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  • tcbphd Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm able to select the items to delete...they just don't delete!

  • mtnsupport Level 1 (0 points)

    Still waiting - too.  I did get an email from the tech helping to get this front and center with the engineers and he replied with the below....sounds like they are just trying to weed through the issues.  I will post here when I hear anything more.


    'Thank you for contacting Apple. On my honor, I will give you the best information I have, when I receive it.  I do know they have added extra staff, and are sending out general updates, saying they are monitoring server activity to alleviate as many issues as have been reported.'

  • mtnsupport Level 1 (0 points)

    error -double post

  • cocoa24 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have this problem on iPhone 5. I haven't upgraded my iPad 3rd Gen to iOS 7... waiting for this to be fixed first.

  • cocoa24 Level 1 (0 points)

    same here. Mine says usmail.[mycompanydomain].com

  • mtnsupport Level 1 (0 points)

    ok - thanks for adding that - means it's not just Rackspace - means the engineers will probably address it more quickly - or so we hope

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    Just wanted to say this - in order for them to take me seriously - I followed the recommendation of deleting account, resetting network connections, and adding account back - IT DOES NOT WORK.  Just fyi - did this days ago when I forst reported the problem.

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    I have the same problem (not duplicate mails, but out of chronoloigical order) on IPhone 4s and Ipad 2 using a gmail account. Hope this can be fixed soon. Worked fine through all the previous ioses, but now searching mail is useless. (ios 7.0.2 doesn't change anything)

  • mtnsupport Level 1 (0 points)

    OK - unless a miracle happens in the next 5-10 minutes - apple's current stance on this is that we (corporate users) are going to have to work on this problem on our side of it!


    I asked - so you expect hundreds, thousands of server admins (internal employee supported and hosted) to change their settings for you  - rather than you changing the way the search app works?  Response was YES!!!!


    They recognize that it is happening as a result of the 'expanded' search functionality, that WE asked for.  Uh-hum it was working before and not now - don't think we asked for that.


    They say that they have no intention of fixing what's broken in the app.  They consider it to not be broken - but rather improved.  WOW!


    They are CLEARLY catering to the 'hey where you gonna be tonight' crowd - rather than the 'We need to meet up at 3:00pm to go over these final plans so that I can authorize the next phase of building.' and the 'Go ahead and plan for the 2 mergers we discussed to move forward - I am canceling the third, though' crowd.


    Yes - I am venting.....


    I am supposedly being transferred to the 'enterprise support team' now.  Tech tells me I never mentioned that it was an 'enterprise' issue.  I'm like - really - exchange account - and I mentioned the corporate impact of the problem from the beginning.  Anyway - we'll see where I get.


    Just FYI - their search tool is supposedly returning these results because ALL of our servers are searching and seeing a server setting that allows it to search historical info ON the server.  He says it happened this way in io6 - but it did not (thus we searched fine before and not now).  I have two users (iPhone 5) who upgraded and have the problem - and one user (iPhone 5) who has not upgraded and does not have the problem.


    OK - just got off the phone with apple.  I was just transferred to the enterprise team - who said that rackspace could pay $700 and then apple would look into the problem.  No, I am not joking.  I recommend that you all continue to post your problems with the mail search as often as possible - and hopefully apple will take some responsibility and fix the issue on the app side - rather than asking us to all supposedly fix it on the server side.


    I am contacting my exchange server admin to see if there is in fact a setting that will 'fix' the ghosting of the emails.  If there is in fact a server side work around - I will post back.  If apple gets smart and decides that fixing broken corporate features matters to them - I will also post back.


    Any suggestions from the IT world reading this?

  • cocoa24 Level 1 (0 points)

    This is getting ridiculous.... I am now actively telling everyone I know at work NOT to update to iOS 7. When my colleagues hear about this issue, they are appalled that Apple would proactively *break* an important Mail feature like email search!!


    I can't even explain how disappointed I am...

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    I had the same experience this evening , while pleasant enough no resolution. I will be on with our IT group tomorrow to see if they are able to resolve. In the meantime duplicates destroy any search functionality and the order remains completely random 

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    This is a problem for me as well, and I work for a firm with robust corporate IT infrastructure. So it can't just be an issue for users on lower-end solutions.

  • mtnsupport Level 1 (0 points)

    ya - not a lower end issue - not sure where that notion came from.....just a broken apple app issue.  I reached back out to my 'engineer' that was assigned my case - and he has not responded - guess apple is not TOO concerned with the corporate

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    We also have the same problem on about 20 ipad/iphone used to read our corporate Exchange Mailbox. At the moment we did not find any solution or any setting that can be changed on the server. Hope that Apple will find a solution to this.

    If you have any news about this please share it...

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    Same problem here with same exchange settings: my iPhone with iOS 7 has exactly those problems and my iPad on the same user accounts and iOS 6 doesn't have any problems! This proofs that it is definitely a problem of iOS 7 and Apple has to fix it really urgent! I'm thinking about informing important Blogs about this case, but that's not really good for my apple shares...

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