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On the new iOS7 update for the iphone 5 the music app has itunes own artist pictures for every artist but there seems to be some that dont have an itunes pictures, the weird part is there are smaller artists with pictures but not some very popular artists i was just wondering if there was something i was doing wrong or just a bug? cheers

iPhone 5, iOS 7
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  • Andrew Dudley Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    No idea - maybe it could be something to do with the metadata on the song? Perhaps the Artists that are not showing on your phone don't have the tags set up correctly in iTunes?


    I've found a similar thing to you, but generally most of my artist photos are there.

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    Okay cheers for that i will try adding the tags see if this helps out in anyway and ill let you know :)

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    any other ideas? i still cant seem to get it to work, i mean miley cyrus doesnt have a photo but doomtree do it makes no sense

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    After many hours i still havent manahed to get anywhere near solving this, any ideas??

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    I have the same problem! Now when i sync my new music from my computer the photo of the artist is the cover of the album??

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    Yeah im exactly the same buddy just gonna have to assume its a bug and wait for an update :/

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    Hey buddy, I also got a similar problem here. What I know is that the artist picture on your music app is actually coming from the artist's iTunes store 'profile picture'. This explain why some artists have their own picture and some do not. My problem is that whenever I transfer new music into my iPod, all the artist just don't have any picture on the artist column. It just showed the album art. I hope that apple can give us an option to manually download artist's picture

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    Yeah ive been having the sams issues with that aswell i put some new music on yday and it was the picture of the album artwork not there artist pictures, mines weird in the sense miley cyrus or pink dont have a picture but not very well known artists like doomtree do so i think its just one of MANNNYYY bugs on ios 7 buddy just gonna have to see how it is after an update

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    Hi.  Mine is weird too.  I originally updated my iPhone 5 to iOS 7 and the Artists all synced across fine including Pink, which is one you've had problems with.


    I have now upgraded to the iPhone 5s and after restoring from a backup only a few of my music titles have an artist picture, instead replaced with the words 'artist name' diagnally written across a blank box.


    I've tried everything from switching iCloud music off and removing and reinstalling all of my music.  I hope this gets sorted but it looks pretty crappy as it stands!

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    Hi.  Just for info, I've just finished an online chat with an Apple Support Assistant.  It is a known issue and engineers are currently working on a fix.  I have sent photo's as part of the chat including the fully functioning Artist images on my iPad mini and one of it not working correctly on my iPhone 5s. 


    She intially referred it to her Senior Advisor who had the same issue on his own iPhone.  The Assistant is going to formally raise the case but assured me that it is a known issue currently being worked on.

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    Thank God they have a clue now about the situation. I've called three times since the release and they seemed to have no clue about the problem. This is my number one gripe with iOS 7. I want to see my album covers; not some stupid picture of what Apple thinks I'd like to see. Now I have to read the artist's name since I can't differentiate between Megadeth and Metallica without album covers (ahh...that's four dudes with long hair, and there's another four dudes with long hair....thank you Apple).

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    Same issues as everyone above i hope this gets fixed its very ugly looking

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    Same problem.  When I updated iPhone 5 to iOS 7, artist photos appeared under the Artists tab.  When I got my iPhone 5S and acitviated Match all the album art eventually appeared, but any Artists that has one of those iTunes profile photos associated with it shows generic text instead of the photo.  Incidentally, not all artists have a profile photo, and for those that don't the music app will show an album cover in artist view instead.  How it picks which cover I'm still not quite sure...


    Anyway, it *may* have something to do with iTunes Radio, as I noticed those profile photos in artist view are the same one used for an artist's "station" on iTunes Radio in iOS 7.  For example, check out The Beatles photo.


    Please post if you find a solution...just so annoying!

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