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    Timothy Rock wrote:


    It was not a class action lawsuit against Apple. It was price-fixing against some e-book publishers,as I stated. Nowhere here is anyone discussing warranty except you and TJBUSMC1973. That is because the problem stems from an IOS that, as TJBUSMC1973 so aptly verifies, has consistently and constantly damaged a consumer's product. Apple is obviously aware and made no effort to fix this manufacturing flaw while continuing to sell a flawed product. Apple also continuosly urged people to upgrade to new IOS develped by APPLE! You guys are constantly and consistently missing the point. No one is asking for a warranty replacement. People here want Apple to own up and admit it has sold a flawed product and do whatever necessary to give relief to its customers so that the phones work as advertised. The posts here echo the frustration of the Apple customers who have invested a bunch of money for a useless product rendered useless by the Apple IOS install. And your response is always "it is covered under the warranty".  OK, go work at the Genuis Bar becaise that is also the response there. But unless you actually have a solution to the topic "wifi doesn't work with IOS 7" I think your warranty drivel has run it's course and you can go input some other forum.

    I am really sorry, I didn't realize that warranty is not discussed here, can you please give me a list of topics that can be discussed?

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    Same here on my 4s. First I updated to 7.1.1 via wifi, and thewifi started to fail occasionally: small phone freezes, and the screen when black.

    Then I restored the firmware via iTunes, 7.1.1, and afterthis, thewifi worked for about an hour. Now whenever I turn the wifi on, everything freezes,and a reset with both buttons is inevitable.



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    Ah, you mean the fact that speculation on Apple policies are not an allowed topic of discussion for this forum?  Yeah, I'm thinking the same thing.


    THis forum is for discussing technical resolutions, and staying within Apple policies.  If someone wants to rant about what Apple should do, this isn't the forum for that.


    Technical solutions.


    That's what this forum is for.


    Debating on whether or not Apple should change their policies is not what this forum is for.


    If you want a technical solution, read what's already been written, or post a technical question.


    Otherwise, find a different forum.

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    I'm using 5S, it connected to WI-FI but when I using some of app (even app store) it writes "not connected to internet connection". I check the wi-fi using speedtest and it worked well. so, what happen?

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    Ok to everyone who has the problem try the following....

    I have a 4S and first tried backing up to my mac and restoring and again and again.

    Still no wifi!

    But this (I know it sounds unbelievable) does work.

    Grab your wife's hairdryer heat up the phone until it says Iphone needs to cool down

    Turn off your phone.

    Turn it back on.

    Turn on your wifi.

    And voila

    I know most of you won't try this because it sounds too ridiculous to be even possible.


    It works for me!!!

    To all of you who do try please tell the rest I'm not trolling and playing with you guys!

    It really works!!!

    And don't forget to hand me those points cause I am right and after reading page after page with this problem

    I deserve the points.

    Because my hairdryer/heater/sunshine works!!!!

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    ive had a problem with my iPad and the wifi is working perfectly and i'm connected like it has the bars on top saying it and if i go to safari and clash of clans which i love it isnt working its also like that on my sisters samsung galaxy note 2 i wonder if its the Wifi router or just the devices???? i have also tried all the tips you guys said didnt work!!!!!!!!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!! also join the heisenbergs the leader is jakemeister muahahaha if you dare my name is merlin on clash of clans thank you and help


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