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  • patrorian Level 1 Level 1

    Your link doesn't really help. What did you do to solve the charging issue??? My "The New iPad" has been doing nothing but keeping in the box. Hope someone would come up with the real solution soon...Thanks in advance.

  • tdurenbanks Level 1 Level 1

    Apple claims ios7 is great but it's a piece of crap!  How can these many people be wrong?

  • ohnonotagain Level 1 Level 1



    Well, to be sure, there have been lots of problems, but for some unexplained reason my iPad now charges. This is what I have noticed in my case: 1) I started to let it charge as long as I could on the lowest display brightness. 2) I used the "Battery Booster" app from the app store and stuck to the plan they suggest for the charging. 3) I did a "hard reboot" a couple of times. So, all of a sudden it started charging on a regular basis, but it takes a little longer, but not so much that it presents a problem...I still don't like the fact that Apple has not been very out in front about this, but hey, whatcha gonna do...?  Hope this helps a bit.

  • ngoglia Level 1 Level 1

    i just used the original ipad charger.  I had been using my iphone charger prior to the i os update.  I just went through the list to try to get it working again. I plugged it in and held down the power button and home button at the same time.  I had given up hope and was going to keep looking up trouble shooting when the apple suddenly came on. I honestly could not tell you which part worked, but my Ipad had been dead for a few days before I used the steps I posted.

  • dnelson-sc Level 1 Level 1

    I was having this problem.  I had to turn off my iPad2 after plugging it in for it to charge.

    After a couple of months of living with that, it stopped charging all together last week.  It also would not be recognized by my computer for development.  It was extremely annoying.


    I just replaced the dock port on the iPad and it fixed my problem.  I get the lightning bolt charging icon and it quick charges.

  • ajmwakefield Level 1 Level 1

    Just come across the same problem. One minute my iPad is absolutely fine and playing a game, the next it has shut down and refuses to restart (correction, it does, but then immediately shuts down! iOS7 on-board, but now completely useless... APPLE LISTEN TO ALL OF US! THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH YOUR SOFTWARE! Stop overcharging us unless you are going to perfect your software....

  • peter_watt Level 3 Level 3

    Apart from this thread being about charging problems putting your post off topic...


    Thing about software is your iOS7 is the same as mine down to the last byte. So if my ipad on iOS7  is perfect and yours is not, it is your ipad at fault. Restore it or have it fixed.

  • damayoking Level 1 Level 1

    Same thing happend to my mom. After she updated to IOS7, her ipad would not charge. I tried using a different cable/adapter, charging from both the wall and computer, letting it sit plugged into a charger for over an hour, and resetting the device by holding the sleep and home button. She is one month over the manufacturer's warrarnty. She paid $500 for an ipad a little over a year ago, which is a lot of money. When I called Apple and explained the situation to them in a very calm manner, they refused to do anything unless she or I paid a $250 service fee. I don't understand how a company could be neglectful to its customers. We will not be purchasing any Apple products in the future which is unfortunate, because she truely loved her iPad.

  • patrorian Level 1 Level 1

    Instead of having my error iPad sitting there doing nothing, I did finally pay the service fee and the iCare gave me the brand new, same model iPad 3.


    It is the first disappointing issue I have with Apple since I first used the original iPhone!!! So, I made my final decision of getting of the replacement iPad 3, getting a new iPad Air and iPhone 5S. These 2 devices will be my last Apple devices for me. Any crazy issue comes up again, I'll switch back to Windows and Android. (By the way, I stopped by HTC booth to check out the new HTC One. Wow! It is one of the coolest and fastest smartphone I have ever put my hand on.)


    Well, good luck to everyone here.

  • Jesse kardos Level 1 Level 1

    I just got my iPad air around December 23 then I updated and I had no problem until today does anyone know why oh and also when it wasn't charging I took the charger that Apple gave me when I bought my iPad air and turned my brightness all the way down and turned of my Bluetooth and turned of all apps for now that use cellular data and it's charging at a normal rate I also do agree that Apple needs to fix this or it's the last time I'm buying and apple product  I hope I helped anyone.

  • BotiaBanned Level 1 Level 1

    Add me to the list of people who have switched due to iOS7.  Having two devices that no longer charge was really the final blow (iPad 3, iPhone 4S).  I have switched to an S4.  It is significantly better than iOS7.  I do miss the simplicity of iOS6 but do not miss in anyway the poor UI, crashes, or lack of charging from iOS7.


    Apple, please go back to what made the iPod and then iPhone a success.  Make devices that just work.

  • PaulaB12 Level 1 Level 1

    I am sick and tired of apple's **** you attitude.  If i have to it means going over to Leicester to get it checked out and last time they  hooked it up to a machine and did nothing they tried to sell me a replacement  for £249 but when I took it home I managed to get it going again its frozen twice since then and this time is the worst but according to apple i have nothing better to do than go over to their store over and over again.  Apple customer service=**** you we have the money we wont bother to sort the problem we caused.

  • peter_watt Level 3 Level 3

    Hi Paula, This is England and we don't have to take it. It depends on the age of the ipad but under UK Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) you have obviously a 12 month warranty minimum if you bought the ipad there. With "top of the range" goods you would expect them to be repaired free of charge for anything  up to two years if they have an "inherent fault" or are not of merchantable quality.   If millions were going this way it would be an inherent fault, unfortunately it is only a few, but any online evidence can be quoted.

    This all depends on whether they find evidence of damage by the user but they must provide you with such evidence. Apple devices have a lot of water detectors in them.

    You will be in it for the long run, it will not be quick, but you should start by writing an official letter to the retailer using a template from such sites as Which or Money Saving Expert. Use the right words, giving the 28 days to act, after which time... etc etc. In the end you may have to go to the Leicester Small Claims Court which should cost you nothing, but check with the clerk of the court.


  • Junie. Ann Level 1 Level 1

    is it beecsuse I am using my Kindle that this is all funkytated?um the Ipad won't CHARGE!  BTW WTG PAULA. Swoops.

  • C Culpan Level 1 Level 1

    Hi to all!


    I too had this problem last night, apple logo, turns off, battery symbol, and repeats


    HOWEVER! I was able to find a workaround!


    I am using an iPad 2 running Ios 7.0.4, and I'm sorry if this doesnt work for all but i thought i would suggest a ray of hope as I found none out there


    First I want to explain my theory behind this, as over the years of owning an ipod touch 4, an iphone 4s and an ipad (as well as my partner having the iphone 4 prior) I am aware that iDevices do not charge during a certain point in the boot process. For me I noticed this to be key as nearing the end of the boot or litterally split seconds after it would die




    To circumvent this issue I performed a hard reset every time the apple logo appears! (start holding a second or 2 before the apple appears)

    For those not in the know this involves holding the top and main front button for several seconds until the device reboots


    I did this 20-30 times (may sound extreme but bare in mind its charging the whole time whilst still on minimal power usage)


    After this my first boot made it in and immediately restarted admitedly but then it booted in and had 2% power, enough for me to unlock and power down!


    That is an important factor since turning off your device while plugged in will still charge it


    I had my ipad charging for an hour and a half prior to this and it would boot and reset, boot and reset, boot etc etc etc with no joy


    I hope so very much that this helps most if not all of you, and I will try to keep an eye on this thread should anyone need a bit of clarifying


    Best of luck!

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