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  • Fismaster Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    BTW do Apple even reply to these posts? If not why bother to host a forum?

  • 57Cat Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Re my Nov 9, 2013, 5:31pm post: Forget charging using PC USB port. It no longer reflected "Not charging" but it indeed did not charge. Using the adapter and AC power, it says "Not charging."


    Has anyone taken their IPad to an Apple store. My nearest one is two hours away; I would hate to waste the time.

  • Leokatie53 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same problem and

    I am frustrated.

  • dboucher13 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same problem after I've updated the new iOS7. My ipad 2 is not charging anymore at all!!! Have tried a few things as mentioned is previous replies but nothing works.


    I trusted Apple to improve my ipad with this upgrade but I realise I should have read this beforehand..then I would have never done it. I can't use my ipdad now which is very frustrating.


    Also, not a single reply from Apple on this thread is quite unbelievable. What kind of customer service is this????



  • Jfrez Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have 2 Ipad mini, both are not charging after IOS 7 upgrade......... i tried all, including DFU, i purchaced new chargers.... and nothing. IOS 7 just screw my ipads

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    Just updated to 7.04 and no improvement.

    My iPad 3 says it isn't charging now, however it is! If I leave on not charging it does increase the %, but it only shows the increase when you remove the charge cable.

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    I went to the apple store in Leicester, they put the ipad on charge on a lap top and nothing happened.  The young man took it outside and told me it was totally dead and couldn't take charge and that nothing could be done.  He then tried to sell me a replacement one for £249 I said I would contact the shop I brought from and took the paper he gave me telling me the ipad was non repairable and went home.  As I was night shift I decided to buy a new ipad wall charger so plugged it into the mains left it for four hours and went to sleep.  When I looked at it five hours later it was not only charging up it was working perfectly and has done so ever since, charging up a bit quicker and working ok.  I was not impressed though with the service the shop gave though.

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    My iPad is not charging AT ALL after the update. I have used ONLY the included cord and a wall socket.

    I have tried all the remedies on this useless post and I have concluded that this is just as stupid way of Apple making people waste time, and assuming that "someone" (some user) will come up with a solution when NO ONE AT APPLE is reading this.

    If the did read it, they'd know that many or perhaps even all iPads were not charging, and they would DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

    This is not something with a tiny work-around, this is a huge glitch in the system that Apple should remedy ASAP with either a patch or an offer to replace the machines.

  • patrorian Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    No use after upgrading the latest 7.0.4.


    Apple care team has been disappeared after advising me to do the routine check up which I could find everywhere on the internet!!!??? There are so many users having the same problem, BUT Apple still has NOT come in to resolve the issue.


    Sick, Tired, and VERY UNHAPPY with their support.

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    Hi.  Same issue IPad 2 won't charge after upgrade to IOS 7.04.  Is Apple listening??

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    i had d same problem with my ipad 2 after update. I left it to charge at 85%, tho it says "not charging". AND LO, when i checked it after sometime, it was fully charged. May b u can give a shot... leave it charging n check if that works.finger crossed..

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    I have the same Freakn' Problem! I actually thought that i had somehow damaged my iPad beofe comming accross this thread & finding that this is happening to alot of pple. My iPad stopped charging after the update! I have an apple authorised charger & USB cable, i thought that mayb it was the USB cable that was damged but plugged in my iPod & that was charing fine.

    I am going to try this 'just plug charger & leave it' and see if that works. Fingers crossed! How in the ****! has Apple NOT done anything about this if this is in fact a Known Problem!?!? We spend waaaay toooo much money on Apple products for this crap to be happening & nothing getting done about it!

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    mines doing the same thing. was goin to get another ipad on black friday for my daughter and keep this one for my self, but after reading this i might search for some other tablet. apple has done this before with an update where my bluetooth stopped working with my car radio which renderred the radio useless for the purpose i bought it which was a 250 radio, and my fios app no longer works either after and update.  i know they got a plan to stay in business but forcing people to buy new products by creating compatibility issues in their updates doesnt feel right to me. to **** with this

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    how can i turn the brightness down??? it just shows me the low red battery line and nothing else moves...

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    I had the same problem. I tried the reboot and bightness adjustment and both didn't work.


    BUT - I updated the IOS on the ipad AND my computer and now my charging with the comp is working...

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