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After updating by iPad2 to IOS 7, which wroked, I came home and then updated itunes to 11.1 before attempting a sync over USB. The sync goes through a backjup, and mail sync and son on until it reaches the syncing of apps. At that point iTunes stops the update with the error code -50 and the entire sync fails.


Has anyone encountered this? Any fixes?


Thanks in advance!

iMac 27 Quad Core, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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    Can't say for certain, but based on this article, sounds like -50 is some sort of network timeout error. It could be spillover from all the server craziness yesterday; may be having issues hitting some sort of verification or auth server. It could also be something local blocking it; worth checking out at least.


    = L.I. 

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    Looking into things further, it could be a problem with updating the music files on the iPad. The problem comes in at the point where "applying changes" message appears in iTunes.


    I have tried the update via WiFi and USB, the fault exists in both cases.



    Thank you for the thought!

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    Me again....


    So, updated to the new iTunes 11.1.1 and this problem still continues. Cannot sync at all with my iPad. Oh some of the problems with 11 are fixed, and thank you for that, but the #1 problem is still there.


    Any new ideas?