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    I was told by a person at Mac Authority that there are "kinks" that might miraculously clear themselves up.  If you read earlier posts in this discussion people have tried numerous tricks.  Some people have even put their phones in the freezer out of desperation.  I have posted frequently about my hardships since the software update in this discussion.  Yesterday, miraculously, after weeks of frustration and no wifi--after being told to send my phone into Apple then deciding against it for fear of receiving a refurbished phone--wifi miraculously started working consistently again.  This is after several hard resets, resetting network settings, blah blah blah.  I had given up and it just decided to start working again.  I am absolutely dumbfounded.  I am not happy with Apple after all of this stress. My phone worked perfectly before the first iOS 7 software update.  Now it is functioning properly... and I honestly don't know why.  iPhone5 7.0.2... I am afraid to update to  version 7.0.3, honestly.  Has anyone else out there taken the plunge? Now that my phone is working properly again I am too scared.

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    It happen to me too!

    I was give up I order a sumsung gallaxy and after weeks it's started working normally as before , just I had to enter the wifi passwords that was lost !!!

    I'm also scared to do any upgrade ...

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    Well I have finally had a resolution and that required setting up a genius bar appointment with Apple in Sydney, and they replaced the handset free of cost. Big thanks to them as the phone was outside of warranty.

    The new handset had 6.1.3 on it and I couldnt restore the backup I had made.

    So I sat in the store and and upgraded the handset just in case anything happened - you see I am in New Zealand and we do not have an apple store here - and I just happened to be in Sydney on Business so it tied in nicely. If you are not local to an apple store they can send you a new phone but you have to have a hold for $750 dollars put on your credit card.

    My recommendations from now on are to upgrade using Itunes and with a cable. It is safer and wont "stress the wifi chip" which was the probable root cause. The whole time they were replacing it they were saying - "its a hardware issue" and possibly it is...just dont upgrade via wifi - use the USB and Itunes...nuff said

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    I got given a brand new phone - they have lots of unsold 4's handsets

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    I did the upgrade WITH a USB cable and hooked to iTunes and still had trouble with the wifi. So that's not the root cause.  Nobody knows the actual cause from what I've read so far.  Nuff said

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    A bunch of good sugestions here.. but none really did it for my previously faithfull Iphone 4s.. I get wifi to work for a couple of web pages, but then I get disconnected and my phone needs to switch to 3g to get more pages loaded..

    The funny thing, or funny might not be the correct word.. If I restore my phone withouth restoring my backup, the wifi is still silly.. If I restore it with my backup the wifi is working flawlessly! I can download all the maps for my gps app, spotify offline, no problem.. UNTIL I physicly move to another location with another wifi network.. So if I leave my phone at home at all time I will have working wifi, thats what you call a MOBILE phone


    When I move my phone to a new location I might get wifi and I might not get it, but only for a minute or two.. And after the 7.0.3 update my phone actually worked on wifi for abaout 20mins, I finaly got my offline spotify playlist updated From my experience this must be a software problem! APPLE! Please fix this issue!


    I can add that this started the minute I updated to IOS7, my phone has worked flawlessly since I boutght it two years ago..

    Anyone got some simular experiences?

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    I am losing the will to live regarding my iPhone 4S, particularly since the last two 'upgrades' for IOS 7.


    The wifi has stopped working (wifi button greyed out) and none of the options (including those suggested by Apple Support) have remedied the issue (the only thing which did work, albeit temporarily, was a brief spell in the fridge!). And of course, there's no going back from IOS 7.


    I've read elsewhere that the 4 and 4S cannot cope that well with IOS 7. This is particularly annoying as I almost bought a 5 back in July (when I bought the 4S). Unfortunately, the helpful 'genius' at the Apple Store felt unable to venture an opinion on which might be better.


    Unfortunately I'm stuck with this iPhone Lemon until I can spring for a replacement. Unless there is a substantial improvement from our friends in Cupertino, the 4S will be the last Apple device (and I have most of 'em, including an iMac and MacBook) I will ever buy.



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    I'm having the same wifi  issue with my iPad 2 after

    updating to iOS 7

    I tried the airplane mode reset with

    resetting my home modem and where

    I get a full Strength on my iPhone 4S my

    iPad 2 is getting nothing

    This woild be the main reason I've not  update my iPhone 4S

    as of yet because of the wifi issue .

