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    :-(  had not been aware of this. Noticed a new modified date of nov/13 in this practically 'one liner' kb article..

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    Same problem.  After the updates (all of them)  wifi still grayed out and won't turn on.  The phone eats through the battery in a matter of hours and it is getting really hot when I use it.  is there really no solution to this? I have tried all of the suggestions mentioned in prior posts.

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    Congratulatio. Nothing had been changed

    The WIFI and keyboard  still crash

    **** U APPLE


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    Nothing has changed after the update to iOS 7.0.4, wifi is still out. And they still don't admit their fault. I wonder if Apple knows that its "head-in-the-sand" posture exposes at least one other vital part of its anatomy to attack by other birds lurking in the market jungle which have both their eyes ABOVE the ground? Pride cometh before a fall... Just a reminder for those in Apple who think this thing will just go away, and they will just wait it out... No way, Jose... There is no company so big that it cannot be brought down by its own arrogance.

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    Tryed all tips, checked again after downloading ios 7.0.4...wifi still unable to connect!!!

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    Changed my Router Authentication to read > WPA2-PSK


    Unfortunately the Ipad still showed "Wi-Fi Not Connected" - BUT IT WAS !!!


    The router code solved the problem but the Ipad after many re-boots insisted it was not connected, and the internet worked fine

    Dont be misled bu this erroneous message which is very misleading

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    Great Apple, mi Iphone still doesn't work, there is no mention at all in the new update that fix this problem, damm Apple, Android here i go, iam tired of this, mi iphone is a brick!

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    same problem for my 4s... APPLE HELP US

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    Just got back from my trip to Mexico without my wifi on my 4s.  Got wifi on after "upgrading" to 7.04. But I took it to the Apple store (90 minutes away by car) because I no longer have any faith in it continuing to work.  Well guess what - while I was talking to the Genius scheduler it went out again.  Then it was switched on but would not connect with the store's (very strong) wifi signal.  The Genius rep (I use the term reluctantly) said that it was a latent hardware problem and not the fault of the software.  BUT - he said that "any OS upgrade "will be very stressful with any device and that the upgrade stressed out an existing hardware problem with my iPhone".  Because I was out of warranty (within a week of installing 7.01) they would do nothing more than offering a new phone for $198.  He refused to admit that the problem was with the OS upgrade.  He said it was only coincidental that it happened after my install of 7.01.  I told him that was a stupid thing to say given all the hundreds and hundreds of others who have the same "coincidence".  Then he said (despite what he had just said) that this problem is only for 1 to 2% of the 4s phones out there.  I asked him how many were out there and he said about 50,000,000.  That means "only" 500,000 to 1,000,000 owners have the problem.  But, Apple will only fix it for the phones under the 1 year warranty.  He took m phone in the back to check it out and came out and said that the wifi antenna was the problem and that the software was OK, therefore it is not an iOS problem at all.  This is just insane and stupid.  I told him that I didn't buy his story and that you all don't either.  He repeated the Apple party line and that was that.  I went away completely angry.  I will never, ever, buy another Apple product and I will do everything within my power to get the word out to the world how crappy Apple's products are and how much they disrespect their customers.  I will be angry for a long, long time.  They sold me a phone with a relatively common hardware problem and then they killed it with a dangerous OS upgrade and then they refuse to own up to it.  And, they think we are all stupid.

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    Have you tried shutting down your wi/fi router and restarting it? (unplugging the router and then plugging it back it? )

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    Just replaced an in warranty iPhone 5  that had wifi issues after iOS 7 update. Unable to join networks error, those I could connect to had weak or unstable connections especially if not within 20 feet of wifi router or hot spot. Tried all the resets, restores, updates, and other rename tricks etc. and finally gave up on it after last update and reset didn't work.  Genius Bar said wifi did not pass diagnostics and likely damage occurred from stress of the iOS 7 update. I had hoped it was software issue but replacement is definitely connecting stronger now.

    One interesting thing with an old G-only wifi hot spot I administer with WP2-psk AES and hidden SSID and MAC filter.  The old 5 would connect (weakly) only if the ssid was made visible. Tried different securities and none worked while it was hidden. New 5 also would not connect and initially I dreaded the prospect of another failed device but since it could connect to other networks I changed the name from long name xxxxxxx_######_x to a shorter name Xxxxxxxxx and it connected even with the ssid hidden. At this point I'd say if things are greyed out especially on a 4s it's not a good sign for the hardware health. If unable to connect it could be the wifi name or security. The latter is definitely an iOS 7 software issue as the old 5 (pre iOS 7), 3gs, 4s (still on iOS 6), 3ds, wii, kindle, and two laptops were connecting to that network forever.

    I asked before I left the bar about updating the 4s and got the YMMV impression from the response. If I do update that one I may bag it and put in the fridge for the update! Hopefully the 5 holds up.

