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  • vichmyster Level 1 Level 1

    The thing that amazes me the most is that 3 OS software are out already and non of them is related to our problem.

    R U Freaking kidding me????

    Apple you are a discrase!!!!

  • Giustiniano Level 1 Level 1

    has anyone tried ios 7.1 beta? is out today

  • geolim Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks to James for this suggestion. See below.

  • geolim Level 1 Level 1

    There's hope. My WFI/Bluetooth on my iPad 2 had been dead for two weeks, even after the IOS 7.0.4 update. I had tried every suggested fix with no luck. Then I came across a post by "James" and, to my wonderment and delight, it worked. I now have my WIFI and Bluetooth back. I can only hope that it will stick.


    Here it is:


    Airplane Mode - OFF

    Cellular Data - OFF

    General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

  • philone33 Level 1 Level 1

    I suffer the same problem since weeks. iPhone 4S, no WLAN anymore. What made me suspicious is the following: the wifi just stopped working on my iPhone minutes BEFORE I updated to iOS 7. I updated with a computer-connection; not with Wifi. Apple, what's up???

  • vaportrails2002 Level 1 Level 1

    here is a good question...did you update the ios by wifi or through the computer using itunes? Mine is fine and I did it through itunes. My wife's which no longer has wifi, upgraded using wifi. Just a thought.

  • vaportrails2002 Level 1 Level 1

    This is where this should be brought up

  • Jc634 Level 1 Level 1

    Exactly the same problem. Been on the chat line to apple and even 'brad' the supervisor said he'd had the same problem and had to pay to get it fixed heart bleeds!

    Phone is currently in the freezer waiting to see if the 10 minute cooling off period works. Seems this many people with the same problem is too much of a coincidence....if the freezer doesn't work I'm off to the Apple Store tomorrow....most disappointed in the attitude of Apple....hope your shareholders take notice and demand action otherwise Apple you won't be getting my business again!

  • Jc634 Level 1 Level 1

    Freezer worked but for how long......

  • Bin Kroon Level 1 Level 1

    Best thing to do is to bring this issue under the attention of all media you can think of.


    I have tried doing so with as result AppleInsider publishing an article which was then picked up by other media as well.


    It has to be brought under the attention of the media and hopefully some journalist will pick up the subject and start asking Apple embarrassing questions.....


    It is time Apple is forced to respond to the questions of all of her clients now stuck with iBricks....


    So my thought: write any worthwhile website, newspaper, IT magazine and explain what is going on here....

  • vaportrails2002 Level 1 Level 1

    I am doing this on Thursday. They are doing a follow up to this story and want to talk to me about my issues and my Apple Store experience from Sunday. I also took video of the whole apple store visit. I didn't post it yet, just a small clip.


    Fight them all the way, you did nothing wrong but upgrade your phones to their own new ios, which caused the battery and wifi issues. Out of warranty or not, it's just not right. There are so many reasons people say it fails, the upgrade process itself, the heat generated from it, that the hardware was faulty to begin with and the new ios caused it to fail. Who really knows except Apple, yet no one there will officially address it. Sunday the genius (their name, not mine) didn't even look at the phone and only went what I told him, but wanted to sell me a phone. He also said it was hardware, but later the lead genius said it was software and not to restore a new phone from a backup. Which is it? Bring it to Apple, chat online with support, call them, overwhelm them so they know to do something. They already know about it, but make them address it and don't take no for an answer. You should have to bake or freeze your iphone to make it work because their ios destroyed it!

  • 380gt Level 1 Level 1

    that URL does not work page not found , OS7 made me sell my phone , it was perfect before the Update ., I have turned off all automatic updates to all my electronics now , My new car dealer call me the other day wanting me to come in for a computer update in my 2010 it now has 375 HP ,, will they downgrade it to 160HP

    then tell me I need a new Car ., lol

  • Sh00tar Level 1 Level 1

    I didn't notice my wifi was off until I received a txt-alert from my phone company telling me my data had been used up.  It's hard to believe Apple still does not have a fix.  I will hold tight and wait for an update as I'm not paying to replace my phone and end up with another 4s which could be subjected to the same issue.  The update caused issue so hopefully an update can fix the problem.

  • vaportrails2002 Level 1 Level 1

    I believe the software update caused the harware to fail and no update will ever fix the problem. It's already broke!


    On Apple support chat I was told "It’s something in any update that could trigger it. It’s an underlying issue that is unfortunately brought to the front by an update. :(" Yes I even got the frown face!


    They also said "Ok so the reason why the Wi-Fi grey-out appeared after you updated your device to iOS 7 is because when updating your device will do system checks, if these system checked find a problem with any feature it will be greyed out. This is most popular with the Wi-Fi. Now while under warranty we would gladly replace it, but since you are 322 days out of warranty, there isn’t anything that can be done. If the Apple store has denied replacing your device without an out of warranty fee, the only thing you could do to try to get anywhere would be phone support at 1-800-275-2273. But normally have agreement with the store. What I recommend to prevent such occurrences in the future is to make sure you purchase AppleCare or AppleCare+ this would have kept your device in warranty and we could have replaced your device due to an issue with WIFI."


    So now they also want to sell me an AppleCare plan as well as a new phone.


    Why does it happen to some and not others? Parts made at different factories and different times would be my guess. My iPhone 4s is just fine. Wy wife's is the problem phone. Also bought about a month earlier.


    Apple support chat also said "There is no way for us to tell if your Wi-Fi would have continued to work without updating to iOS 7, it could have gone out at any time.

    The reason for this is because it is a hardware problem, and not related to software.

    If it was a software problem, a restore as new would have taken care of it."


    Not if the install causes the wifi chip to overheat and fry...never to work again even with a restore or's already shot.


    Their reply was "iOS is a software, and would not run too hot, it is the hardware that would run too hot."


    Uh yeah , the hardware runs too hot because of the software!


    Apple is also pretty much saying your wifi was defective to begin with and our new ios made it not function anymore...sorry...please buy one of our new phones!

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