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Pismo Level 1 (115 points)
So yeah, my iPod won't start up (aka - won't turn on). It's a 3rd generation 30GB iPod with the 4 solid state buttons.

I have searched for other threads about this, and nothing from them have worked.

My iPod has been "in storage" ... okay - in it's case ... for about three months, untouched, unmoved, at room temperature. It's never been dropped, and never been exposed to extreme temperatures, and now it won't turn on - even when plugged into the computer, or directly to it's power adaptor.

I have done the following things:
- battery is obviously drained, so did that
- plugged in for over 24 hours
- reset by holding the Menu and Play/Pause buttons
- toggled hold switch

Still nothing. When I reset it, it makes a very faint "click" after about 6 seconds (the same sort of click when the buttons are normally pressed).

Any suggestions? Thank you for any help!

PowerBook Pismo, Mac OS X (10.4.6)