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    a hardware issue is exactly what this implies!  You think the fridge cooled down your software??  no, it cooled down the hardware enough to work again.  The issue is that iOS 7 runs too hot on the 4S and causes this problem. 

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    Really? Delete this too....


    If the software overheats the hardware requiring a temperature change to the hardware to get it working, it's a software issue. Not a hardware issue.


    Some people still don't get it.


    We'll try it another way. Apple sells us four quarts of engine oil (iOS 7) with a use at your own risk disclaimer. It overheats the engine in my expensive car (iPhone 4S in my case). I'm not going to buy a new car from the oil manufacturer, I'm going to buy new engine oil I know works from another manufacturer.


    Does that help? Because some people obviously don't understand.

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    You talk down to us like we are stupid and say its a hardware issue and iOS7 isn't the problem.... Then go on to say "THE PROBLEM IS IOS7 runs to hot". In other words IOS 7 THE SOFTWARE is the problem. It overheats our hardware requiring a temperature change to get the hardware to restart.

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    Hello folks ;

    I received a brand new factory  i4S in exchange (for free) for my "greyed-out wifi-button after 30h of iOS7" i4S.

    Living in Europe , the 2nd warranty year is provided by the network provider.

    It's fitted with iOS6.1.3. , i'm happy to get back my beloved iOS6 i4S.

    I will never ever do an update to iOS again,

    and thanks APPLE , i'm enjoying a Google NEXUS 7 2013 tablett at home.

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    this issue is also happening on my wife's iphone 4s with ios 6.1.3. it started last week, so if we updated to ios7 we probably would have blamed that newest ios as well.  as it is i think it's a hardware issue that apple needs to fix for free.


    i probably have gotten wifi to work twice in the past several days by virtue of multiple combinations of restarting and resetting network settings -- i didn't really see a pattern -- but it didn't last. this is really annoying and makes me regret buying her the iphone. the only reason i went with the iphone for her is that she's not very technical and the device is easy to use. i also got her an ipad3, which is now on ios7.0.2 i think. i'm crossing my fingers that it's wifi won't break down as well.


    i will probably see what we can get from apple customer service on this. if they ask  $200 to repair this, then i will say goodbye to apple forever.

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    I can appreciate your issue, but it seems like a totally different issue than was cited at the start of this thread. Is your WiFi button greyed out? It isn't right? Read from the beginning, all the posts, and you will see there is a difference. If you can get the WiFi working again by using these tips then I congratulate you. If our phones were just old then I would, nor would my family and friends be as irate. But that is not the issue. A phone, though warrantied for only a year, should as most consumer products last for atleast two years. Most consumer products (autos for one) last more than a year. Thats why car manufacturers have recalls. Recalls aren't only incepted to comply with regulation. Companies who make consumer products that are sold through carriers for two years service imply that their product will work for those two years. Its an implication.


    Anyone who EXPECTS (not wants) anything for free without earning it is just rediculous. We turned over our EARNED income for this defect. That's the redux. So in essance we already paid for a fix. Another company is just wanting to steal hard earned money in a scam. Thanks for your input.


    Good luck to you and your wife's ipad. I hope it maintains WiFi as well.

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    seems like m success was shortived as this morning wifi was not working again.

    i decided to pug into itunes and do restore. iphone 4g. ios 7.02. did not restore from icloudnbackup and chose  to setup as a new phone complete wipe.


    wifi started workng agan straight away and so far so good. bit drastic to lose everything but my contacts sync back through icloud after a few mins.

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    It seems the same issue to me. WiFi is OFF/greyed out and can't slide it to ON. I admit I didn't read through all the posts so maybe there is a difference.


    When I first googled about my problem I started looking for ios 6.1.3 and WiFi problems. Found a lot of people having the same issues as mine, but no actual solution. For the record, none of the tips really work IMO, unless the tip is to keep restarting/resetting. I just spent over an hour doing that this morning and still no WiFi. I didn't do the freezer trick. I was hoping that it's OS-related so I started looking for ios 7 and WiFi problems to see if there's mention of the problem being fixed. That is how I landed here. With ios 7 users having what I perceive as the same issue, I am continuing to holding off for now on applying the update. I don't want to deal with the battery life issue along with this WiFi problem.


    In any case, I just wanted to give my 2 cents worth. If I applied the ios update as soon as it came out instead of holding off, my guess is that the WiFi issues would still have manifested themselves afterwards and I would firmly think it's just an issue with ios 7. Maybe it's a hardware problem that software just triggered. Maybe starting with 6.1.3 they boosted the power to the WiFi chipset in order to boost the signal, and it's just a matter of time before the hardware gave in . It's all conjecture for now, so you can ignore me. I just wish luck to all of us having problems, and hope that Apple comes to our aid.

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    and btw my initial response was for Bin Kroon's nicely done summary in page 27:


    To quote Mr Kroon:

    • All phone affected are IPhone 4s
    • All problems occured after the upgrade to iOS7
    • The issue we are experiencing is a greyed out WiFI button, which was not greyed out before.
    • We have tried all options advised by Apple to resolve this issue.
    • we are all unable to solve this problem ourselves constructively, although some of us have managed adhoc 'fixes' like hairdryers or using the fridge to 'cool off' the wifi chip.
    • Our iPhone 4s's  were operating without any noticable problems prior to the upgrade to iOS7



    i just found it interesting that point #2 would have been true for me if i jumped on ios 7 immediately. we had no WiFi issues prior to last week, and that would have been the most obvious culprit to me as well.


    Other than the fact this happened to me on 6.1.3 instead of 7.0.x, I practically agree with Bin Kroon that this is a hardware problem.

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    The first point is an incorrect assumption.  My iPhone 5 is having wifi issues as well.  I've read earlier that it's across devices.  It's been documented in the 4s, 5, iPad and iPad mini  I ended up getting a free replacement and will not upgrade until I'm confident that it's been resolved. 

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    There is clearly an issue with the Software of ios 7 running on the hardware of the iPhone 4S.  This wi-fi issue seems to be the front runner, but there others:  screen burning/light leaks, random shutdowns/reboots....ALL seemingly related to heat generated.  Will apple fix this issue?  maybe.  When?  weeks?  months?  Is it possible that your phone may become permanently damaged before the fix is released? 


    I myself have experienced all the above noted problems with 2 different replacement iphones in just under a month.  I will now be asking for an iphone 5, or the the next replacement goes for sale and I get a Galaxy. 

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    cssmith 4105 take your anger and arrogance and sick it where the sun don't shine YOU ARE WAY OUT OF LINE. COOL IT OR YOU WILL BE REPORTED FOR ABUSE.  I have see some your posts out of order.

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    I have an i5 and i have a the same issue. Infact, since i have to download 3500songs from imatch, i have to restart wifi every 2 min. Its so frustrating.

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    Just wanted to reply to your first post, I admit I haven't yet read the second. But I wanted to let you know that with WiFi not working on my wife's phone, we experienced extremely poor battery life. I mean that I charged it all night and with minimal use it needed charging again in the afternoon. So I hope things are better for you, but it was as if the Operating System continued to search for the WiFi device ("chip") and used power doing so. I hope you don't have the same issue. Just know that once we got her WiFi working the power drained stopped. I hope you have as good of an outcome.

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    Report me! Maybe Apple corp will fix everyones problems and maybe this thread will get some more notice. While you're at it learn to type.

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