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Preface: I'm running a Verizon iPhone 5 with iOS 7 GM. After installing the GM, I was having significant battery drain issues.

Ars Technica discovered that the Verizon iPhone 5 is experincing a significant batter drain based on their tests: iOS-7-review.006.png

After readinf their article, I turned off my WiFi, and I'm not longer seeing the battery drain that I was. With WiFi on, my phone was literally dropping 5% every 30 minutes with no use. With minimal use throughout the day (nothing more than texting and reviewing email), my phone would not last through the day (unplugged at 5am, dead before 10pm). This morning I turned off my WiFi, unplugged the phone at 5am, it's now 3:30pm, and after the same usage, my phone has only dropped to 76%. There is clearly some sort of bug in iOS7 on the Verizon iPhone 5 that is affecting the battery life. Is anyone else seeing this on the Verizon iPhone 5?

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    I'm having this issue also. I have a White 16GB iPhone 5 on Verizon too. I have a friend with the same phone on AT&T not having this problem. Are there going to be any fixes for this?

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    Verizon 64GB on iOS 7 here, no battery problems at all and with Wi-Fi on all the time. With moderate to heavy Safari use on LTE and Wi-Fi, I was only down to 40% at the end of the day yesterday. This is the same as iOS 6.1.4 that I was on before.


    Some apps, and maybe tweaked installation of iOS greatly impact battery life, so I don't think this is related to iOS 7 itself.

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    Verizon iPhone5 (16GB) updated to iOS7 yesterday, noticed faster battery drain immediately, read few articles about Verizon iPhone5 being hit hard with battery drain issue especially when WiFi is on. This morning, the phone was charged full at 7am, by 2pm the battery is at 58% with WiFi OFF, i.e. it drained 42% in just 7 hours, and the phone wasn't used much this morning. The day before yesterday when it was running iOS6.1.4, it ran more than 1 day under similar usage with WiFi on. I'm seriously thinking about going back to 6.1.4... If someone knows effective workaround please share the info. Mine was set to WiFi OFF, Back ground App refresh OFF and Reduce animation motion ON, Automatic update download OFF, and it still drained 42% of battery in 7 hours. This is my very first time iOS update gave me disappointment of this magnitude, I hope Apple fix this issue ASAP.

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    I"m seeing the same issue with my Verizon iPhone5 (64GB) updated to iOS 7.0.4 with Wi-Fi on.  I've turned off every battery drain recommendation, App Refresh, Location Services, Air Drop, Animation and Wi-Fi and phone is taking a 1% every few minutes with little or no use and no applications open.  Anyone taking ownership for this issue or trying to fix it?