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  • jimmypowder Level 1 (0 points)

    I bought the Pioneer Premier unit in April 2010 .I looked and there are bluetooth patches for my unit so I'm dead in the water with this unit.

  • stsfrance Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello, I observed the following issue with my bluetooth on iPhone 4s with iOS 7


    Connect my iPhone 4s to my car (BMW X5 from 2008) and using waze app with voice via bluetooth.

    The first few minutes the voice is coming over Bluetooth but after some time the turn-by-turn directions doesn't come anymore over bluetooth.

    I need to switch off bluetooth, relaunch it (from control center) and then reconnect to the car bluetooth manually from the menu/settings/bluetooth (does't reconnect automatically) to have voice via bluetooth again.


    When connected to the bluetooth of the car and I switch to iPhone speakers from the control center, music player is playing music ... it seems that Music player starts automatically once I connect my iPhone with the car.


    i already restored my iPhone but no improvement at all ...



  • PhilipRoy Level 3 (885 points)

    Prior to burning your new iphone with IOS 7 PLEASE very the software version running in your vehicle.

    It's not the end of the world should you learn that your vehicle was the culprit..... rubbing me back side....

  • Dknight591 Level 1 (0 points)

    Just purchased a brand new iPhone 4S and sure enough controls in my 2013 Toyota Matrix will only open when the phone music is open. If the phone closes and locks the car controls no longer work. Not really happy about the inability to change tracks while driving. Sadly it looks like this has been an issue for months now and Apple has done nothing to fix it. People should not have to pull out their phones and look at them in order to switch music while they are driving, that's just as bad as texting and driving. Come on Apple, show me why I upgraded to an iPhone from an android.

  • Dknight591 Level 1 (0 points)

    Also now very concerned that the phone Bluetooth controls won't work who's driving , is this a problem for anyone?

  • mstricer Level 1 (0 points)

    Still having issue. Ridiculous. It is not my car as I have all update bluetooth since it is a new car 2014, and to all that are saying it is the cars, how come it all worked before the update??????? It is so stupid I bought a garmin so I know for sure I have turn by turn loud enough to hear. Really ridiculous since the IPhone 5 is so expensive, not sold on it will be going back to android phone, since it does work with my car. FIX THE ISSUE I am stuck with this phone for another year

  • jflight Level 1 (0 points)

    I have had all the issues with Bluetooth, tried all the fixes and nothing works properly after about 20 minutes.

    I solved the problem  by first pairing my Iphone and using it for telephone calls but selected Aux on the radio and used a lead to fit into my Iphone and Aux socket on the radio to listen to music and Radio Station Apps.

    The music cuts out when I receive or make calls, as it should do.

  • Witchiecoo Level 1 (0 points)

    I hear your frustration. However, if your vehicle was built I. 2013 with a 2014 model year (check the driver side door panel, your vehicle's Bluetooth software may need to be updated. My husband has an android phone, a nexus 4. He was having trouble before we updated our vehicle's Bluetooth. Now everything is fine. After I updated my iPhone to ios7.0.4 (I skipped the 7.0 and waited for the bug patches to be released), all I had to do was delete my iPhone from the car and re-pair it via Bluetooth.

    Don't assume it's an Apple problem. There are three manufacturers involved in this problem: Apple, your vehicle's manufacturer, and the media system's manufacturer. If your phone is up-to-date, then make sure everything else is up-to-date too.

    Back in the day, Microsoft Windows used to deploy patches, and mysteriously, peripherals would stop working. But if you updated the drivers everything would work again... Until the next windows patch. This Bluetooth problem is very similar.

  • J lucas Level 1 (0 points)

    My iPad with ios7.0.4 still can't connect to home theater system.  My iPhone 4S which has the old iOS before 7 has no problem connecting to it. Removing all links didn't work either.

  • ActionPotential Level 1 (0 points)

    Whichiecoo. I can't tell you how warped the perspective is blaming the victim.


    Apple made agreements with other manufacturers to license the protocol used by the iPhone. Apple decided to alter the protocol without consideration to customers. The arrogance of Apple is,yes only seconded by the arrogance of Microsoft. However, this last volley by Apple pales in comparison.


    To blame the other product manufactures for apple's business practice of deliberately breaking interoperability with other products is no less than perverse.  Apple did have a choice of altering the protocol on IOS7 and could have left backward compatibles intact. Apple elected to change the operation of IOS7 without consideration of the user community.


    These issues are not the responsibility of hundreds of other manufacturers. Responsibility for this DEFECT falls directly at the feet of Apple. Unfortunately, Apple has too many of their customer under their feet, as they step on them, to fit acknowledgement of this issue under there as well.


    As you bring up the issue patches,, apple can patch iOS much easier than other manufacturers. Auto need the vehicle to be brought to the dealers for upgrades. Some are not covered under service agreement and rob apple customers of their valuable time..


