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In iOS 6 and lower, you could delete whole albums, playlists, ect from your device via itunes match. Did Apple remove the ability to delete albums/Playlists in iOS 7? Is there a work around for this, or does each song have to be deleted by hand? I see you can delete songs by hand, but if you have an audiobook, that is a tremendous waste of time.

iPhone 5, iOS 7
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    Here is a sledgehammer solution. It works for me, because I use iTunes Match. I don't mind wiping all music from my device because it will download when I play a particular track.


    1.Go to Settings

    2. Go to General

    3. Go to Usage

    4. Wait for Storage to load

    5. Go to Music and swipe

    6. Delete will pop up

    7. Press Delete

    This will delete ALL songs, but will not remove the music app.

    There you go.

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    That doesn't answer my question. That deletes all music. I was clearly asking how to delete albums...not all music.

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    Finally, someone figured out how to clean music off the ipad and free up storage .  Thanks Dan.  Only took me about two hours to find your solution. 

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    What a great top-tip!


    I must say though Apple people - why o why would you make it so difficut to manage your music? I would like the ability to delete albums again...cheers muchly!

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    Great news, I don't know when it came back but you can now delete an entire album / artist from your iPhone in one action.

    Just go to the album / artist list, and for each of them that has local tracks, you'll be able to swipe left and press delete. That will remove the songs from your phone and keep them on the Cloud if you use iTunes Match.


    To be even faster, you can go in Settings / General / Usage / Manage Storage / Music. There, you can still swipe left on artists / albums / songs to delete but only local tracks will show up there. It could easier to clear your library.


    Hope this helps !