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  • Robh5791 Level 1 Level 1

    Actionpotential, I will explain to you my reasoning for what you call trolling. The threads are to help others and if explaining that it is not only an ios issue but multiple devices released within the passed year with the same stereo yet both work on all other devices I use. The point of my last post was that both newer devices auto connect instead of asking for a pin which that car stereo requires for proper pairing. All too often these forums are used to bash apple instead of trying to give info needed for anyone to attempt to fix the problem which is the point. I have spoken to apple techs about this issue trying to get my iPhone 5s to connect properly and have yet to be able to do so. Feel free to accuse me of trolling again since I disagree with you that it is not only an ios 7 issue but a general bluetooth issue. You have firmly confirmed that the purpose of these forums for people such as yourself is to simply blame apple instead of supplying info to better explain what we are seeing in real world experiences with our idevices, and the exact same issue with other devices.

  • Dknight591 Level 1 Level 1

    I do have an update that may be helpful for some. I had previously set my phone with the 4 digit lock code and when the phone was locked was when I could no longer switch songs using the bluetooth in my vehicle. I could listen to music, however I was unable to skip a song without first unlocking the phone. I removed the 4 digit lock code from the phone and now my blue tooth in my vehicle has all controls available at all times. I do not know exactly why but it does seem to have fixed my issue.


    Now my only problem with my new iphone is simply that I do not understand why I have to have the cellular data turned on in order to send pictures to anyone who doesn't have an iphone. It's rather annoying to have to have that turned on because I'm one of those people who will forget that it's on and will end up with overages.

  • Robh5791 Level 1 Level 1
    1. DKnight, I hate answering this in here since I'm sure I will be called names by actionpotential but in ios 7 you can tell the iPhone which apps to give cellular data access and turn it off for others. At least that way you won't use it for things like AppStore or music but can leave it on for messages. Thanks for the info on the lock screen.
  • ActionPotential Level 1 Level 1

    Robh5791... Trolling is a practice of community members in public forums that introduce "off topic" subject matter which redirects a discussion topic. I did not call you a troll, if I did, it would have been literal, direct and done privately. Applogies if you took the comment as a personal attack.


    Social media outlets, eg twitter and apple centric forums, are commonly harvested for market sentiment. There are words and phrases that are commonly searched as : "apple *****", "awful", "is awsome" and "never again", "the best", "incredible", "the ****" (a positive vernacular)   and many others.


    These forums are monitored heavily by Apple staff and consultancies as part of Apple's social media strategy. If this forum thread remains on topic, Apple will eventually recognize there is a technically problem as well as an issue with current business policy. Long running threads on a single topic is one mechnism to influence Apple's decisions and alert the company to changes in customer opinion pertaining to products and the company's relationship to their sales base.

  • Robh5791 Level 1 Level 1

    Actionpotential, first, trolling is making comments with the sole purpose of upsetting people. Please research your terminology before you make accusations. Second, you have again missed the point of the post I was supposedly "trolling" with since it was to point out the specific issue I was having as far as the pin code was skipped on both devices and not only the iPhone, this is something that may help someone better understand the specific issue better. I have discussed this very issue with an AppleCare tech and the problem was the security on older devices have different protocols that newer phones do not use since the newer security protocols are more secure.


    If it is nearly impossible to offend me face to face, I was in no way offended by your reference to my trolling since I know the actual definition of the term and know what I was doing does not fit that definition. This will be the last response from me about this since we have now veered off topic and according to you we are both trolling now since your last post didn't even refer to the bluetooth issue.

  • Schmaggin1 Level 1 Level 1

    Look, it's bad enough my Bluetooth device doesn't work now I gotta watch you two battle it out over the definition of trolling. Let's try to keep this thread limited to help for those of us that are here seeking solutions.


    Please and thank you!!

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    Well i cannot wait to see if ios 7.1 will get my Pioneer Premier unit back to full bluetooth functionality. I need to make hands free calls for business in my car.


    It was an older unit and there were no firmware updates available. No solution worked ,from restoring the phone ,trying a new phone,resetting the network, repairing ,setting the reciever back to the original factory setting,etc.


    Ios7 cost me 350 bucks  ! Thanks Apple . Who can I send the bill to?

  • mstricer Level 1 Level 1

    Everything in my car worked fine until the update. I called dealership and there are no new up dates, they say it is Apple. I am not liking this phone anymore, had to buy a garmin due to the navigation going through bluetooth and couldn't hear directions on recent trip

  • jimmypowder Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah it's unacceptable that Apple will not acknowledge this issue.


    The problem with this bluetooth  bug is it seems to knockout bluetooth on some devices

    but most likely most bluetooth devices will work with the ios7 update.


    I would be interested to see if this issue mostly involves older blueooth receivers.

    That's my bet .My Pioneer was bought in 2010.

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    Its got to be an Apple issue and its really annoying its taking them so long to acknowledge.

    My wife and I both have !Phone 5

    I have a range Rover Sport

    Both devices worked perfectly with bluetooth hands free phone system.

    I upgarded to IOS7 and now my cales are interupted by music and my hone book, list of calls etc not visible.

    My wife didn't upgrade to IOS7 and her phone still works perfectly.


    Q. How can this be a car issue? It has to be Apple - so please fix it. 4 months with no hands free, not good.

  • reodon59 Level 1 Level 1

    My iphone 5 started having BT isues in my car shortly after I upgraded to IOS 7. Now it can't even see my car. I have done all the steps mentioned:


    Turning off BT on phone and car

    Removing phone entry from car and vice versa

    Resetting my Network and BT settings on iphone

    Hard reset of iphone

    Restore of iphone


    Nothing works.


    I've had iphones for over 5 years and this for me is the final straw. Once my contract is up, I'm switching to either the Nexus 5 or 6 by then or a Galaxy S5.


    Good Riddance Apple

  • reodon59 Level 1 Level 1

    As a test I went to Best Buy and connected to all BT devices they let me in the store. No problems. I just can't connect to any car systems. Weird.

  • Tardis4s Level 1 Level 1

    My 4s has been working flawlessly with my car system for 2 years. After IOS7, I have to open settings/bluetooth for my car to discover the phone. I plan to keep my car, Iphone will be exterminated.

  • jimmypowder Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah Apple you gonna admit there is a problem??????????

  • davidl997 Level 1 Level 1

    ios7.0.4, worked fine with ios6 and bluetooth. now it stops working after 2-3 starts of an acura MDX.

    ios7 is not just ugly, its disfunctional.

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