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After upgrading to iTunes 11.1 none of my songs that should be avialble from iCloud show up. 


They were there before I updated to 11.1


I've logged out of the store, and back in.  I've turned off iTunes Match and back on.  I've reauthorized this computer (my work PC running Win7).


It _looked_ like it was thinking about it for a while, and then the iCloud symbol turned into one I've never seend before:  a cloud with a sideways lightning bolt (similar to the symbol in Mail when your accounts are offline). 


It is not mentioned on Apple's page that lists all the symbols: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS4124?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US



When i hover my cursor over it, it says "iTunes Match is available for <username>" (where <username> is my actual username).


But....none of my songs are available.  They don't show up at all (they used to show up with a "download from iCloud" symbol).  The only songs on my computer are the ones I've downloaded locally.  Nothing else is visible.


Anyone know what's wrong?  Is there some ritual I need to perform to get my iCloud music back?


Any help would be appreciated,


Windows 7
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    i get same thing!


    after on itunes match no songs in program:



    PS on iphone everything ok - itunes match works correctly

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    Yes, on my music library is the same icon.


    On the second PC is the same situation. Very disappointed by this update.

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    Hi falks,


    I have same issue with 11.1. I called AppleCare and still waiting. They have no resolution for this issue as of right now. 16:17 PST Sep 19th, 13


    Image below is want I have in my itunes.

    Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 3.15.47 AM.png

    Also iTunes reset all my ID's (Apple and Audible) so I have no access to audiobooks from audibles. message - Wrong username or password.


    Cloud icon changed fuw seconds ago to

    Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 3.24.26 AM.png


    I found article which can give an idea


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    Thanks for that link.  At least I know what the icon means now.


    But, I still don't understand why I'm getting it.


    I can still access the iTunes store.  It still knows what I've purchased.


    I can use the new "Radio" service (and made a new station to try and hold me over till I can get back to MY music).


    If I click on the cloud icon, sometimes the "no internet connection" symbol changes to the "thinking about something" symbol for a bit, but then goes back to "no internet connection" symbol again.



    Wait!  I went back to check on it one more time after quitting and restarting iTunes (again), and this time the normal cloud was there.  My music is back!


    Or, it was long enough to listen to 1 song, and then it broke again


    I'm guessing there was something messed at Apple's end (or maybe just overloaded with all the new ios 7 users and new itunes downloads trying to connect).


    Oh, and now it's back again.


    Yeah, definitely seems like something's not quite right with Apple's iCloud servers.

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    AppleCare... after going back and force with restarting iTunes killing iTunesHelper Sing Out and sign In. Service getting back slowly.


    In the future when Apple released new iOS and iTunes give them a time. Servers loaded very heavelly.

    For same reason iCloud mail correlated with iTunes Match service. If one is slow other will be slow too.



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    I'm having the same issue all of you are having; I've been trying to get my songs all day....I did get it to work earlier too but not since!

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    I restarted my laptop and now the songs are back.  Let's see how long they stay!

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    I plugged my phone into pc to have music from cloud download to phone, and instead it downloaded a bunch of music from the hard drive, and I have no idea where all my music is.  It completely disappeared. Any suggestions on:

    a) where I can find my music?

    b) why it automatically downloaded files from the hard drive?


    I appreciate any help you can provide !  Thank you!

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    Try this


    iTunes Menu -> Preferences -> Store -> Check the box next to"Show iTunes in the Cloud purchases"

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    I'm having similar problems, I saw on another forum to disable iTunes match while holding down the option key, shutdown iTunes, open it back up and enable iTunes match again.


    I did this and it worked for some of my songs but I'm getting the cloud with an exclimation point in it. I have even purchased a lot of this music from iTunes, again it works on my phone but I can't get them on my computer.


    someone please help, it's really frustrating.

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    So basically the round about answer is that you cannot use icloud for playing music.  You have to download the bulky itunes program.  Not efficient

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    I hate this crap.

    For all you people coming in late in the game like I did, here's the answer:

    Apparently when you purchase/download music from iTunes, it is downloaded automatically "into the cloud"... as opposed to straight into your library.

    You have to then take an additional step (not real intuitive) and download your music... AGAIN, this time from the cloud. 

    Annoying, yes.  If you don't do this, you'll be able to listen to your music, but only when you're connected to the internet. 

    Here's what you gotta do to put this problem to bed:  Download all your music out of the cloud.


    - Connect to the internet

    - Sort all your cloud music while online (in your music song list, hit the cloud icon at the top - sorts your music by everything that's in the cloud). 

    - Download each song individually "out of the cloud" by clicking the cloud icon next to the song.  When downloaded, cloud icon goes away. 

    - Disconnect from the internet and songs are all back.  You're done.


    Another example of additional time wasting steps one must take to do something simple.  Typical, and very annoying.  I think, what bugs me the most is that Apple assumes we're all cattle, and gives us no choices or bypasses.  Just leave it alone.  Keep it simple (stupid).  Geez.

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    I have an iphone 4s 32 GB (with sufficient empty space); ios 8.1.2. & Itunes


    1. however of my 8000 songs on Itunes (7000 on Icloud) only 500 songs (i think all purchased from Itunes) are available on my Iphone. the rest show as Cloud with down arrow. to access these on Iphone Do i need to download each and every song again ?


    2. How can i enable the transfer of music from Itunes (on my computer) to Iphone the way we used to do in Ios 7.


    3. i think i have dowloaded many of these songs earlier however every time, these songs vanish n the Cloud sing(Download) shows against them. do the downloaded songs vanish every time ?


    iPhone 4S, iOS 8.1.2, itunes