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i want to install one AirPort Extreme and one AirPort Express to create (a better) or to extend my current wifi.


All i want to know is whether the setup which i created with my incredible paint-skillz is possible or if i have do put it as Apple did it?


So that both the APExt. and APExp. are connect (via LAN) to my dsl-router (which i really cannot replace) and send out a single wifi-signal. So i dont want them to create two seperate wifi-networks; or even better: they extend the routers current wifi (as shown in the 'painting') signal via LAN to other areas of my apartment.


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    Yes, you can do that, just change your drawing so that only one connection (green line) exists between your modem/ wireless router and the Extreme. If your need to connect both the Extreme and the Express directly to the modem / router is due to placement constraints, then purchase an Ethernet switch. They are available for $20 or so, sometimes less.


    Since you are using the drawing in this document, just refer to the drawing below the one you modified. In that one, an Extreme is shown between the modem and a switch (the black box in the middle). What you will do is eliminate that Extreme from the drawing, and connect the yellow line coming from the modem to the blue line going to the switch. That's what Apple means by "incorporating a network switch".


    Both the Extreme and the Express will act as bridges. AirPort Utility will automatically examine your network and propose that configuration. Use the exact same passwords, security type (Open/WEP/WPA), and network name (SSID) as your existing wireless network, as explained in the support document.

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    like this


    Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 12.07.17 PM.png