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  • Robh5791 Level 1 Level 1

    I do not think you understand how an ios or any other OS works mazro. Your iPhone cannot effect any non ios devices connection. The problem is cars with stereos older than current generation devices are not up to date on their firmware. I have a newer Casio flip phone for work and that newer phone, among most people at work wit the same phone and company cars, cannot connect that phone as well and I am the only person with an iPhone among them. I am not saying there is no problem with ios 7 but blaming an update on a iPhone for a non idevice connection problem is completely and utterly absurd.

  • Schmaggin1 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm sorry, and I don't really want to get into a ******* match on Thanksgiving, but it seems as though you are the one having a hard time grasping what's going on here.  I have a Bluetooth headset called the Motorola Sliver. It connected PERFECTLY every time with iOS6 and it hasn't connected once using iOS7.  Ever heard of Occam's razor?  It's a principle in logic that says of all the competing hypotheses, the hypothesis with the fewest assumptions should be selected. 


    With soooo many people saying, "well it worked with iOS6, now it doesn't with iOS7" one could make the simple inference that given the operating system was the only thing that changed then the problem must lie within the new operating system.  It's really very simple. 


    Apple may have incorporated a new Bluetooth technology that only works with newer Bluetooth devises rendering all of our see devises useless.  Perhaps not.  What I do know is that there isn't a conspiracy of Bluetooth users ganging up on Apple to discredit them one Bluetooth device at a time.  All of out devices used to work, now they don't and the only thing that changed was the operating system.  I can't even get my device to connect to my iPad. It sees it and my phone, recognizes the device by manufacturer and model but just won't connect.

  • Schmaggin1 Level 1 Level 1

    And let me just say I've tried every single solution that every tom, dick and Harry has posted as a fix.  I'm pretty technologically savvy and nothing works.


    All Bluetooth issues aside, have a Happy Thanksgiving. 

  • Malamento Level 1 Level 1

    You are correct! Today I triued to restore my Iphone5 and nothing has changed. I can't believe Apple is ignoring this issue, or if it is not, why not responding at all to us?

  • MaxZRO Level 1 Level 1

    I have been a mac user since 1989.  Operating system updates frequently create issues like this one.  There is so much traffic on the forums about this that obviously hundreds or thousands of people are experiencing this.  Since the iOS 7 update my iphone will not connect to my macbook. My iPad will not connect to my mac.  These two iOS devices will not connect to each other. None of these issues appeared in iOS 6.  Hmmmm.  What a stretch to think that the operating system update may be responsible.  I'm always amazed at how some folks insist on displaying their ignorance so publicly. 

  • Droffen Level 1 Level 1

    I observed the following.

    Connect my iPhone 5s to my car (vw Golf from 2011) and using the navigon navigation app with voice via bluetooth.

    The first few minutes the voice is coming over Bluetooth but after some time the turn-by-turn directions doesn't come anymore over bluetooth.

    What I have seen after some playing with iPhone and car Bluetooth is the following.

    The music player on the iPhone start itself after connecting to the car. But I don't hear something in the car as I'm listening to the radio.

    When I stop the music player manually on the I phone the voice commands from the navigon app are working again till the music player at the iPhone starts again "automatically".

    Manually stopping it --> navigon works again over Bluetooth.


    Same things happen also if I don't use the navigon app.

    Music player starts automatically once I connect my iPhone with the car.



  • eXtide Level 1 Level 1

    Have also bluetooth issues. I have a device which my firend has progarammed for me, it uses

    HC-05 bluetooth module (later renamed to hpc-05)


    After the IOS7 upgrade, my iPhone 4 does not see it. Before the update it was visible. May be you could research the issue, having the HC-05 Module as example.



  • vginfante Level 1 Level 1

    So I got this working with my 4s and 7.0.4 ;  I then bought a 5s a couple of days ago and then now my phone does not automatically pair with my Subaru Forrester Harman Kardon.  Tried all the resets described in this forum, and it simply does not work.  I need to manually activate blue tooth and choose my car's device several times... usually on the 3rd try it connects.  So I think its 5s and ios 7.0.4. -- anybody figured out a way to address this.  Apple???

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    My issue only happened since updating to ios 7 also. No fix I found seemed to work, and I thought in Windows Device Manager you can uninstall a device and reboot and it will reinstall most times and work, so just applied as below to my iPad first and it worked then to my iPhone.


    Not sure if you did all this, but it worked for me on my iPad and iPhone and still connects to my Laser Bluetooth headset, Navigator and such.

    Turn on Bluetooth headset, on iPhone go to Settings/Bluetooth/ if headset displayed click on the i and then select Forget this device, go back to Bluetooth and turn off Bluetooth then the Headset, close phone and power it down. Leave turned off for at least a minute. Restart iPhone and Headset and go into Settings / Bluetooth and turn it on again, check if the Headset if there, click on it and wait a moment to see if it connects, mine did and is still OK. Not sure if this helps but it worked for me OK.



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    I had trouble at first with the now standard Bluetooth issue. I did the unpair-delete Bluetooth devices / hard reset / re-pair. That plus various iOS updates leading to iOS 7.0.4 seemed to do the trick. Most features are back. I have control over my calls, the music, the Navigon GPS... For a time after which the Bluetooth, while still seemingly connected doesnt  allow the audio out. It is annoying especially as I ride a motorcycle and the pairing is done with my helmet's Bluetooth headset. I used to have to stop/disconnect/reconnect/restart navigon. I recently realized that I could avoid that by placing a call to my voicemail (hence bypassing visual voicemail) or anywhere, that also does the trick and... Voila navigon instructions are back... For a while... I know that someone at Apple is working on this , hope the feedback will help

  • mstricer Level 1 Level 1

    I too am having a BT issue with maps turn by turn with the IPhone 5 since upgrade. My car is a 2014 Forester so everything should be good. It all worked before the update. When are they going to fix this bug

  • MDCHICAGO Level 1 Level 1

    I have a 2013 VW Passat and the iPhone 5 with the ios7.0.4 software.  Tried the steps of unpairing phone, shutting it off remove phone from car, restore factory settings, nothing works. It connects but the BT phone connection still won't work.  I dial a number and it calls them but no one can hear me or call drops.  Music cuts out mid song.  Get an email while BT audio is playing then all BT music ability gone.  Any ideas?  Hey Apple 27 pages of software/BT complaints.  Do something!  

  • jimmypowder Level 1 Level 1

    Went to the audio car installation place that put in a Pioneer

    Premiere and they completely reset everything . Repaired my phone

    and wallah I could take calls on my iphone ......

    for about 3 days .


    Now it's back to not working again . It clearly

    Is a ios7 Bluetooth bug . I just hope the Pioneer

    Premiere unit becomes a worthless device because

    of a Apple bug

  • Witchiecoo Level 1 Level 1

    Are your car's bluetooth software patches up-to-date?


    We were having some issues with our 2012 VW Passat's media player via bluetooth. My husband keeps an eye out for service bulletins, so he knew there was a new patch for our car. The next time we brought it in for service, we made sure they updated the bluetooth with the patch. The dealer didn't even know about it. My husband had to tell them where to find it. Good thing too. It took over 4 hours to install that patch, and they had to restart the download 3 seperate times... big patch.


    Do some internet searching on the bluetooth for your car, then call your dealer/mechanic to have the bluetooth updated.

  • Witchiecoo Level 1 Level 1

    Make sure the patches for your car's bluetooth are up-to-date. The dealer can do that for you. It didn't cost us extra when we brought our 2012 VW Passat in for service. But that patch just came out this past spring. So your car may have missed it... depending on when you bought it.

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