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  • ashleykcmiller Level 1 Level 1

    Does your phone have a case?  I switched to a new case around the same time I downloaded ios7 on my iphone 5 and my wifi stopped working. I assumed it was the update. I took my case off today to switch to a new one and the wifi started working just fine. Turns out the case was blocking the signal.

  • xXHeYjOeXx Level 1 Level 1

    Well after my original problems I decided to install ios7 seeing as a few problems seemed to be addressed in the new updates.  I chose to update on a pc via itunes this time & all went fine. I'm pleased I can turn off the zoom animations & everything seems to run smooth with no lag.


    I've read the problems may be due to burning out the antennae updating over wifi, not a tech head myself?


    Apple Store sorted it for me without any problems so I can't knock 'em regarding customer service.

  • Aragorn the Traveler Level 1 Level 1

    After trying after trick that's been mentioned here, plus spending a few hours with chat support, I did a complete restore of my iphone 4S.  No change in my wi-fi issues.  I went to the local Apple "Genius" bar.  They did another double restore "down to bare metal".  It still wouldn't work with wi-fi.  The explanation was that the new ios MAY have been the catalyst that finally drove the antenna to fail.  Since my phone was a year out of warrantee, there was nothing left for me to do.  The store manager (who was very nice) suggested the "repair" by replacment.  For around $200 I got a "new-ish/renewed/refurbished" iphone out of a sealed box.  Everything is working fine again, but the cost for something that was likely precipitated by an update still urks me. 

    The other thing that I noticed was that all the animations seem to run smoothly on this replacement phone, which it didn't on my older one.

    The Apple Store manager said that this type of problem crops up with every update, although I haven't researched that "factoid" that he tossed me.  It's rare for a software update to precipitate a hardware failure, which is essentially what this Apple representative told me.  It makes me wish for a class-action suit to find out what's really going on.

  • Ataullah Level 1 Level 1

    I have same isue, I'm also using iPhone 4S, when i upgrade it 3 or 4 week its WiFi working good, but now WiFi connection countinuously (connecting&disconnecting) ? me Please anybody

  • Therap Level 1 Level 1

    I feel your pain. I've now had 4, yes 4, Apple Iphone 4s fail with regards ot wifi since updating to 7.0.4.


    I've spoken at length with Apple both in store and on line and they simply state the choice was mine to upload the update and hence my problem not theirs.


    My personall experience is they are incrediably arrogant, care little and take no responsibility. Their commercial sucess has now given them licence to treat customers with contempt.

  • mrox Level 1 Level 1

    I'm getting this too. iPhone was fine then slowly started to lose connections. Done all the resets including factory defaults and the issue still comes up, I can sometimes get wifi for 10mins or so before it disappears, refusing to connect. Is there an update in the pipeline?

  • kcivello Level 1 Level 1

    Same thing here only happened after the ios7 update done with cable by itunes. funny thing is bluetooth always connects and another thing is alot of people have this issue and when checking in settings it shows wifi address as n/a but mine shows full address for bluetooth and wifi but its greyed out when it feels like it. Reboots do nothing and i find only shutting down the phone all night and turning it on in the morning bring it back temporary. Apple does not care and they will ignore everyone as we are a few in the millions so we are out of luck. My 3gs is still perfect condition functioning with wifi and this 4s is no more than a 1980 cell with a colour screen.i will be happy to see the apple market drop as it will eventualy as steve jobs was theyre only maker! $600 dollar phones that have wifi issues and are only covered for 1 year is ridiculous and if its the chip then these should be warranty because they are obviously made terribly because older products still have function wifi chips in them dont they, i bet this conversation was much bigger and apple deletes what they dont like so im waiting for the big story to hit the news some day as i wrote to my local news already hoping mabe some day something happens!!!! Ohh and the big catch is you only speak to call reps who read what to do off a screen and theyre hands are tied because a professional tech call would cost US $35 like give me a break!!!!



    Last apple product consumer!

  • kcivello Level 1 Level 1

    Dude nothing you do will work. ive been like this on and off for months now . Its a shame i know!

  • JavierCa Level 1 Level 1

    It is interesting how none of the Apple "experts" are replying to these posts.... I have not seen any in the 4 out of the 12 pages I have seen... I might be wrong, but not solution seems to appear.  I have been scaning for the past couple of days the forums even the youtubes and there are many people with this problem.. Do you remember the famous battery problem witht he ipods?  is this a new damaging problem for apple?? I am taking my Apple stock money somewhere else just in case... I might save enought to get a replacement phone as this is the only solution Apple is capable to produce

  • cameramike Level 1 Level 1

    Did a Network Settings Reset has been working for over 3 hours


  • cameramike Level 1 Level 1

    it appears that IOS 7.1 switches to celular data when entering Auto-Lock then back to WIFI when you wake up the phone.  I notice when switching back to WIFI it took a fraction of a second to get signal back.  If I turn off celular data it does not switch to celular and the WIFI signal is on immediately. 


    My 4S WIFI is workng better with celular data switched off.  


    Same for celular data mode - turn off WIFI and celular data works better.

  • rubenrubio Level 1 Level 1

    Hi, my iPhone 4S had a similar problem in February 2011, after several attempts to revive it, and nothing has worked, as I was traveling to the U.S. in May, and was still under warranty at no cost to me changed.

    But now a year later the new phone looks similar to make a software upgrade problem. The WiFi only works to no more than 2 meters from the antenna WiFi, then away more disconnects, not a router problem as all other wireless devices will work fine as ever. What happened? my phone will have lost its antenna gain?. I live in Argentina there is no Apple Store here, I do not travel to the U.S., from what I saw on the website of apple change the phone for an equal (which will surely have the same problem) miss u $ s 200. I am really disillusioned with Iphone. I think it must have been damaged wifi antenna that receives wifi signal but low sensitivity or a lot, will this model of Iphone has a general problem with any batch of antennas?, because I happened on 2 different phones

  • cameramike Level 1 Level 1

    try network connection reset - I had to do it 3 times before started working.  If you get it working when on WIFI turn off celular data.  When on celular data turn off WIFI - that fixed my problem.  Battery life improved also.

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