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  • Madona969 Level 1 Level 1

    i have the same problem, but i dont now what can i do, because the problem it is the software ios 7, i cant pay 150 pounds for repair if the problem is it of apple software that is not compatible with 4s

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    hello. podmod makes the repair for 59 pounds.

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    workaround for the issue: ask podmod. or ask me.

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    my solution was deleted. can you PM over this forum?

  • Therap Level 1 Level 1


    There is clearly a problem between 7 & iPhone 4S however as you would expect from apple given their commercial success they evade the issue offer no solution other than exchange if under 12 months old or a charge if over that date. My personal view is if I had created the problem then it is my responsibility to fix however in this instance apple have created the issue and subsequently should fix it, without charge!

    I have 2 x 4s and after much discussion apple exchanged one without charge, the second I paid for a replacement. The one I paid for was the 1st to experience the wifi grey out so I was unaware of the scale of the issue however after having 4, yes 4, iPhone 4S fail I am now going through the civil claims tribunal to seek a refund.

    2 interesting points, firstly apple stated in writing that it was not their responsibility as I chose to upload the update not them (very unhelpful and illustrates the absence of care and concern they have for individual custoemrs) and secondly when at the store the manager said he may have helped my but given I bought the phone from kogan he wouldn't.

    Personally I found the store very very unhelpful but if you can speak with apple direct or get a manager on the online chat you may get a fair hearing.

  • Wait4itBAM Level 1 Level 1

    Hello everyone,

    I've been reading this thread from the beginning. It's not because my 4s started losing wifi, it's because I found a guy selling his 4s for 200€ with no wifi and I thought I was so clever (and him stupid, yes I know, how presumptuous of me) so I bought it and then proceeded trying everything you guys had posted:

    - obviously I tried the Apple procedure: didn't work (does it work for anyone?!?!);

    - tried turning on Airplane mode & Do not disturb (there's a whole procedure but I don't remember it precisely): same result;

    - then tried turning on Airplane mode for a whole night: nada;

    - then I erased the content & settings of the phone: no result of course (tried with and without using backup!);

    - then switched to iOS 7.0.4 from iOS 6.1.3: nothing changed (except I completely despise iOS 7 and its refresh problems);

    - then I tried the freezer… nothing except a cold phone lol;

    - finally I had enough and was about to throw my phone on the wall so I tried the unthinkable: the hairdryer! Believe me or not, it worked! It's now been 3 hours and my wifi's still strong!

    I'll keep you posted if you're interested :)

  • Wait4itBAM Level 1 Level 1

    Oh I forgot to give some details:

    I had the wifi MAC address (I mean no N/A, no ????, just the almost exact address as the Bluetooth address)

    The Bluetooth works just fine!

    Wifi was greyed out so I couldn't activate it.

  • Drift89 Level 1 Level 1

    The only way to make you wifi working forever is to make a reflow to the wifi chip. I've bought for 5€ some screwdriver and other tools on eBay to disassembly the phone, then I made the reflow with hot air (300*C). I made this some weeks ago. Now I'm at home, replying you from wifi connection. No more troubles and I had your same problem.


    The problem is the machine to make reflow, I know, most people doesn't have it and maybe they don't want to disassembly their iPhone, but that's the only way IF YOU ARE OUT OF WARRANTY, otherwise go to apple store.

  • Siriy Level 1 Level 1

    Turn off 'find my iphone', wifi will return.......I try works...... ~

  • PistolPeteDk Level 1 Level 1

    I had the grayed out button as well. I heated the top part of the phone until the warning came on. Cooled it down and than restarted the phone. IT WORKED! Wifi is back.

  • vaportrails2002 Level 1 Level 1 wrote:


    my solution was deleted. can you PM over this forum?

    It was deleted because you are a spam artist!

  • userremoved Level 1 Level 1


    i have a Iphone 4S 16Gb, since I have updated to IOS7 my wifi and bluetooth has become greyed out

    I have tried resetting the phone via Itunes and the Device itself but no luck.

    Apple has dropped up in the **** again and is not bothered about it.

    dont buy apple buy Samsung.

  • drkeithfm Level 1 Level 1

    Its incredible that this debacle still trundles on after all this time, and the nuisance it has caused!  You will need to replace your wifi chip for an assured solution that works.  About $50 /£35 in any decent computer shop.  Happened to me 2-3 months ago early on in this saga of IoS 7 and tried all the novel solutions to no avail. No probs since. Dont ask me why this works but IT DOES.  No helpful input from Apple however.

  • AlicaScott Level 1 Level 1

    I know this is stupid but here goes. My wife broke her iphone 4s in an unfortunate roadside incident that involved a 5 year old vomiting and a car door. Anyways I was rather impressed because she hasnt broken a phone in a year and a half and we have the apple care plan. Next day, four days ago, I drove nearly two hours to the closest apple store to get it replaced, no issues there, they took the old one and gave me a new one, or maybe refurb by the guy said new so who knows. I get all the way back home and connect to wifi and start restoring from Icloud. Suddenly wifi goes off and becomes greyed out and stays that way. Today I wanted to restore the iphone and see if it would work before making the trip back to apple. I had to download updated itunes software, windows updates... etc. Then I tried to restore the phone and it went into recovery mode and was stuck there through three attempts. Finally it restored and updated to the newest Ios7 which I was hoping would solve the issue but it didnt. At this point I had been working on it for 6 hours, so I broke down and tried the hair dryer trick. 2 minutes with the hair dryer and hard reset and it is connected to wifi and working properly. What in the world, how do you need a blow dryer to make a 600 dollar phone operate properly. She loves Apple for some reason, I am on my third galaxy, gs3 and have never had an issue with any of them. I tried to talk her into upgrading to Samsung but she won't listen. I am gonna stick the hair dryer in her car incase she needs an iphone emergency repair kit in the future. What a joke.

  • magnetic_rose Level 1 Level 1

    I have run into the no WiFi/no Bluetooth bug for the iPhone 4S just this Christmas: the WiFi button was grayed out, and my Bluetooth refused to connect to a paired device (an iPad mini). At first a simple Hard Reset took care of the problem. Then, I had to resort to a Network Settings reset because the Hard Reset trick stopped working. It escalated from there -- an All Settings reset, and then a All Content and Settings reset (I had to sync all my music and move all my photos to my laptop before I could do that :/)!


    As a last resort, I followed some dodgy advice on the internet, stuffed my phone into a freezer bag with some paper towels, and shoved it into my fridge's vegetable crisper. It worked, but only up to a point. After three or four hours of browsing the WiFi signal drops off again and/or the WiFi button is grayed out. The bluetooth also refuses to work at this point.


    It's getting really fücking annoying to have to go through all these hoops just to get a WiFi signal!!! And this all happened a few weeks after I upgraded to iOS 7.0.4. Apple what is the point of putting out an upgrade if what it does is makes your device perform worse, not better?! I honestly expected better from you after switching from a Nokia Windows device >:(

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