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Hi every one ,


After i installed ios 7 in my iPhone 4s and I got problem to login into my icloud account.

There is a message appear and said  "the operation couldn't be completed (com.apple.appleaccount error 403)"

can you help me ? how can i fix this problem ?

iPhone 4, iOS 7
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    help me ?

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    Apparently, it is an iOS 7 problem.

    I find this problem on several discussions.

    We can hope that Apple will solve this problem with the next update...

    Wait & see

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    Error: com.apple.appleaccount error 403

    Recreate Error: On a Iphone/Ipad device that has "already" created the maximum of 3 per device Apple limit of ICloud account creation attempt to create or login to ICloud service tab in Settings. You will be presented with "com.apple.appleaccount error 403" which does not tell the laymen anything useful.

    Cause: IOS 7 reports a "best guess" error instead of detailed error explanation.


    How To Resolve Error: Find a device that has not been used to create an ICloud account the maximum 3 times and use it to create the ICloud account by logging into the Settings/ICloud tab with the Apple ID you want a ICloud account created for.

    Keep in mind this will use up one of the three lifetime allowed ICloud account creations allowed by Apple on that device.

    Also per support: If an existing account is logged into the ICloud service. A. Backup phone using iTunes on a mac/pc. B. At bottome of Settings/ICloud Delete the account "AND" all the user date from the phone. It will offer the Delete all data option. The reason for Deletion(and is why we backed up on a pc vs. the cloud) is when you create the new ICloud account it will backup all of the Device owners information to the wrong persons account.


    Once you have created the new ICloud account log into that account on device that was presenting error: "com.apple.appleaccount error 403" it should allow the ICloud login.


    Once you have verified the "device with error" is ICloud functional delete the ICloud account from the device used to seed the ICloud account and delete again all user data from cloud. Restore the recently created mac/pc Itunes locally created backup to the phone and then go to Settings/ICloud and login with the device owners Apple ID and password and verify your backup to the ICloud settings and Eureka! your done.


    It took less time to do that for me to type this lol.

    NOTE: Original posted under poet68 id, that was me logged in as my customer. This was me "danowolf" discovery and solution developed with Apple support on the phone 9/26/2013

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    How I fix this problem ?

    It said( error 403 wate )is that ?

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    I cant find an other IOS Device. Is there any other way of doing it without an other apple device.


    Please help out.

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    I also want help for 403 error iphone 4s ios 7 .!!!

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    Im Having the same probrolem and i dont know how to fix it HELP?????

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    There's no reason you can't log in with an existing account, but it sounds as though you are trying to create one.


    Unfortunately once all the 3 iCloud accounts have been created on your device, you cannot create any more regardless of what you do. You will need to re-use one of the accounts that you have already created or create your new account on another iOS device or Mac computer.

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    چرا ما ایرانیا اینقد بدبختیم ؟آخه چرا مردم رو تحریم میکنید؟

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    Hi, the solution is simple, log with the id and password of iCloud on another device and then log in it back into the device that gave you the error.