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I installed the ios7 on my iphone 5 yesterday and everything worked fine. I woke up today and started playing my music and the playlist shuffled out of control until there was only 1 song left on my entire phone. I went back to my computer and synced it and my phone only showed 290 out of 763 songs. The computer says my entire music library, included my 3 playlists, are on my phone when they are not on my phone. I've tried everything I could think of to try and get it back and nothing seems to work. Help please???

iPhone 5, iOS 7
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    uncheck the sync music checkbox, then apply.


    once done, recheck the sync music box, then apply. that should fix it

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    I have the same problem and tried your suggestion, however, it did not work. My iphone only shows 608 songs of my 1300 songs. Please help!

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    I installed iOS7, it of course crashed when loading and said I would have to restore the phone to make it useable.  So I restored from back-up and iOS7 was on the phone, not iOS7.  That is rather disconcerting because that means the iTunes update can now fundamentally change your back-up with out you doing a back up.  Kind of defeats the purpose of a back-up, but I guess well within Steve Jobs' philosophy that we know best and will keep you in line.  But with the restore, all music now gone, all playlists gone, all Kindle books gone, all ringtones gone.  Ringtones easy to restore as that was all on the phone.  But the phone doesn't hold all my music so recreating that is a MAJOR pain, and playlists appear gone forever (unless someone here can help).  Not to mention now the phone is as ugly as a Microsoft phone.  Since when did Apple start to copy Microsoft for their look?  That can't bode well for the stock.  If the iOS7 is this bad, and the conversion is this amateurish, the iPhone5S must be absolutely worthless.