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    Posted on Oct 13th and have been waiting to see how this all plays out:


    "My wife's phone is doing the exact same thing. iPhone 4s 64G and soon as ios7 was installed the battery life has gone down the drain (yes I did all the suggested fixes to cut down on the battery drain), but the battery just drains for no reason. It was at 100% this afternoon and now it is at 23% and the phone has been sitting on the dresser not doing anything. Also the Wifi is grayed out. The phone is mint and has always been in an otter box. I am not going to try to freeze or heat my phone, it is clearly something with the update to ios 7. My wife was so mad about the battery thinking it wa apples way of making people upgrade to a new phone, she went out and bought a Galaxy S4. I am also due for an upgrade and was looking at the 5S, but if Apple is not going to do anything about this, I may also look to another manufacturer as well after having an 3S, 4 and 2 4S's, 2 ipods, itouch, etc (10 apple devices over the last 4-5 years). This thread is also making the news for-some-iphone-4s-owners"



    My update from Sunday:


    Went to my local Apple Store here in CT at Westfarms Mall in West Hartford. Got the run around like everyone else. My local NBC station even did a story on it (search online for "nbc connecticut iphone issues"). The genius I saw sent me off to a tech and the tech pretty much gave me the "this is what they tell me to say" and blamed it on the wifi antenna, yet he never actually looked at my phone. He had it in his hand but never checked the wifi on it. I upgraded to 7.0.4 this morning then wiped the phone after that. he went strictly on what I told him about the battery and grayed out wifi problems. He did offer to sell me a new phone though. Then he got the lead genius and gave me the same speech, "buying a new phone was the best option" but let the cat out of the bag by saying if they sold me a new phone, not to restore it from a backup because it may bring the same thing back on because it's more software. So wait, first it's a hardware issue and now it's a software issue? Which is it? When I told him that I won't update my phone with ios 7.0.3 or 7.0.4 in fear of it messing up my wifi, he just says "fair enough". it's my chioce to do that. Yet an iPhone which he likes to state that is 300 days over the warranty (bought 1/1/12), which worked fine before the upgraded ios, as soon as it it upgraded, it's my problem now? I don't think so. When I asked so anyone with an iPhone 4S that upgraded the ios and now has the grayed out wifi is just out of luck and he shook his head yes. Oh wait, you can't see him shake his head yes. Oh, yes you can. . I video recorded the whole conversation and I am wondering if I should put the whole thing up or not, and what else to add to the video as far as video of it not working,etc. Im not letting this one go. Even this video shows that it is a software issue.  Warranty or not, the iphone is like new and everything was fine before she upgraded it to ios7. It shouldn't be my responsibility to have it fixed or have to buy a new phone...We did nothing wrong!

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    **** yes, put the whole thimng on YouTube and call that TV station and have them come interview you. I wrote to the NY Times Tech Guy and the BBc editors on this. Who does Apple think it is? Their attitude and policy is rude, crazy, unjust and arrogant to name just a few. Broadcast it anywhere and everywhere until they own up. My iPad Mini, when you try to read an enhanced book in iBooks, won't display the video properly either. My iPhone 4S id fried. This isn't a coincidence. It all started with IOS 7. I hope you video goes viral.


    Here's the TV News link:


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    Same problem in France, no wifi with my Iphone 4s, very frustrated ...

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    @PhilipRoy this is not router problem, look the attach image..4f023058a820ed91d61c21ceffe409df906eba94538dbcb153df1932307a88b6.jpg

    also, this is the system log: every 5 second:


    Nov 15 21:14:22  kernel[0] <Debug>: 063908.413015 wlan.E[212598] AppleBCMWLANCommander::checkQueues():  Pending queue stall after 63891517 ms (queued @ 16.895095)

    Nov 15 21:14:22  kernel[0] <Debug>: 063908.413073 wlan.E[212599] AppleBCMWLANCore::reportProblem(): Problem 'BCMWLAN Cmdr Pending Stall' reported.

    Nov 15 21:14:22  kernel[0] <Debug>: 063908.415487 wlan.A[212600] AppleBCMWLANCore::watchdog():  <276e7> 'BCMWLAN Cmdr Pending Stall' state 0x30

    Nov 15 21:14:22  kernel[0] <Debug>: 063908.415546 wlan.E[212601] AppleBCMWLANCore::saveDebugInfo():  Please file a radar in "Purple WiFi Drivers" using the instructions at < g_Info>

    Nov 15 21:14:22  kernel[0] <Debug>: 063908.415600 wlan.E[212602] AppleBCMWLANCore::saveDebugInfo():  ... and attach (after syncing with iTunes): ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/<DeviceName>/ MWLANCore/*BCMWLAN Cmdr Pending Stall/**


    these calls repeated every 5 seconds .. this causes extreme battery drain

    if yuo want to watch full log:

    apple please find a solution!

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