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Good day..

Anyone can help me sort out what i experience pleae..


When im done updating my ipad into ios 7..

Its running good but after a few hours it suddenly hung up, what i mean is i cant press the home botton and when i try to press the sleep botton my ipad respon to sleep but i cant wake it again and when i press any keys it does'nt work any more...

And when i standby my ipad more a few mins..and i try to use it again then it work again as it is...


P.s before im not update the ios 7 my ipad seems okay...i have no problem incounter like that..

I ask you guys because if this problem is not in the news ios then i will go back to the store and have my warranty...


Please help anyone...

iPad, iOS 7, Im using now ipad retina
Reply by Texas Mac Man on Sep 19, 2013 6:36 PM Helpful

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