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    Your solution posted Sept 23 using info from tuaw worked for me-thank you!!!!!

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    I am trying to get your post flagged as "this solved my problem". Maybe I can only do this if I post the original question. Sorry, new to this forum so I am not quite sure how to navigate it. Wanted to somehow highlight your answer so others would try this solution also. Again-thank you-it was so easy and effective!

    amgra wrote:


    Ok, i just read an article on tuaw, this is the quoted text, it worked for me


    "Put your phone into Airplane Mode. Then, go into Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Then, reboot your router if you have access and take your phone out of Airplane Mode. You'll be prompted to join your network again, and it should work this time."


    Post your experience

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    It is not greyed out but cannot hold a stable connection for more than 2 or 3 minutes.

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    Hi Mate


    I too have been struggling with this issue. I am located in New Zealand, and we have no Apple store here. I spent an hour and a half on the phone to their "applecare" call centre and got disconnected at one stage which required me to call back.

    Each time i have spoken to them i got connected to a different country (it seems like)


    The first time earlier in the week the Apple rep insisted i was out of warranty, the issue was my fault, and it would cost over $200 NZ dollars to fix.


    Today on my marathon phone call i got them to the point where they would replace my phone for free, which is 154 days out of warranty. HOWEVER - it was either send the handset to them via courier, and they would send me back a replacement handset (my cost for courier and a two week turn around)

    or "express" replacement where they send me the phone first and i send them back the handset, my cost for return courier - and they put $750NZ block on my credit card until they receive the faulty iPhone back.


    My card didn't have enough funds on it to do this, and i don't want to extend my credit limit for this.


    Luckily i am travelling to Sydney next week and will try to make an "appointment" with one of their applecare people.

    How other people who don't have access to an Apple store I dont know, and Im ****** that I will have to spend precious time on an overseas trip doing this.


    I actually am totally over apple and their customer service now, the very fact that this is a work phone makes it critical for me to operate, and i cant live on 3G all the time. And i cant be without it full stop.


    I cant trust them now, and am reluctant to "upgrade" software on my other devices, which are also showing options for IOS 7.0.2

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    Anogasa, no you are not. I'm ready to bury my iPad 4, just as soon as my new Nexus 10 arrives. I did a side-by-side comparison between my iPad and my friends Android phone. Naturally, both phones used the same WiFi connection. My iPad disconnected every few minutes and the phone worked perfectly. I timed it for one hour. The iPad dropped the connection four times, the Android zero. And often after dropping the connection the iPad would not be able to find the network for several minutes while I watched Homeland on the phone.

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    Apple get yourself together! WHY is no one from Apple responding to this thread?


    Upgraded both ipad to a 4 and iPhone to a 5 to get the most of ios7 and have been very happy with i products for years - but honestly, am really considering a farewell to the Apples


    Each week - new issues since the upgrade and what really was great before, was that Apple was reliable - well that is history!


    Forget about your router problems etc, my iPhone and ipad had NO problems with wifi before. Now iPhone cannot connect to networks I have been on before. Ipad is being very slow on Safari. Problems I did not have before and both very critical issues for smart phone/tablets


    Not to mention iMessage problems, Music control problems where reset was again necessary - I and most Apple friends are getting SO disappointed these days:(


    APPLE it's time you start giving some answers and solutions - or faithful customers are soon history!

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    Same issue on ipad 3...none of the suggestions work for me.

    connection drops constantly or no connection at all.

    tired of apple...moving to android soon.

    thanks everyone for your collaboration.

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    I understand your pain.

    I did one more router adjustment, it has been working for two weeks.


    I logged into my Lnksys router and changed from "G-only" mode to "Mixed" mode.

    I think that did the trick for me.

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    My routers are always on mixed mode....what about when you use  wifi from other places or homes???....:)

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    I am having the same problem now that updated to 7.03. It looses connection on iPhone 5 and iPad 3. Never had an issue until I updated tonight. I have to select my home network anytime my phone/iPad to sleep. What happened to apple testers and qc.

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    Try resetting your Network Settings.

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    Network settings on my Airport or on the devices?

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    Not trying to be rude, but you really should read some of the earlier posts in this discussion.