    Other products cannot be upgraded (patched) as you suggest. The only alternative is purchasing new products. This approach is also problematic. There is no interoperability list to identify products that will interoperate with Apple products or identify the level of interoperability with other products. Then there is no way of knowing where Apple will again deliberately break interoperability.


    The simple fact that Apple has made decisions that adversely impact their customer's time and cause them additional expenses is no more than absolute arrogance and uncaring attitude towards their customers.


    These features are broken in Apple's products!! Don't blame the victims for being abused. Blame the abuser, Apple for these problems.

  • Robh5791 Level 1 (5 points)

    So actionpotential, are you saying that my Casio flip phone from work that has the exact same problem as my iPhone 5s that that is also apples fault? It's not only apple phones and ios 7 that is having this bluetooth issue is what I am saying. The Casio phone is also relatively newer, so newer devices are having similar issues in my experience, albeit with two devices connecting to the same car stereo. Both those phonea connect fine with my personal car and no problems at all but both have the exact same problem in my work car that is actually newer than the bluetooth stereo in my personal car. I agree that there is an compatibility problem but it is not limited to ios 7 is my point.

  • thepugnatious Level 1 (0 points)

    I think that the problem here is that there are people talking about similar yet different issues. There are likely persons that indeed have a car problem and need a patch, after all many people upgrade phones more frequently than their car… However in this thread we are referring to people that have an issue with IOS 7.0.x In my case it is ONLY IOS 7 that is to blame as every other device (even other ios7 ones) work. I have tried everything under the sun and nothing worked. If you look at my previous post you can see that there is nothing that I did not try (no patches available for my vehicles).


    With that said I am relatively pleased to say that I have been problem free for 1 week! However there is a catch, that is I do not know what solved my problem. After my latest post I completely stopped using bluetooth. I shut it off and did not use it for weeks. I used an aux cord or docks instead. My goal was to see if IOS7 fixed the issue. 4 days ago on a whim I tried bluetooth again as I needed a way to make a hands free call - so I threw caution to the wind. Alas it worked - and it has worked everyday since without one bluetooth crash.


    As someone who has some experience with tech QA & diagnostics I thought I would give a detailed report as to my problem. I would hope to give a more detailed answer as to the reasons for my problems cure, but all I can suggest is that you all try what I did. Turn bluetooth off for an extended time 5+ days and try again.


    For those reading this for an answer to their specific problem, I am now quite certain that there is more than 1 bluetooth problem. Unlike many bugs which are represented by a very specific set of symptoms - this one does not. I think there may be more than 1 bluetooth bug. Therefore read this entire thread and try everything you see as one of the listed solutions might work for your specific situation.


    Lastly (I like to ramble) while it is true that Apple should have waited to release IOS7 before more testing had been completed - & given a fix by now… Let me say that I have worked with some very talented software developers in the past & their work always produces bugs - it is the nature of the business. It is extremely difficult to diagnose symptoms and ALL software developers have these issues. This may seem larger than most problems, but that is only due to the fact that apple has far more IOS 7 users than most other platforms therefore bug accounts are amplified. I am in no way giving Apple an out or taking blame away from them. I am only trying to protect the talented software developers of the world as there are some who understand the unrealistic expectations that are placed on your shoulders.

  • reinhardwh Level 1 (0 points)

    iOS 7 Bluetooth problems

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    Issue very clear to me.


    Apple iPhone changed the Software, nothing changed in my car....

    Car is able to connect to other devices without problems...


    Use old Blutooth Stack in iPhone and problem would not exist anymore.


  • ActionPotential Level 1 (0 points)

    thepugnatious and reinhardwh have it gotten correct.. This is an issue with Apple breaking something that worked on the iPhone. This is not a discission about some $10 flip phone with the same junk open source bluetooth protocol stack which Apple has likely adopted.


    Conversation that introduce other products and techjnoogies will only server to confuse apple.


    So Robh5791, please attempt to follow the topic and not introduce "trolling" about products which are unrelated to Apple products which once worked with iOS6 and now don't since the iOS7 upgrade.

  • Henry Ammons Level 1 (0 points)

    With the latest 7.0.4 upgrade, bluetooth music doesn't work anymore with my Interphone F5 motorcycle headset.  I can make and receive phone calls and use Siri, but with any audio app (Apple's Music, Pandora, SiriusXM, etc.), I only hear a hiss like it's connected to the phone but there's absolutely no audio.  Loaded the latest firmware on my Interphone, tried re-pairing the devices several times, reboots, etc.  No luck so far.  Something bluetooth definitely changed with the latest update.  Once I applied the update, bluetooth quit working correctly immediately.  I wish there was an easy way to go back one iOS version.  *sigh*

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