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I Updated my ipad2 this morning and it immediatly crashed and i had to connect it to itunes on my macbook to get it back on again where i had to restore to factory settings. I had to reinstal IOS7 and now its installed it only lets me use the ipad for aprox 3 mins before craching to the black sreen with the Apple logo in the middle for a couple of mins then it goes back on and lets me in again for a few mins then it crashes... over and over and over. Ive tried rebooting but this doesnt work.


Please can some one help?



iPad 2, iOS 7, Help... update has crashed ipad2...
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    I am having a similar problem. At first it seemed to work, but after 30 seconds it would crash and reboot. I am a fairly experienced user and have tried a host of recover/restore methods without success. I am able to restore ios7 but as soon as it starts to restore specific apps from my iTunes backup, the ipad crashes again, reboots, opens for 30 seconds, crashes, and reboots in endless cycle.

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    Same here. After upgrade to ios7 my ipad2 keeps crashing after 30 secs, then do reboot, then crash again, over and over again for the last 5 hours. I tried several restore options, no solution since restore takes more time than the 30 seconds to crash again. My upgrading to ios7 was the stupidst thing I did in years. They should provide me with something that WORKS!!!!

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    I agree wish i had never updated I just want to put it back but dont know how

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    I left my ipad2 rebooting over and over again yesterday evening. This morning I found it stable enough to have sufficient time to do a restore and it succeeded. So far so good. Good luck to you also!

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    Also check out this discussion, it might provide you a solution. Good luck.


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    Thanks f.fromnid. I wasn't skillful enough to get any backup to work properly, or patient enough to let my ipad2 fix itself. But the following procedure upgraded successfully:

    1) Shut down the constantly-rebooting iPad2 by pressing the Control (On/off) button and home button simultaneously until the lights go out (10-15 seconds).

    2) Release the buttons afterwards to check, remove any adapter from the iPad2, and plug the usb end of the adapter into your iTunes-enabled computer

    3) Press the home button, and while pressing, plug the adapter into the iPad2

    4) This should turn the iPad on and get it into Recover mode, where you restore ios 7 and wipe out everything else. If not, repeat steps (1)-(3) until it does

    5) After recovery, set iPad up as new iPad -- that is, don't restore old backup

    6) Reinstall your apps and re-sort them into folders


    The last step takes ages if you have a few hundred apps installed like I do, so I recommend other methods first. But it appears that some backups have code snippets that make the current versions of iOS 7 puke.

    Apple support told me that other iPad owners have encountered similar problems with continual looping reset, and that the only fix the support manager had found so far is to recover ios 7 and set up a new iPad.

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    I have tried this process OVER AND OVER AND OVER. I am absolutely positive that the update to iOS 7.04 killed the ipad 2. I never had a single problem with it. Never dropped it. It worked perfectly until I let it update to 7.04. Then it died.


    Now I get the flashing white apple/gray apple. When I try all of the restore instructions I have found online, including the one above, the ipad goes all the way through the restore process until the very end... and then it crashes and goes right back to the white/gray apple.


    I have had Apple professionals tell me its hardware related... but it was clearly the upgrade to the crappy iOS 7.04 that did it. How do I know it? Because it also happened to my iphone 4S....which I was able to restore. It would be quite the coincidence that both would go down at the same time, right?


    And lets be honest, even though the iphone was restored, iOS runs like crap. Slow, delays, apps crash... if Apple doesn't make some changes soon, I'm just going to get rid of them and go with another provider. I've been an Apple guy my whole life... but as soon as we lost Steve Jobs the iOS went to crap.


    Maybe there is an actual solution other than keep trying it over and over again. ???