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    I have the same problem with my 4s. at the beginning I tried to freezing the phone. helped for a few minutes. I have not tried yet overheating method, but firstly I will update the phone to 7.0.6 and let you know if it fixes wifi problem

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    Hope it works well for you


    The fella who made the video on YouTube reckons that it will work for all upgrades, but until I really have a need to upgrade, my phone is a "sleeping dog".  If ya know what I mean.


    Please let us all know how it goes for you.

  • tommyfp Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    WiFi still not working after 7.0.6 update

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    Doesn't our iphone get wet inside when we freeze it??

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    Kooa wrote:




    If your iPhone is out of warranty, have a go at the heat and freeze fix.


    It's been a total success for tons of iPhone users, and that includes me.


    My iPhone 4S (that had problems with wifi, bluetooth and battery drain issues) is now working like a dream since doing the heat and freeze fix.


    It may, or may not be a permanent fix. But even if it's not a permanent fix all that needs to be done is spend half an hour to repeat the heat and freeze again to have the phone up and running perfectly again.


    Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    An out-of-warranty iPhone can still be serviced/replaced by Apple, so long as no unauthorized service has been done on the device.  This freezer/heater method is unauthorized service.  Therefore, it' a 'hail Mary' pass.  If it doesn't work, then Apple will not offer the out-of-warranty option anymore. Anyone choosing to use this method needs to understand the potential consequences involved.

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    If you do choose to try the heat and freeze fix scenario, you will need to place your phone in a zip lock bag before you place it in the freezer for approximately 15 minutes to cool it back down.


    When I fixed my iPhone, I didn't have any zip lock bags to use. I instead just used an ordinary plastic bag ( check that it is completely free of holes) and warped it around my phone a couple of times and then an elastic band around the bag and the phone. 

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    TJBUSMC1973 wrote....


    "If it doesn't work, then Apple will not offer the out-of-warranty option anymore. Anyone choosing to use this method needs to understand the potential consequences involved."


    Totally correct you are!

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    Pity that the update didn't sought out your problems for you. Was worth a try anyway.


    The author of the video, that I have made reference to in my previous posts, says that he has been able to get his phone back up and running again perfectly after an update has ( "or has not" ) knocked out his wifi connection.


    So just so long as you are aware of your obligations, (with regards to the terms of any warranty that may have been included with you phone, purchase) it could still be worth you while to grab your self a hairdryer a plastic zip lock bag and a freezer.

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    Having spent the last hour and a half or so, reading ALL 35 pages! of posts on this subject, the most successful fix that seems to work for the majority of people ( not all ) is to either heat up the phone with a hairdryer or cool it down in a fridge or a freezer or like me is to heat it up AND rapidly cool it down in a freezer.


    I am in NO WAY suggesting you do this if you are still able to make a warranty claim on your phone BUT!  if you have an old phone that is completely out of warranty and are prepared to be responsible for your own actions.




    If your phone (like my 4S) already has no WiFi or Bluetooth capabilities and your battery is lasting about the same time as a snowball in ****, and your phone is COMPLETELY OUTSIDE OF THE WARRANTY CLAIM PERIOD....


    Ask your self what are you willing to risk to fix your phone, and what have you really got to loose?


    It may or may not be an ideal permanent fix, but it's a **** of A LOT BETTER THEN NO FIX AT ALL!


    I FIXED ALL  of my iPhone issues with nothing more than a cheap hairdryer a plastic bag a freezer and about 30 minutes of my time.


    It's still working perfectly and has been for over 3 weeks now.!!

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    On another note.... A work mate of mine brought himself brand new iPhone 5s , 6 weeks ago.


    New iPhone 5s worked perfectly as it should, then decided to upgrade the IOS to the latest version available for 5S phones.......have a guess what happened to it within 6 hours of updating the phone.....NO  wifi, no bluetooth and battery now only lasting about 10 hours on stand by after a full charge


    Must have been another of them pesky IPhones that everyone hears about, that unfortunately just happen to be on the verge of failing at the exact same time an upgrade is performed. Nothing more than an unfortunate coincidence I believe!


    Oh.... almost forgot!... did I tell you that there are now Leprechauns and Unicorns living down at the bottom of my garden?

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    i have the same wifi problem.

    i shutted off the phone first and used the hair dryer to heat up my iphone( at the back, the top area next to the camera) for 10~15mins, and then i just let it cool down to room temp( around 30 mins i think...). then turn it on and reboot the iphone once. the next thing i do is to back up my phone and use iTune to restore all the things. and the wifi works over a week now!!

    bty, i did all the above step when the battery was about 20%, dont know whether this is related or not.

    hope it could help.

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    I took my phone into the Apple store for service for the same issue. They informed me it is a manufacturer defect that was always present, but became apparent when updating the iPhone due to overstress. I was informed the only way to fix this issue is to replace my iPhone. I then found out that because I was a month out of warranty, I would be required to purchase a replacement for $199 eventhough I personally had not damaged my phone. This replacement phone would not be guaranteed to not have the same defect- but came with a 90 day warranty. When I asked what would happen if an update came out after those 90 days that once again causes my wifi to gray out- the Apple genius helping me advised that I "use my phone a lot" in those first 90 days to see if it breaks before then. By charging me to replace a phone damaged by a faulty product- Apple is profitting from their own poor quality. Hopefully your phone is in warranty. My reccomendation is to switch to a different brand of phone if not because it doesn't seem like something they're going to fix for you.

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    i decided to make a overheating method and it worked for me.... the question is for how long??


    ios 7.0.6


    my suggestion is to make an updates with itunes (not wifi)

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    i decided to make a overheating method and it worked for me.... the question is for how long??


    How long is piece of string?      :-)


    My phone still going strong.

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    Yet another victim of this ios upgrade farce. 3 weeks out of warranty and been told by apple store I have to pay for a replacement. Not happy to say the least as it is obvious that the problem is with Apple not accepting their responsibilities.

    Does customer loyalty not stand for anything anymore???

    Been an Apple owner for years but I feel this may be the last product I buy from them...

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