    Any ideas would be a great help


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    Just relay my experience, 4S working great, updated to ios7 and wifi was misbehaving, dropping connection, unable to find networks, etc. Tried all options suggested on the net, no joy. Took it in to Apple Shop, they tried everything I had & decided to replace phone, I was unsure to upgrade to ios7 from ios6 on the new phone but did anyhow. The wifi broke within 24hrs, completely greyed out, unresponsive. Took it back, they apologised & the new replacement is fine as I'm sticking with ios6 which was on it, I'm not a lover of ios7 visuals so am pleased I've got back to ios6.


    Apple Shop were great dealing with the problem & can't fault 'em but I think Apple in many ways may have more of a problem.  Most of my friends have either not bothered to upgrade to ios7 or found it sluggish & unappealing.

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    I most definitely don't want to upset anyone with simplistic suggestions.  I experienced that the wifi sign disappears and irregularly appeared again.  Sometimes having to select the wifi station again in settings.  Quite annoying.  Then I thought: lets turn mobile data completely off.  After that, the wifi dropping was not visible anymore.  To be honest, I'm not really sure what this means or how this helps, but still wanted to share this.

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    I'm having wifi issues as well. I had them with my iphone 4 and also now with my new 5s.  Both we're running iOS7.0.3

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    This is the only way I could figure out how comment on this thread.

    I too, along with all you other's, am having the same type issue.  I knew by my Gut instinct that it had something to do with the updates I received! It has so far cost me $$$$ for going over my data plan. I have contacted AT&T about this, and they told me it was my server, but not the phone. If I took it in, and they found that my phone was Damaged, of course I would have to pay to have it fixed or purchase new.  NO ONE mentioned that many people were experiencing this issue! So I went on this research tonight.

    I actually have Time Warner coming Tues. to replace my modem! Ha!

    Anyway, i did read the other day that if U lock you phone, which I do occasionally lately to young prying eyes, then take the lock off, it does make a difference. I have set my lock back on for the last few days and although it still drops, it is working better.

    I now intend to contact AT&T and let them know we are on to them, and after contacting the Attorney General, we should be given unlimited data until they fix this issue.

    I went for many years with the "Crappy" phones so my kids could have the new and impressive ones.  I finally splurged and got my 4s, because I deserved it! I LOVE this phone, but will not be "taken" and overcharged for something they did to it!

    I will update when I can.  So glad I found this page!!

    Just call, let them know you have screen shots of all these complaints, and demand they compensate us somehow!!

    Your friend in aggravation ~

    Gypsy ~

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    So...where are the specialist from Apple to address these problems?  My phone is so undependably linked to any available Wi-Fi that I've burned through my data plan when I should not have had to.  My 4S worked well until the ios 7 update.  The problem is obviously broadly experienced by many users.  The suggested fixes are about as useful as standing on one foot while hopping in a circle to make it work.  HEY APPLE!  How about some relief here?

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    I have had the same issue. Since I upgraded to iOS7, I have not been able to connect to wifi. My wifi is greyed out.


    I have been to two Apple Stores and have been told the same thins by the employees and managers of both stores: your iPhone 4s is out of warranty, but we will happily sell you another 4s for $199.


    There are numerous of news stories, blogs and Apple forum topics about this issue. Apple knows about the issue, but is not acknowledging it or fixing it.


    I spoke with Kim Williams in customer relations. She told me the same company line, but she said they are noting ever complaint. I don't know if that is the case, but I told her that I would share her information and she was ok with that.


    So, if you have this issue and ae noth appy, please call Kim Williams at Apple at 877-388-0879 xt 41512.

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    After experiencing no wi-fi since the ios7 upgrade, and belatedly realising bluetooth was also non-functional, I went to my local "fix anything" store (mobile phones & computers) where for £25 (appx $40) they replaced the antennae on my iPhone 4s and hey presto - welcome back wi-fi and bluetooth.


    Doesn't say much for Apple's service, but please rest assured we all seem to have suffered this hardware issue because of the ios7 upgrade(s).


    Hope this helps ...