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I recently updated to the IOS7 and every single song that I have ever bought is now on my Iphone. I don't see those songs on my music library on ITunes, just on my phone with the cloud and down arrow symbol. I'd like these songs to exist, just not on my phone. I have looked at every possible answer online but for whatever reason the certain songs won't sync onto my ITunes library. If I look onto the "On this IPhone" tab, the songs are there, but it isn't in my "library". Thanks to anyone who answers.

iPhone 5, iOS 7
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    I was having the same issue too, but I found it!  Go to your settings and under Show All Music just turn it off and it will remove all of your purchased music.  However, if you played the song or clicked on the icloud icon it wont remove it you would have to sync your phone again and remove it manually.

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    I followed your instructions, and of course, the songs that I clicked on wouldn't remove. I tried your suggestion to re-sync and remove manually, but they are not showing up in the On This iPhone tab so that I can do that. Suggestions on a work-around?

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    I'm having the same problem with removing songs that were clicked on even after re-syncing. I've also tried clicking on "Manually manage music and video" and syncing again, but nothing. Anyone else know how to get rid of those songs? Thanks!