unless Apple fixes this in a future update somehow.